Nothing is the Same if There is a another Mystery

Chapter One

Nina was in a room with her wedding dress. It was long and it has ruffles near her knee. She was thankful that she found dress that would fit over her stomach. She is three month Pregnant. And she couldn't wait to go out and be married to the person she loved so much. Soon she will be Nina Rutter. Next to her was Amber and Amber was wearing a pink dress that came down to her knees. And a black ribbon that came around her waist. Patricia was wearing a blue dress with a ribbon on the front. And it came down to her knees. Nina grabbed her flowers. And waited for the music to start up. When it did Amber and Patricia walked out first. They walked up the aisle and stand on the other side of Fabian and Mick. Then Nina came walking out. Fabian smiled at Nina. Nina stopped in front of Fabian and the pastor started.

"Today we are here to marry these two teenagers," The pastor said to everyone. "And by the way I see them they must love each other a lot,"

The pastor contuie

"Ok if there is anyone who here objects to these two people from getting married speak now," He said.

"We do," said 7 people. Nina smile disappear when she saw the 7 people walking in.

"SOMEONE GET THEM OUT NOW," Amber and Nina yelled.

"But they spoke let's see what they got to say about from letting you two get marry," The pastor said to Amber and Nina.

"Well they shouldn't marry because I love him," Joy said.

"And she suppose to marry me," Brad said.

"NO WHAT THAT'S IT," Nina yelled taking off her veil. "I MAY BE PREGNANT BUT I CAN STILL KICK YOUR ASSES,"

Amber and Patricia quickly held Nina back. Fabian and Mick helped as well.

"You better leave now or I'll get the cops," Fabian told them. Then the cops showed up. And the cops escort the 7 people out of the church. Then Fabian and Nina wedding went on and finish.

A week later

Nina and Fabian were dancing together. Nina had her arms against Fabian's chest while his arms were wrapping around her. The two married couple dance like that all night.

5 months later.

Nina was sitting in her room reading a book for her class. While she had headphones on her belly while playing it. Then she heard a whisper.

It's not over there is more to comeā€¦. Be ready Chosen One.

Nina got up and looked all around her room to see if someone was there playing a joke on her. But she found no one. Then the rest of Sibuna came in.

"Nina did you heard a whisper too," Amber asked her friend.

"Yes, and if this mystery is the same like last time I'm going to kick some asses," Nina told them. Fabian went over to his wife and hugged her from behind.

"Don't worry Nins," Fabian said to her. Nina leaned back into Fabian.

"I won't, what's not to worry we have another damn mystery like I said what's not to worry," Nina said with a little Sarcasm in her voice. Fabian smile at his wife and gave her a kiss.

"Well all we have to do is wait and see what is coming next," Patricia said to them. Nina nodded and they all went back down stairs. Fabian sat down on the chair and Nina sat on his lap.


Amber was going through Victor's office. Since he left Trudy doesn't use it. She started to clean it out this summer but never finish it. But right now Amber was looking for stuff that might help them to find out what they heard. She had Patricia and Alfie helping her. Patricia was on the lookout. While Alfie was trying to break in the safe. Amber was looking through the desk. She saw loads of papers of the chosen one and other Ancient Egypt stuff. Amber was pushing papers folders aside.

"Guys hide Brad and Ashley are coming," Patricia said to them. Amber quickly went under the desk and Alfie hid behind the safe. And Patricia quickly hid behind a bookshelf.

"There is no way we can break them up, Nina and Fabian are married," Ashley said. "Oh and the fact she is having his kids,"

"But we can find a way, I'm not going to let these people make her stay here, She misses America don't worry she will move back there once she finishes school," Brad said to Ashley. Then they left. Patricia, Amber, and Alfie got out from there hiding spots and ran down stairs.

"Nina, do you know what Brad and Ashley are doing," Amber asked. Nina nodded.

"I heard them," Nina said. Then Eddie came in. "Eddie meet us here at 6 tonight and bring something special to you,"

"Nina, why did you tell him that," Patricia asked as she saw her boyfriend nodded and left.

"Well since Eddie is my protector," Nina said to Patricia. "Oh don't give me that look he is the Osirion he won't have the choice to protect me, Victor's father told me,"

"So you want to make him apart of Sibuna," Amber asked.

"Yeah, I do," Nina said. Fabian agrees with Nina. Then Patricia and Alfie agree. Amber nodded.

Later that day

Eddie was waiting in the living room for Nina and her friends. Today he is going to join Sibuna. He didn't know why he had something that was special to him. But he got a picture of him and Patricia. With him and her hugging each other laughing. Then they came down stairs.

"Ok let's go," Nina said as Eddie grabs Patricia hand. The 6 friends left. Nina led them to their Sibuna clearing. "Ok Amber start the fire,"

Amber picks up wood and threw it into the tin. And then she started the fire. After it was big enough Amber nodded to Nina.

"Ok Eddie do you have something that is special to you," Nina asked her friend. Eddie nodded. "Ok throw it into the fire,"

"What," Eddie asked like someone who just kick him in the kidney.

"In order for us to know you are going to keep our secrets in mysteries you gonna have to burn your most special thing that is close to you," Patricia told her boyfriend. "We all had to do the same thing,"

Eddie glare and he threw the picture into the fire.

"Eddie repeats after me," Amber said to Eddie. "I Eddie Miller being of sound mind, promise to protect the secrets of Anubis House and promise to stand by my fellow club members Nina Martin, Amber Millington, Alfie Lewis, Fabian Rutter, and Patricia Williamson,"

"I Eddie Miller being of sound mind, promise to protect the secrets of Anubis House and promise to stand by my fellow club members Nina Martin, Amber Millington, Alfie Lewis, Fabian Rutter, and Patricia Williamson," Eddie repeated Amber.

"Now you are a part of Sibuna," Nina said to Eddie.

"Sibuna," Amber said covering her right eye.

"Sibuna," Everyone else said covering their right eye too. Then they heard someone walking around in the distance.

"Show your selves we armed," Amber said picking up a stick. Nina stares at her. "What it's the best thing I could do?"

Then Brad and Ashley came out.

"Ok Nina I know they are your friends but if they don't stop stalking us Imma gonna kick their asses," Patricia and Amber said unison.

"Why are you guys out here for," Brad said to Nina. Nina was red in the face. Eddie was holding back Patricia.

"Just leave us the hell alone," Fabian said to Ashley and Brad. "This is consider stalking and I can have my father arrest you,"

And with that the 6 friends left the two people behind. When they got to Anubis House Trudy was making dinner. They went and sat down at the table. Trudy serves dinner 10 minutes later. Brad and Ashley arrive 2 minutes later.

"So Nina why were you and your friends in the woods," Ashley asked.

"Oh we go there to talk about stuff," Nina said looking at Joy and Jerome who nodded. Joy and Nina became friends after awhile. Joy understands that she had her chance with Fabian but it never came. Joy nodded and knew what Nina and her friends did. After dinner was done Nina grab Fabian's hand and pulled him up to their room.