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Nina was sitting in the living room with Fabian holding their babies. She had tears down her eyes and her friends were trying to calm her down.

"Nina you and everyone will be ok you have us," Amber said calming her friends down. "Fabian says something,"

"If those bastards come near my family I'm going to kill them," Fabian said with a treating tone.

"Can, someone tell me what the hell is going on here and why is Nina upset," Brad asked everyone. "What Nina needs is police protection,"

"Stay out of this, it doesn't concern you at the moment and it will never concern you," Patricia said to Brad. Brad glare.

"But we are Nina's only family she has left and if someone is after her we have the right to know," Ashley snapped.

"This isn't the first time someone was after Nina and us, we had like 3 or 4 people come after us," Fabian said to Sibuna who nodded.

"Yeah there was Rufus, Vera, Viktor and Senkhara, Now we have two more people coming after us," Nina said as she tried to stay calm for her babies. "It really hasn't been the first time,"

"But he called you the chosen one and said that he will get your blood or your kids blood," Mrs. Davidson said to them. "What does that mean?"

"Well, if they get my blood they will take over the whole, the only way to make sure my blood isn't usable and my kids blood also, is for me to conceive another kid," Nina said to everyone.

"Then lets get to it Nins," Brad said standing up smiling.

"It has to be with my husband, that's the only reason to spoil the blood," Nina said to Brad who glared at them. "And once our kids are born on the same day the same month and the same time, like I was born on the 7 month and the 7th day and at 7 in the morning,"

"So you have to have you next kids born like that on any month," Jerome said to them. "Then you and Fabian get to it jump into the sack and knock her up Fabes, I don't want my sister or my nephew or niece getting hurt,"

"Jerome, who knew you, had feelings," Nina said. "But I have to agree with him guys I need to be knock up soon, Amber go get that book,"

Amber nodded and went up to her room and shut and locks her door and got the book and went back down stairs.

"Ok It is May two months after you babies are born and you guys next kids will be born on January 1st at 1:00 a.m.," Amber said. "And you don't want to know how many kids you will be carrying Nins,"

"How many Ambs, I don't care if this is the only way for my blood to be useless, I'll be happy if I'm carrying three kids," Nina said to Amber.

"That's how many you are having," Amber said as Nina snatch the book out of her hands.

"Ok, we have one girl and two boys," Nina said. "We name the girl after my mom Nicole Ann and the boy after my dad Landon Allen,"

"And we name our other boy Alec," Fabian said. Nina smile to herself. "And it said that you have to get pregnant this month if you aren't already are you Nins,"

"I don't know we you know last night and I don't feel any different," Nina said. "Maybe this time the morning sickness won't happen this time, I pray to god it doesn't happen this time,"

"Ok, Nina come with me," Amber as she grab both Nina and Fabian. "You are going to take a test and Fabian will be there for you,"

"I don't think that is wise to have Fabian there," Mr. Davidson said to Amber.

"What it's like he hasn't seen her before," Patricia said.

10 Minutes later

Nina came out smiling.

"Well I am pregnant and now my blood or my kids' blood will be useless once they are born," Nina said smiling. But then the lights went off and all the girls screamed. Nina felt someone grabbed her and pulled out of the living room and out the house and into a van.

The lights went back on at Anubis House and Sibuna notice that Nina was gone. Sarah started to cry and her brother started as well. Fabian went and picks his daughter up as Amber pick his son up.

"It's ok me your aunts and uncles will find mommy, we just need to know where she is at and then daddy and Auntie Patricia and Auntie Amber will go and get her," Fabian said to his daughter.

"The police have to be called," Mrs. Davidson as she grab her phone. But before she could call anyone she saw her phone being snatch out of her hands.

"If you call the cops Nina will be killed and it will be your fault, and I'll tell the cops that you cause her murder," Fabian said.

"But we didn't planned this," Mr. Davison said to Fabian.

"But I have family who are cops and who do you think they will believe me or you," Fabian said.

"Us," Mrs. Davidson said.

"No, they will believe me more than you because I'm their family and they believe family more than strangers," Fabian said.

And with that Fabian and the rest of Sibuna left and began to look for clues. And planned on following the tracks they found outside. They got dress and walked downstairs to the living room.

"Hey slime ball watch the babies and Alfie will help you," Patricia said to her boyfriend.

"We will be back in 4 hours or so if we don't come back don't worry it won't be the first time we went missing for a day or two," Patricia said. And her and Amber and Fabian left the house and got on their bikes and rode after the tracks.

Back at Anubis house Eddie was trying to calm down his Nephew and Niece.

"Your daddy will be back soon he is going to find your mommy," Eddie said.

"Hey Eddie are you and Patricia dating," Ashley asked.

"Yeah me and yacker are dating why," Eddie said

"Then why do you guys call each other names then," Ashley said.

"That how we show we love each other," Eddie smiled to himself. "So Alfie do you and Amber knows are having,"

"A girl we are going to name her Nicole," Alfie said to his friend.

"How in the hell can you guys stand this and not knowing Whats happening," Brad said. "My lovely girlfriend is out there and we have three people looking for her,"

"We just can, this isn't the first one of us has been kidnapped," Alfie said.

"And we know what they are doing and Nina isn't your girlfriend and she is in trouble I can feel it," Eddie said as he felt a little dizzy.

"Eddie are you ok, is it that thing that happens at the library where you banish Senkhara," Alfie whispered to Eddie.

"I think, all I can know is that she is I trouble and I really want to go and protect her," Eddie whispered.

Meanwhile Amber and her friends reach the end of the tracks and saw a house the three of them got off their bikes and ran to the house and enter it. The three of them split up and went to find Nina. Fabian found Nina in a room. Then he felt something him hit in his head and he saw black.

When he came to he saw Amber and Patricia in the room as well. He looked to his right and saw Nina.

"Nina are you ok," Fabian asked his wife. Nina nodded.

"So my big hero, what's you big plan now," Nina said with a grunt.

"Oh you know you're happy to see me my love," Fabian said with a grin.

"Your right now gets me out of this house or you will be sleeping on the couch in our room," Nina growled at him.

"Hormones are starting up now great," Fabian mutter. Amber takes out a bobby pin and went to the window and unlocks it.

"Now let's get the hell out of here, before bastard number 1 and 2 comes," Amber said and helps Nina and her friends out the window.

Back at Anubis house.

"It's has been almost 14 hours and they aren't back we need to call the police," Mrs. Davidson said

But before anything happens Nina and her friends enter the house.

"Nina, baby you back," Brad said going for hug but Nina push him out of the way and went into the living room. Eddie saw her coming in and sigh with a relief and gave Nina a hugged. Nina of course hugs him back and went to her babies.

"Momma back," Sarah said. Nina smiles.

"Nins your back," Jerome said and her and Alfie both gave her hugs. Nina giggles and hugs her friends back.

"Of course she hugs them and not me," Brad said to everyone. Nina ignore him and began talking to her friends.

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