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"Hey" -Human speech

'Hey' -Human thought

"Hey" -Jutsu/Demon speech

'Hey' -Demon thought

Drip -Slight sound effects

Lets begin!

There he laid. His friend. His rival. His teammate. Uchiha Sasuke... was dead. He died protecting the "dobe" of their class in this ice dome of their faux hunter nin opponent with an apparent kekkei genkai.

"Why...?" Naruto whispered as hot tears streamed down his face.

"Is this the first time a comrade of yours has died?" Haku questioned as she retreated into an ice mirror. "Such is the path of ninja."

"Shut up..." Naruto whispered hoarsely as his body trembled and steam formed in a circle around his feet and soon blazing red chakra as the senbon lodged in his body shot out and all his wounds healed as he crouched on all fours, his face shadowed by his blonde hair but teeth gritted in sheer rage and anger.

'What chakra is this?! His wounds healed like they were never there! Who... what is he?!' Haku thought in fear as the killing intent washed over her in waves.

"I'm gonna kill you!" Naruto roared in a demonic voice as he turned to face Haku. But she noticed something odd about his eyes. They were red with a grey tinge and 3 concentric circles around the now slitted pupil.

(Kakashi and Zabuza's fight)

'What is this? Is this Zabuza?! No... this feeling is too foul even for him. Could it be the seal?!' Kakashi thought frantically but calmed himself soon and decided to finish his fight with Zabuza, seeing him as a more immediate threat. He pulled out and unraveled a summoning scroll and dipped his thumb in his chest wound from Zabuza's giant cleaver and wiped it across the length of the scroll then proceeded to slam his palms on the ground. "Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu!" Soon a loud cry was heard from Zabuza as the mist soon dispelled, revealing the Demon of the Mist bound by variously sized dogs ensnaring him in their jaws.

"This is the end for you Zabuza..." Kakashi said as he formed a series of hand signs then held his clenched hand down to the ground as he left hand holds his wrist and soon his hand crackles with lightning chakra.

(Naruto and Haku)

Naruto, in his rage of seeing the closest thing to a friend he had dead, roared out and the sheer force of it knocks Haku out of her ice mirror and shatters some of the others. Before she could run, a strange force pulls her body to Naruto with his fist reared back and, with a resounding crack, face became acquainted with fist, as Haku flew back 5 feet from Naruto's punch. Soon Haku, though stumbling, rose up, showing her hunter nin mask with a crack that threatened to split it as it chips slightly, and promptly threw a volley of senbon towards the raging jinchuriki, but with another roar and what seemed to be the opposite of the forced that pulled her to him, burst from Naruto, creating a shallow crater around him and knocking the senbon away. He then ran at her on all fours like an Inuzuka. Once he was within 5 feet of her, he stood up into a ran and reared his fist back again as Haku's broken mask fell, showing her face and closed eyes awaiting the strike that would surely end her life, but it never came.

Slowly, Haku opened her eyes to see Naruto's fist not 2 inches from her face and a still Naruto with his head hanging, his spiky locks obscuring his face again.

"Its you... The girl from the forest..." Naruto whispered, sounding somewhat hurt.

"Why did you stop? I murdered your comrade and you spare me?!" Haku all but yelled at the young boy, noticing him cringe slightly at the volume of her voice.

Naruto shakily turned his head to see his fallen comrade and, with renewed anger, continued the path of his fist, although the force behind it was substantially less due to the proximity and rather haphazard decision, sending her back barely a foot. On the ground she coughed blood from the attack before. Looking up slightly, she see's Naruto looking down at her with a somber look with oddly grey rippled eyes.

"You think under different circumstances we would've been... friends?" He asked solemnly looking down at her.

Before she could react, though, they heard a loud crackling in the vicinity. Haku's 'tool senses' tingled, telling her to aid Zabuza-sama, ignoring Naruto's cries of protest for her to stop. Soon he gave chase and saw Kakashi ready to plunge his Raikiri into Zabuza to grace him with Death's embrace. He kicked off to do so and just before he could, Haku jumped in front of him to take the blow for her master. But unexpectedly, Naruto jumped in front of her, taking the attack right in the heart. His eyes dulled and emptied immediately. A number of things happened in the seconds that followed. Kakashi, realizing he just killed his own student and last remnant of his late sensei, widened his eyes in fear and shock then shook as sadness and regret overtook him. Haku and Zabuza both shared a shocked expression, seeing their supposed enemy give his life for them. And a slow clapping is heard from the other side of the bridge.

Chapter 1 end.

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