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Chapter One - Fight Gone Horribly Wrong

Grimmjow tossed his head back and laughed manically, his teal panther ears of his released form shaking with the move. A short distance across the sand, Ichigo pulled himself to his feet, his hollow mask nearly gone. Panting heavily, the shinigami held Tensa Zangetsu firmly in both hands as he waited for the Espada to make his next move.

"What's the matter shinigami?" the blunette teased, a feral grin seemingly stuck on his face. "Can't keep up?"

Ichigo remained silent, his ever present scowl faltering slightly as a quick dizzy spell coursed through his body. Something was wrong. He never felt like this until his mask had completely broken. Shaking his head to clear it, he raised his zanpakutou and released a full powered Getsuga. Grimmjow slapped the attack away without batting an eyelash and charged toward the teen, grin still in place. Far too tired to fight back, Ichigo just stood there as the Espada reeled his fist back before crushing in into the teen's face. Ichigo tumbled back quite a bit before crashing into a busted red pillar.

"Kurosaki-kun!" the busty auburn woman screamed.

Grimmjow growled and grit his teeth. He was getting really sick and tired of that woman screaming the shinigami's name. As much as he wanted to kill her, he wouldn't just for the sheer fact she returned his arm to him. However, that didn't mean he'd save her from a hungry hollow. Ignoring the wench for now, he shifted his gaze back to the smoke cloud that had erupted the moment the Ichigo collided with pillar. Grimmjow stood waiting for the smoke to clear. It took a few moments, but when it finally did, confusion fell over the Espada and the two spectators.

"Did I kill him?" the blunette mumbled as he took a few steps toward the crumbled pillar. As he quickly closed the gap, his blue eyes widened at the sight before him. "What the hell?" he cursed.

Ichigo's shihakushou merely lay on the sand, a small bump moving around inside the clothing. Against his better judgment, Grimmjow lifted the fabric to peer inside. Large doe like amber eyes gazed curiously at the blunette as a small hand reached out to touch him.


Blue eyes widened as he realized that he was indeed staring at the shinigami he was previously fighting; only now, he was a small child. How in all creation did this happen? He didn't have much time to think on it as Nnoitra and Tesla appeared as well as Starrk. The primera was over by the witch woman, so he most likely came to return her to Aizen. However, Nnoitra and his little slave were close to him, too close. Child or not, the shinigami was his to kill. Thinking quickly, he gathered the naked child and wrapped the shihakushou tightly around him so as to conceal him. He turned around, prepared to return to his quarters, but halted at seeing the Quinto so close.

"Where ya goin' Grimmjow?" Nnoitra questioned his trademark grin in place.

"To my quarters," the blunette snapped out. "Fight's over."

"What happened ta the cute lil shinigami?"


Nnoitra's gaze shifted from Grimmjow's face to the bundled fabric in his arms. "Whatcha got there?"

Grimmjow merely glared at the raven haired Espada before using sonido to return to his room. Once in his room, he gently placed the bundle of shinigami on his bed, ignoring the fighting still occurring outside. It took just a moment for the young orangette to wriggle free. His large amber eyes looked on in awe at the large and mostly empty white room. The boy's eyes stopped upon seeing Grimmjow once more.

"Kitty!" he called out, his small arms waving in the air indicating he wanted to be picked up.

Upon hearing the same word fall from the boy's lips once more, the Sexta realized he was still in his release form. Closing his eyes, his armor glowed a light blue before it faded revealing his scarred tanned chest. He sheathed Pantera and leaned forward to get a better look at his rival. He was not prepared for the small child to grab onto his unruly blue hair and tug.

"The hell shinigami!" Grimmjow cried out and pried his hair from the boy's hand. To repay the favor, he grabbed a fistful of tangerine locks and tugged harshly. He was not prepared for the boy to start wailing, tears streaking down his chubby cheeks. "Shit," he cursed as he released the boy's hair and pat his head in response. "I let go. See?" Grimmjow held his hands out in front of the crying child to see. However, the crying did not cease.

"Stop crying!" he ordered. Ichigo stopped crying momentarily to sniffle a few times before he started wailing again. Grimmjow attempted to shush the boy, but it was no use. "What the hell do you want from me?"

The blunette was not known for his patience. Blue eyes scanned the room trying to find something to silence the boy and save his sanity. His eyes fell upon the coffee table by the couch where a lone book sat. Rushing over, he grabbed the book before quickly opening it and thrusting it at the boy. Ichigo instantly stopped crying and looked at the large book in his lap. His brown eyes gazed up at Grimmjow for a moment before looking back to the book.

"Can you even read?" he asked the boy. Ichigo responded with a squeal before tearing out the pages one by one. Grimmjow sighed as he remembered just where he got that book. "Ulquiorra is going to be pissed."

The tearing halted as Ichigo gazed back at Grimmjow, a tense look on his young face. "Kitty."



"What do you mean 'potty'?" This version of Ichigo was much more complicated to deal with. At least when he was a shinigami it was simple. He just had to let instinct take over, but this young boy was forcing him to take in the situation and think. Grimmjow hated thinking.

"Kitty!" the boy cried out as he slid off the bed and covered himself, bouncing his weight from foot to foot. "Potty! Potty!"

"I don't know what that is!" he growled, doing his best to keep his anger under control. Seconds later he heard the sound of liquid hitting the cold cement floor. It was then he realized what 'potty' meant. "Oh..." Grimmjow paled. As soon as young Ichigo had finished, his doe brown eyes welled up with more tears. "Shit! Don't cry! Don't cry!"

Much to his dismay, the crying resumed. Grimmjow tried using the book to calm the boy, but it didn't work. Covering his ears to blot out the annoying sound, his blue eyes shifted to the adjoining bathroom. An idea clicked in his head as he rushed over to the large room and began filling the tub with water. Seeing as how Ichigo was much smaller, he only filled the tub half way. It would do him no good if the boy drowned, seeing as he still wanted to finish their fight. Once the tub was filled, he returned to the room to grab Ichigo. He tucked the crying child under his arm and carried him to the bathroom before gently setting him into the bath.

Ichigo's ceased crying once more as his eyes widened and his face lit up with a huge smile. Grimmjow knelt down, "You like baths?" he questioned. His reward was a splash of warm water to his face and a squeal of delight.

The combination of the happy squeal and the look of sheer happiness on the child's face caused Grimmjow to smile warmly at the orangette. Ichigo's smiled widened more so at the blunette's expression. "Kitty!" he called happily as he reached out and touched the Espada's uncovered cheek.

Blue eyes widened as Grimmjow jerked back from the move, a light blush dusting his cheeks. He growled before glaring at the child. He wasn't really angry at Ichigo seeing as how the boy no longer had the mental capacity to understand what he was doing. He was angry at himself for allowing such an act to get to him. There was only one way to fix this. Reaching for a small nearby bucket, he scooped up some water before promptly dumping it onto the boy's head. Ichigo squealed happily and a water war began.

After thoroughly soaking the bathroom, Grimmjow emerged victorious in the water war. The two sat on the couch as the blunette toweled the child off. Once done, he wrapped Ichigo in the towel before clasping his own chin in thought.

"You can't exactly run around naked. You'll need some clothes."

Grimmjow stared at Ichigo as he tried to recall if anyone had clothing close to his size. The only other child in Hueco Mundo was Lilynette, but she was still much bigger than the tiny child before him. He'd have to improvise. Heading over to the bed, he tore off a panel of the black hakama as well as the white sash. Moving back to Ichigo, he removed the towel and wrapped the large panel around the boy's waist before quickly tying it in place with the section of sash.

"That should work."

Ichigo looked curiously at the fabric before smiling up at Grimmjow causing the Espada to smile in return. The blunette quickly caught himself and replaced the smile with a scowl. Standing, he picked up the child and set him on the couch before covering him with a small blanket.

"Alright kid, time to sleep."

Grimmjow moved to his own bed and climbed under the covers, hoping the brat would just pass out. He'd had a long day and was desperate for some much needed rest. He sighed as he heard fabric shifting followed by the pitter patter of bare feet against the cold floor. Once the noise stopped, he peaked his head out from under the cover's to glare at the child.

"Kitty?" Ichigo spoke softly.

"What?" he snapped.

"Story," the boy responded holding up the torn book for emphasis.

"No. Go the fuck to sleep," Grimmjow grumbled as he rolled over, ignoring the child.

A few moments passed before he heard the pitter patter once more, this time moving away from him. Grimmjow mentally thanked whoever was listening for giving him this one thing. The mental prayer was cut short as the young Ichigo suddenly pounced onto him, book still in tow.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow grunted as the child managed to deflate his lungs with the move.

"Story Kitty!" Ichigo demanded as he harshly beat the book against the blunette's head.

"God you're such a brat," the Espada grumbled as he took the book and sat up. Ichigo moved to quickly sit next to Grimmjow and pulled the blanket up as he got comfortable. Grimmjow scanned a few pages of the book before looking back at the orangette's expectant face. "This book is too old for you," he said as he tossed the book aside. "Just go to sleep."

Grimmjow slid back down and nestled comfortably under the covers. Ichigo did not like this as he promptly began pushing against the blunette's shoulder repeating kitty over and over in an attempt to gain his attention. The blunette merely ignored the child and hoped he would get the picture and go to sleep. He was however not prepared for Ichigo to start wailing again.

"Is that all you do?" he growled as he rolled over to face the crying child.

"Story! Story!" Ichigo moaned in between wails.

"Shut your fucking mouth and lay down!" Grimmjow bellowed effectively silencing the boy. Although the tears continued, the only sound heard was Ichigo's gasps and whimpers as he attempted to remain silent. Sighing, the blunette closed his eyes before speaking. "Once upon a time, there was this orange haired shinigami."

"Yay! Story!" the boy cried out happily as he wiped his tears.

"Keep your mouth shut or I'll stop," he ordered. Ichigo nodded and burrowed further into the blanket to better see Grimmjow as he spoke. "So this shinigami was the strongest shinigami out of those present in the human world. He thought he could beat me easily, but I showed him just how wrong he was." Grimmjow paused as he rolled onto his back, arms tucked underneath his head as he stared at the ceiling. "Not once during the whole fight was I forced to unsheathe Pantera. But the whole time, that brat stared at me like he was going to win. It just burned my blood and made me want to kill him even more. Just as I was preparing to kill him, he fired this attack at me and managed to damage me."

Grimmjow turned his head and was surprised to see the young orangette sleeping soundly. As much as he mentally fought it, he couldn't stop the small smile from crossing his lips. Blue eyes closed as he whispered, "Fucking brat," before quickly succumbing to the beautiful darkness of sleep.

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