TITLE : Repercussions

AUTHOR : Karen Gomes (pyrie@hotmail.com)

CATEGORY : Even though it might look otherwise, it's SBR all the way.


SPOILERS : Probably

DISCLAIMER : All of the known characters/premises/plots belong to their respective owners. So there.

SUMMARY : An old flame returns in Bailey's life, forcing Sam to confront her feelings for him. But, these feelings could have dire consequences.

NOTES : This can be considered a semi fluff/smut fic. I'm guessing a smuff fic, however being a very conservative and bashful person, the smut might be weak. A thousand apologies in advance. Oh, and the beginning could be considered crap - hopefully it'll only be 1/8th crap by the end.

Cheers! Gomes.

--------------------- Repercussion (pt. 1) ---------------------

Mayfield Woods, Atlanta

"Careful, Sam." Bailey said, taking hold of her hand. He guided her down a steep, wooded path. "Okay, watch the last step." He said, and hopped down. He then grabbed hold of both of her hands and helped her down.

She stood face to face with him, caught in a moment of semi-fantasy and semi-reality. Their eyes locked, and she was sure he was going to kiss her. Swallowing hard, she couldn't decide whether to kiss him or run away. «I can't start falling for him.» She thought somberly to herself. «If Jack finds out . . . » She hesitated, but Bailey was slowly leaning in.

"Bailey!" A voice came from the far reaches of the wooded area, and Bailey jerked his head up, breaking the enchanting spell that once again fell upon them. Sam too, looked around, unsure if she was relieved or bitter. "Bailey!" Again, the melodious voice of a female fluttered through the air.

Bailey shook his head, unable to place the voice. It seemed familiar, but it also seemed from centuries past. He looked at her; there she stood, her brown hair tied loosely in a ponytail, dirt on her hands and a bit on her forehead. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was covered in grass stains, and a pair of ripped jeans. "Liz?" Bailey asked, squinting.

"Hey handsome!" She ran up to him, as Bailey dropped one of Sam's hands and turned towards her. She reached out and kissed him aggressively on the lips, causing Bailey to take a step back. "I missed those." She said, breathlessly.

Bailey let out a deep breath, and quietly dabbed his lips with a handkerchief. "So, what brings you to these part of the woods?" Bailey asked, trying to regain his composure. Thoughts of Liz and Sam pulsated through his head, disorienting his heart.

"Well, I was called down for the Jepson's case. I know these woods like the back of my hand, and since the murder took place in here . . . " She trailed off, taking in the sights and sounds of the humid wooded area. "Actually, I was the one who found Jepson."

"Are we close to the body?" Sam decided to make herself known. She glanced at Bailey, concluding that he was too smitten with this woman to even acknowledge her existence.

Liz looked Sam from head to toe, and arched her eyebrow. "Who's that?" She asked Bailey, ignoring Sam's question.

Bailey looked at Sam. "This is Dr. Samantha Waters. She's our Profiler, the best." He gave her hand a squeeze. "So, are we close to the body?"

"Yeah," Liz started, grabbing Bailey's hand and prying him away from Sam, "we haven't finished searching yet . . . maybe you could help?" Liz made a little pouty face that made Bailey laugh.

Sam watched as Liz escorted Bailey away from her. «I should be happy . . . they seem to hit it off well.» She tried to reason with herself. She followed slowly, always keeping an eye on Bailey. Finally, Sam stood behind Bailey, looking down at the body that was half dug out from the ground. Putting on a glove, she knelt down and kneaded the soft dirt between her fingers.

"Marta Jepson." Bailey read the file. "Didn't she . . . " He looked down at Sam.

Sam stood up and dusted off the dirt from her pants. "She studied with me at Quantico. We were both in your class, Bail."

Liz took a step closer. "Oh, Bailey taught you?" Liz asked Sam.

"Why the sudden interest in me?" Sam asked, rather bitterly. «There's something wrong with this

woman . . . » Sam shrugged and bent down again, looking at the body. She focused on Marta, trying to get a reading, but kept getting disturbed by Liz's obvious flirtations with Bailey.

"Was there any other evidence found?" She asked, trying to sound professional.

Liz stepped close to her. She pointed straight ahead. "Keep following the path, we found some string and a lead pipe we believe to be the murder weapon." Liz stated.

"Do you want me to come with you, Sam?" Bailey offered.

Sam put her hand up. "Thanks Bail, but I can handle it. I'll see if I can get something over there." Sam locked eyes with Bailey, and reluctantly turned away. She did want him to go with her but only because she wanted him away from Liz. Sam continued walking through the shady woods, suffering only from the humidity. Rays of sunlight scarcely poked out through the green foliage as Sam walked down the ever-inclining path. A sound rattled in the bushes and Sam instinctively looked towards it, but continued walking. Suddenly, she tripped over an almost invisible piece of wire that was tied from one tree to the next, causing her to fall. Sam rolled on the ground, and suddenly lost contact with the ground. "Shit." She muttered, as she flailed her arms, trying desperately to grab hold of anything. Her hand came into contact with a long metallic object that stuck out of the rocky cliff. Her legs dangled over oblivion and she dared to look down. «Okay.stay calm.» She reminded herself, despite the pain in her tiring arms. She tried in vain to pull herself back up, but she didn't posses enough body strength to do it.

"Hey." A voice echoed from above. "Just hanging around?" He remarked lamely.

Sam swore under her breath, and looked up to meet a young park ranger. She read his name tag. "Jeff Burke. Can I have a hand, here?" She asked, worry starting to creep into her voice. Her arms were getting awfully tired and not to mention clammy. Any second now, she was sure she would lose grip and plummet to her death. "Please? I think I'm slipping!" Sam felt tears escape the corner of her eyes.

The park ranger sighed, knelt down and offered Sam his hand. When she was reluctant to let go of the metal pipe, he let out a small chuckle. "Look, you're going to have to let it go sometime. You can either let go when your hands are really tired and fall, or you can give me your hand and I'll pull you up."

Sam bit her lip. She didn't even have to consider this ultimatum. Shakily, she released the metal pipe with her right hand and thrust it upwards. The park ranger grabbed it, and with a little grunt, pulled her up. She collapsed in his arms. "Thank you so much." Sam said, tears still in her eyes. She glanced down, looking into the disappearing petioles that created a cascading effect of greens. "I was just walking and tripped over a wire, and I guess I just fell. Thank goodness you came and saved - " Sam interrupted herself when she realized that she was talking to herself. The young ranger had disappeared as fast as he arrived. Sam rubbed her massaged her aching hands, and knelt down on the muddy path to calm her racing heart. «Would Liz deliberately lead me off a cliff?» Sam asked herself. She looked at the wire, neatly tied from one thin tree trunk to another. She looked around the tree trunk, and found a single red rose tied to it. Sam gingerly picked the rose, observing that it had been tied with a different type of string, and it overlapped the previous wire. Sam passed a hand through her now damp hair. «Jack seems to be somehow involved, but how?» She picked her cell phone from her pocket and dialed the VCTF number. "George? I need a

favour . . . "

Meanwhile, Bailey had been waiting near Sam's car. He was beginning to get a little worried. Moments after she had left, he decided to follow her. Reaching the end of the path, he stopped a few meters away from the cliff, deciding that she had already left. He didn't even think of looking down. He was just about to call her cell, when he saw her immerge from the bushes. "Where were you?" He asked, slightly irritated that she just disappeared like that.

Sam bit her lip, halting a sarcastic retort from escaping her lips. "Let's just say that the murder weapons your girlfriend, sent me to find," Sam said bitterly, "were probably for the wrong murder." She stopped in front of Bailey, who was leaning on the driver's side door.

Bailey's brow furrowed. «Girlfriend?» "Look, you can't just up and go. I went down the path, and I couldn't find you." Bailey said, standing his ground.

Sam sighed, and walked over to the passenger side. Getting in, she slid over to the driver's side. She rolled down the window, and Bailey turned, and leaned in. "You should have looked lower." She stated, and started the car.

"I don't understand."

Sam rethought her previous assumptions. «Maybe Liz didn't know that it had been placed there. Maybe it was Jack . . . » She sighed and stared straight ahead. A few moments later, the car door slammed and Bailey was sitting in the passenger seat.

"What are you not telling me, Sam?" Bailey asked, a genuine concerned look expressed on his face.

"It's probably nothing . . . " Sam's voice cracked. She hit the steering wheel, trying to vent some of her frustrations : anger at Bailey, anger at Liz, anger for being so vulnerable, for being rescued by Jack - of all people!

Bailey grabbed hold of her hand. "Sam, calm down . . ." He said. Something had obviously upset her, and it was breaking his heart to see her in this state.

Sam took a deep breath. "That path . . . the wire was tied around the trees and I tripped."

"Did you scrape your knee or something?" Bailey asked, trying to figure out what went wrong.

"Damn it, Bailey! I'm not some porcelain doll that breaks everytime she falls. I might not be Miss Rugged 2000 like Liz over there - "

"What does she have to do with anything?" Bailey asked. When Sam didn't respond, Bailey pressed on. "It's about the second time you've mentioned her in one conversation."

"Look, it's nothing."

"Obviously it's something, since it has you so worked up." Bailey said, finally letting go of her arm. "But if you don't want to talk about it -"

"You know that cliff?" Sam interrupted Bailey. Bailey nodded. "Guess why you couldn't find me?"

"You didn't fall off?!" Bailey asked, incredulously.

Sam shrugged as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Almost." She batted Bailey's hand away when he came to console her. "And I know that I'm probably weak . . . but I was scared. Scared that I'd never see Chloe, my friends . . . «You.» Scared that I would lose my life." Sam said, leaning her head on the steering wheel.

"How did you . . . ?"

"Jeff Burke, the park ranger, rescued me." Sam said, hoping Bailey would catch on.

"Mayfield doesn't have any rangers." Bailey stated.

Sam took out the rose, now rather mangled, from her pocket. "Surprise." She said, monotonously.

"Jack." Bailey spat out. "That bastard . . . "

Sam closed her eyes. "He saved me, Bail."

Bailey stared at Sam. "Well, it's obvious what happened." Sam raised her eyebrow, and wiped her eyes; tears of fear and shame still lingering. "Jack set the whole thing up, and then saved you, so he would come out looking like a hero."

Sam opened her mouth, but thought better of the situation. "Maybe . . . " She said, distantly. She shook her head and put both hands on the steering wheel. "All I want to do is go home, have a nice hot bath, and crawl into bed."

Bailey stared straight ahead, imagining Sam naked in her bathtub. He could vividly picture her hot, wet body, and could see himself caressing each curve - making her moan his name. Bailey swallowed hard, and hoped that Sam didn't see him in the aroused state. He got out briskly of the car and closed the door. Walking over to the driver's side, he leaned in again. "I'll be right behind you." He said, gently caressing her face.

Sam leaned into his touch, and then shifted gears. "Good night, Bailey." She said, coldly. With that, she drove off leaving a confused Bailey in its wake.

Bailey sighed, "Goodnight Sam." He said, more to himself. He got into his car. "Sorry for the wait." He muttered, and looked over to the passenger side.

Liz brushed her hand through his hair. "Don't worry handsome. Is Samantha alright?" She asked.

Bailey started the car, and sped up, in order to catch up with Sam. "Hopefully, she will be." His thoughts drifted back to Sam, once again. «What am I doing with her?» He asked himself, questioning his motives with Liz. «Are you trying to make Sam jealous? Or are you just lonely.» He glanced over at Liz, who seemed to be lost in thought, staring out the window. «Are you so sure that Sam will never love you? That you're willing to give up what could be, for something that was?» Bailey gritted his teeth, irritated with the riddled messages that traveled through his head. «I sound like a freaking fortune cookie.» He thought dryly to himself. He finally caught sight of Sam's car as it headed towards an intersection. Bailey saw the red lights, and figured he could pull up next to her and make sure everything was okay. But when Sam didn't stop at the intersection, he once again started to worry. He too cut the red light, which caught Liz's attention. "Babe, that was a red." She stated, looking back at the traffic light. Luckily, no cars were in sight. He tailed Sam until the next intersection and sped up once more, when she failed to stop. "Something's wrong." He remarked nervously, as fear settled into his brain and heart.