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Emma walked into the middle of the forest. She looked up as lightning struck and thunder sounded. She held her jacket tighter around herself, "Uhh… Yeah… I know that it's how you travel, but your brother's right… it is kind of intimidating… Mr. Thor, demigod…. Dude… Are you even out here?" She looked around skeptical.

Another lightning strike and thunder rumble, much, much closer to her than she would have liked, later and there the demigod came.

"You have something to say to me, say it, Lady Swan… I am on a mission." He stood before her, towering over her.

"Oh wow…. You're…" Her jaw stayed open as she searched for words, "You're very, very pretty."

Thor grinned a little, "As are you, Lady Swan."

Emma blushed, "Thank you…" She breathed, "I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I would so go straight for you…" He tilted his head to the side in amusement, "In fact, I feel like somewhere I already have… Yeah… I had this dream once and I was pregnant and my husband had to manually control a spaceship to crash into another to save our people, and he was acting as captain because the real captain died and so did he and anyways, long story short, I became Captain Kirk's mom, and you look exactly like my dream husband…"

Thor stared at her a while, "Captain Kirk?"

Emma pursed her lips in embarrassment, "Yeah, I had watched a Star Trek marathon before I went to sleep that night…"

"Can this Captain Kirk help us?"

"No…" Thor looked angry, "Mainly because he's a fictional character…" She raised her hands as if to say she were sorry.

"Oh…" He looked off, "Well, why am I here then? What information have you?"

Emma nodded, "Right to the point, gotcha. You're a busy demigod, I get it… Uhh… Regina Mills, the mayor of this town is an evil, evil bitch. She's a witch actually. She's all-powerful from the land she comes and well… She's uhh… She's working with your brother… Now… I don't know what or how, but I know that they're working together… Just so you know…"

Thor stood there a moment. He almost dropped his hammer. He knew just how powerful Regina Mills was, "Loki and the Evil Queen are planning to work together? How did you discover this, Lady Swan?"

Emma gave him a look, "Regina talks in her sleep."

"And why are you around her when she's sleeping?"

"Because I'm sleeping with her…"


"We have sex usually before we get to the sleeping part…"

"Sex?" He dropped his hammer, "Sex with the evil queen?"

"Yeah…" After a moment of awkwardness she turned to leave.

"If you gather anything more…"

"I'll be sure to let you know." She waved without looking back at him.

"Lady Swan and the Evil Queen…having sex?" He knit his brows in thought before picking up his hammer and spinning it furiously to inform the rest of the team of this new information.