Charming held his wife's hand but leaned to the other side resting his chin on his free hand, index finger on his lip. They had dismissed the round table and he watched as Red and her Granny walked out. Snow looked over to him and watched her husband watch her best friend.

As they were in bed that night, Snow turned to him, propped her head in her hand and said, "Charming?"

He looked over at her, "Snow?" He repeated in the same tone.

Snow smirked before her face and tone turned serious once more, "What happened between you and Red?"

Charming knit his brows, "Nothing."

"Something." She rested her hand on his chest, "I'd like to know…" She stared down at him.

He sighed and bit his lip, "I thought…" He paused and tried to figure out his words before he spoke them, "I thought we were meant to be."

"True love…" Snow's face was stoic.

"Yes. I thought that there would—could never be anyone else so long as she took breath…" He smiled at the memories, "I lived in a town near hers… I always made sad excuses to go see the girl in the town across the river… And my tongue would always catch and I'd never be able to actually say the things I wanted to say…"

"That you loved her…"

Charming nodded, "Yeah… but there was one day… I did… I-I-I-I-I didn't tell her how I felt, but I did talk with her. I did give her my ear… and she told me of her love for Peter… and there was nothing that I could do… And then… then there was the incident… and she never looked at me after it. It was like because she had told me about Peter, because someone knew about him, and because she ended his life… It was like she saw him in me or something… and it was something she could not take…"

"Do you love her still?" Snow asked, "Because I can't be one to stand in the way of love… even if we are married… I cannot stand here and let you pine away yourself into depression—"

"Of course I don't love her anymore…" He looked at her and took the hand on her chest, "I love you… But there's just…. You don't ever forget your first love." He kissed her palm, "But there is a difference… You, my love…. You are my life. I am in love with you. I could never see my life without you now that you're in it. I don't feel anything for her… You just.. never forget your first love." He kissed her palm once more.

Snow looked off to the side, "No. I supposed you don't." She stared back at him, "You really aren't still in love with her?"

"I woke you up from that poisoned apple, did I not?"

Snow smiled, "Yes. You did."

They stared at each other a while longer before Snow lay on her husband's chest and they held one another close, "Who was your first love?"

"Oh Darling… that's another tale for another time." she kissed his chest.

He chuckled a bit and kissed her hair, "Whenever you're ready to tell me."