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Austin P.O.V. (At school)

Where's Ally? She should be here already. She's always the first one to get here. I wonder if she's still mad at us? I hope not. She may be petite but she took about 2 years of gymnastic & karate. Yeah, she can kick ass. Another reason I like her. Yes, I admit it. I'm in love with my best friend, Ally. Very cliché right? I would tell you the reasons I love her but by the time I'm done, I'll be graduating. My thoughts were interrupted by the school stupid bell. And Ally's still not here! God, I hope she's okay.

I have the first period with Ally so if she's late, I'll know. Sitting at my assigned seat by the door, I unpack what I need & wait till class start. 20 minutes into class I was already bored out of my mind. It's so much better with Ally here. She sits next to me & helps me. Such a nice friend but why can't she be more. My Ally thoughts were interrupted once again but by Ally this time.

At first I didn't recognize her cause how she looked but when she took off her DC(1) sunglasses & I saw her chocolate pools she calls eyes, I knew it was Ally. Her brown hair was dyed blonde at the tips & it was curled more than usually.(2) Her top was a black shirt that showed stomach & had a design pattern on the back. Her skirt was also black with red-ish, pink-ish roses covering it. Instead of her ankle boots she wear heels that had a pattern & a bow in the middle.

"Hello? Are you a new student?" Mr. Rogers(3) asked with a puzzled face. All she did, was rolled her eyes & walked to the back of the classroom sitting in an abandoned chair & going on her phone. Realization finally hit him after like 5 minutes. "Allyson?" He asked using her full name. "God, don't call me that!" She yelled back before going back to her phone.

"Excuse me?" He asked looking like his top may blow off. That's how mad he was. "You heard me," Ally responded still looking down at her phone. "Allyson Dawson go up to the principal office right now!" He screeched. Ally simply shrugged, got up & left the classroom. Although I had a feeling she wasn't going to the principal office.

Ally P.O.V.

When I walked into the classroom that morning, I knew only Austin recognize me. You could see he knew me from his facial expression. Of course this caused me to smirk like a hyena. Mr. Roger of course asked who I was but I didn't answer him. I soon felt my phone vibrate from the small fabric through my purse so I walked to the back of the classroom before reading the text.



Hey babe;) You wanna ditch school with me & the guys?

I smiled. Alex was the first (besides my parents) to find out about my new look cause he gave me a ride on his motorcycle to school. Of course we got in late cause let's just say we got a little distracted. I was about to type a reply but before I could, I heard Roger annoying voice calling me *shiver* Allyson. Mental gag alert! I wasn't that pissed but if I got in trouble he'll send me to the principal ( he'll do it to anyone who gets him mad ) & that way I can ditch with Alex! Yeah I know I'm smart! Better than going to the bathroom cause I know he'll think I'll come back. So I yelled at him. And let me tell it felt awesome! I quickly typed a reply.



Sure! Meet u in 5, outside.

In the middle of typing, I heard Roger yell at me & something about the principal so I shrugged & left the classroom soon leaving the building & not caring bout the eyes following my every move. I can guess who he is.

Ally P.O.V. (Outside school)

I waited for about 5 minutes before I heard loud laughter & slapping hands. Alex. As I predicted I saw all of them round the corner of the school. Getting up I said hi to all his friends that happen to be the boys from the club the first night & all they did was wolf-whistle or said hey sexy back, to which I rolled my eyes at.

Walking up to Alex, I grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him down just a little since I was wearing heels & kissing him square on the month. At first he was surprised but he quickly caught on & hoisted me up by the butt. I wrapped my legs around his waist but it was a little hard since I was wearing a skirt & I didn't his friends looking at my thong. I'm guessing Alex knew cause he shooed them off before gently laying my back down on a bench at the side of the school. Thank god there were no windows.

He sat on top of me & starting kissing me again. Soon we pulled away for air but he didn't stop. He started leaving a trail of kisses down my neck. Soon we were french kissing & it was soon leading up to more but it was interrupted by that stupid school bell!

Pulling me to my feet & lifting me up with ease, I was soon being carried once again while he gave me a piggyback ride to wherever were going. I honestly don't care. I laid my head down on his back before closing my eyes & letting the wind brush my hair, while he ran. Totally swoon & corny moment & I loved it!

But it ended to soon cause he set me down on my feet before handing me black helmet. I quickly put it on noticing how he didn't have one. Aw...How sweet. I climbed on after him & hugged his waist from behind. I can't denied the fact that I did again, put my head on his back & had another swoon worthy moment. Can you blame me?! He's hot & all mine! Plus, I like him.(4)

After about 20 minutes of driving we finally arrived at our destination. Looking up I saw the place where we first met. Well not officially, but still did. Our old middle school. It's abandoned now so they're aren't any middle schoolers. Something bout it being in dept so the bank took it down. Nobody bothered to buy it again. It's a shame, I wanted to send my future kids here. A lot of good memory's. Like my first kiss although nobody knows about it. Only me & him.

*Flashback* Nobody P.O.V.

Ally Dawson was walking out the door of her last class of the day alone. Austin & Dez both had detention after school for throwing their food at each other. They would have got away with it if Tilly(5) hadn't told. Trish stayed home cause she caught the flu over the week. She didn't want to walk home alone but unfortunately life had different plans for her. Just this one time, she kept repeating in her head followed by this, than no more walking alone for you.

Although before she even step off the last cement stair in front of the school Ben, another student in her grade & her crush, walked up to her. "Hi." He said smiling at her. Attempting & failing, to hide her blush she looked down at her feet before mumbling a hi under her breath. "So...Where are you're friends?" He asked knowing that she always walked with her friends.

"Detention & sick." She said a little louder but still keeping her answer short. She is shy. By now they reached a bench & Ally mumbled a quick bye before walking a bit more before her hand was captured by another warm hand. She looked up at Ben before looking down at his hand around her's. Ally blushed & looked down, taking back her hand in the process.

"Please wait?" He said but it sounded more like a question. He raised his arm & started scratching the back of his neck. Ally guessed it was a nervous habit cause Austin always did it when he got nervous. She saw a blush creep onto his cheeks. Oh my gosh! I'm making him nervous! Me making him nervous! She shrieked in her own head. It is her private thoughts.

Then it got her thinking some more & she came to the conclusion that he liked her back! More thinking & she soon realized if she didn't answer soon she might ruin it so she gave a shaking nod. Dropping his arm, he smiled & his red cheeks turned back his normal color.

He took her hand & lead her to the bench before sitting down with Ally soon following his actions. "So I was wondering if you wanna go out sometime?" He asked while again rubbing the back of his neck. Ally smiled again for two reasons. 1) She's making him nervous again & 2) He's asking her out!

"Yes!" Ally quickly squealed. Then she realized how desperate she sounded so she mumbled a yes & shook her head a little. "I mean yes." She said finishing off with an awkward laugh. "Yes!" He yelled jumping a bit in his seat before controlling himself. "Um I mean yeah great, so chill, pick you up Friday at 8?" He asked after trying to play it off cool. He's just like Ally. Ally giggled a bit & said sure before getting up to leave.

Ben quickly got up & held Ally hand. Ally looked down at their hands connected together before she shot him a confused smile. "Thought I walk you home if that's okay with you?" He asked not fully certain if it was okay. "Yeah that's cool." Ally said calmly but on the inside she was shrieking with happiness.

Before they could walk off though, Ben quickly bend down & gave Ally a peck on the lip. She didn't even bother to hide her blush cause she already knew, that he knew, she liked him.(6) The rest of the walk home was comfortable & Ben soon got Ally to open up in front of him.

(End of flashback) *Ally one P.O.V*

He was my first kiss & boyfriend. But then he moved at the end of that year. We didn't bother to have a long distance relationship so we just broke up. I wasn't complete heart-broken because I've never loved him. Liked him a lot, but never loved. I admit it took about 2 buckets of ice cream but I soon got over him.

I looked over at where the bench is to see it there. I can tell it's still strong but it was covered with overgrown weeds. Sighing, I continued walking while grabbing Alex hand. Every where I looked I saw memories, good & bad. Memories with the gang, memories with an enemy, memories with teachers the usually.

Then there was the memory of meeting Alex for the first time.

(Flashback) *Nobody P.O.V.*

Ally always one to help people. So when her teacher asked her to show around a new student she did. No question asked just did.

Then she met the boy. He wasn't bad at all. Which was bad. She didn't mean to fall for him, like all the other girls did but she did. He was sweet back then. A gentleman even. But then he got mixed up in the wrong crowds. That made girls fall for him even more. And that was all in the first week of school.

They bumped into each other while walking to their first class. Ally's locker was at the front while his was at the back & their class was in between. Alex was heading off earlier to class to adjust while Ally went to help out. On the way to class though a student accidentally bumped into Ally causing her to spill her coffee onto her jean jacket. After the student apologized & she assured him it was fine she headed off to the nearest restroom to wash off.

Again she bumped into somebody, but with more force than before that caused her to fall back on her butt. She looked up & that's when she saw Alex the very first time. He gave a charming smile before saying sorry & helping her up. She didn't recognize him so she started up conversation by asking if he was new. Of course he was so they introduced themselves to each other.

After a while of mindless talking, Ally soon left to wash her jean jacket & Alex left for his first period. Ally soon realized when she got to class that he was the student the teacher asked her yesterday to show around. And she couldn't be happier.

(End of flashback) *Ally P.O.V.*

The one thing I hate about him though is how he forgot all about me. Though I shouldn't feel this cause that's actually the only time we talked before we became whatever we are. I think he thought the first time he saw me outside the club was the first time we met.

It kinda hurt to know he isn't thinking about the first time we met too. I guess I'm asking too much. With a final sigh I pushed open the doors & went inside the abandoned school.

Okay, so we learned that Ally had some luck with boys. Kinda.

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