Goodby & Good Riddence!

You know what registered trademark Rosanne belongs to.

A week had passed since the deaths of all of Rosanne's children, having died in a plane crash en route from collage to a famiy reunion-
a reunion that was tainted once Rosanne and her husband got wind of the sad news.

Now, standing before their graves in the graveyard,
dressed in black, Rosanne spoke, "You children have been big fat pains in the butt since you were born.
You've been big fat pains in the butt when you were growing up, you were big fat pains in the butt when you were tennagers, and even after you graduated and went to collage, you're STILL big fat pains in the butt! I've hated you since you were born and I hate you even now that you died in that plane crash!
I HATE YOU ALL! I wish I had taken my husband's adivce and risked the abortion of all three of you!
If I had, you wouldn't be the heartaches you caused me through the years. So all I can say to you children is:

So with that in mind, Rosanne spit on their graves and walked, occasionally whooping it up and cheering;
it was said some of the people there that day heard her murmur, "I could make a bundle selling off all their possessions on ebay and that should raise the money for me to trot down to Alcapulco..."

The end

So much for tough love, right?