Thanks so much Azalea'banphrionsa! You gave me some awesome ideas, which I'll *hopefully* use :)

"I don't even know if I can trust myself." I choke, my voice stuck in my mix of anxiety and sadness.

"Well I trust you, Mia."

"But why?" I ask, frustrated. Why trust me, a girl who has no idea what she'll do next or why? Why trust me, a frazzled, unsure girl who has no idea where she's going? "Why trust me, Travis?"

"Because I love you, Mia. That's why." His voice is pure and gentle, and I almost swoon. This was the sweet, caring Travis I'd fallen in love with. I manage to step out of the elevator and enter my dorm room, its Pine Sol fragrance making me want to gag.

"I…" I stutter, afraid to put my heart on my sleeve as he always does. "I love you, Travis."

"Then that's settled," He sighs, relief seeping into his words. "I have to come visit you. When's your next break?"

"Seven weeks away," I pout, entering my dorm room. I shut the door with my free hand, and collapse on my twin bed. "What will we do 'till then?"

"Call. Text. Skype. You brought your laptop, right?"

"Yeah, but Grandfather said school use only." I frown, not wanting to misuse his gift.

"He'll make an exception. I mean, it's me, honey." Travis chuckles reassuringly. "I'll talk to him about it. Ok?"

"Ok. I better get to bed, I have classes in the morning."

"Right. Sweet dreams, love."

"G'night." I murmur wistfully, and end the call.

I change into my pajamas and shut my eyes, curling the thick cashmere blankets around my cold body. I dream of a dark, surrounding nothingness that consumes me, until all I am is nothing, too.

I awake to my buzzing alarm clock, my eyelids heavy and my head throbbing. Slamming my fist on the top of the clock to shut it off, I heave my aching body out of bed slowly, my eyelids drooping as I manage to look at my grimy reflection in the mirror. I look disheveled, with my hair tangled and knotted, and dark circles rimming my eyes. My fingers run through my thick, messy hair, and I dig around in my makeup bag for my brush. A huffy breath escapes me as I comb through my tangles, and then throw on a sheer dark t-shirt and ripped camo jeans. Donning my mother's Army dogtags and signature black fedora, I grab my purse and head down to the café for breakfast.

I stride down the marble hallway confidently, but stare as I pass a tall, porcelain-skinned brunette. Her long, silky brown hair is tied sweetly with a navy bow, and her outfit consists of a striped navy and yellow striped top and matching ruffled navy skirt. But resting on the edge of her nose sits a pair of heart-shaped red sunglasses, which conceal the nature of her eyes.

"Hello," She greets coolly, following me into the elevator.

"Um…hello." I respond, practically stammering my words. Her lips purse to form a neat, plump pink bow.

"Going to breakfast?" She asks politely. I nod, and flip out my phone to see three new messages from Travis. Damn. So much for "giving it a week".

11:46pm You up?

4:38am Good morning love

4:53am I couldn't sleep last night . All your fault ;]

Had he really been up all night thinking about me, more or less us? I definitely hadn't. With a sharp ding, the elevator releases us onto the ground floor of the dorm house.

"I'm Louise, by the way." The brunette chimes as we leave the stuffy metal box.

"Mia," I reply with a shrug. "I guess I'll see you later…"

"Yeah…" Louise says awkwardly. "See you."

I dart out of the dorm building hurriedly, unsure what to make of that awkward conversation and equally awkward new acquaintance. I stride towards the café, noticing the same group of bobble-headed blondes and reds sitting on a long stone bench outside of it.

One taller girl wearing an expensive looking dark blouse and mint pencil skirt smirks at me crudely, and flips her curled auburn hair off of her shoulder.

"Ohmygosh, Abby," Another blonde girl gapes. "Look at the new girl."

"I hear she's from Louisiana," The tall red-head replies, her eyes locked with mine. I continue walking, and don't stop, because I don't want to hear the petty things they have to say about me.

The café is busy as I enter the double doors, but I spot a cuddling Gwen and Logan easily. I grab a meager bowl of sappy oatmeal and a glass of orange juice, and slide in across from the couple.

"Morning, lovebirds." I croon happily.

Gwen blushes a bit, but Logan sweetly replies, "How you doing?"

"We're back together," I admit, shrugging. "He actually did call me last night."

Logan shrugs in response as I shovel a scoop of oatmeal into my mouth. The soggy oatmeal flakes melt as they meet my tongue, and I swallow the lump of grain quickly, hating the tastelessness.

"Who's your first period?" Gwen asks politely.

"Um…I'm not sure. Logan said he'd take me to Professor Metis's office to get my schedule."

"Okay," Gwen replies, her voice cracking a bit. Is she upset I'll be alone with her boyfriend?

"Do you want to come, too?" I offer. "I'll need all the direction skills I can get."

"I'd love to, but if I'm late again to Mrs. Rotini's, I'll be in some serious trouble." She laughs, grinning at me.

I laugh softly at this, and drain the rest of my orange juice. "Oh, I need to ask you two," I begin. "What the deal is with that little clique of blonde and auburn bimbos?"

Gwen guffaws loudly at this, making the rest of the café's occupants stare at us grudgingly.

"They're the rich skanks." Gwen smirks. "Always acting like they're better than everyone else just because they wear pearls and diamond earrings and sleep with twelve guys every week."

I snort at her comment, which causes another round of glances from across the room.

"Is everyone here snooty like those..." I let my words trail off as my eyes meet with Louise's. She's sitting with them. The auburn that was glaring at me earlier is seated beside her, and is whispering in her ear while grinning manically.

"Not everyone." Gwen nods, and takes a small bite of her blueberry muffin. "Most, like them, just crave attention 24/7."

"Or guys staring at them 24/7." Logan adds, smirking.

"So what's the best group of people to hang out with?" I ask bluntly before hastily adding, "Besides you two."

"It depends on your interests, really. What are your hobbies?"

"Um, I'm pretty good at sword-fighting and track and field. Grandfather gave me botany and herbal lessons, clarinet lessons, and also a few in sculpting." I shrug.

"Well, you'd do fine with the Amazons, but they might pick on you because you're…" Logan trails, blushing.

"Half and half?" I supply playfully. "Coffee and cream?"

Gwen chuckles at this, and replies, "If you're as funny as you are now, they'll definitely take you in."