I was hiding behind some barrels with my lamp closed, waiting for the monster to get bored and go away. I could hear his creepy growls that were giving me goosebumps. After a few moments of patrolling, the monster finally gave up and decided to search for another pray. I inhaled deeply…I didn't realise that I was holding my breathe.

I glanced at the clock. It was 9 o'clock. I paused the game and took off my headphones.

''And that is all for now, my friends. I've embarrased myself enough for today'' I said as l aughed and looked lovely at the camera ''I hope y'all had fun seeing me shitting bricks and crying like the girl I am. That was Kat playing Amnesia: The dark descent and we'll see again tomorrow with another hour of gaming. Bye bye!'' I waved at the camera as I closed it.

I looked at the chatbox and saw the comments of the people that watched me. What could I say…the grin on my face almost reached my ears as I read some coments like:

''awwwwwwwwww…why did the hour pass sooooo fast?'' – BunnehEars

''Kat is MY FAVOURITE. If you see me: I LOVE YOU GIRL; YOU ARE THE BEST'' – StephanoLuver

''Can't wait the next day..SOO EXCITED X3'' – PandaLoveAffection

''Marry me =3'' – ObsessedWithYou [that coment made me lol]


I was happy. Very very happy. Happy that i could make people laugh and smile doing the hobby I like the most: playing games. Well…that'me. A chocolate haired, hazel eyed, 19 years old, Romanian girl. Every night I would play games, especially horror ones not just because I want to make people laugh at my reaction, but because I really like these kind of games. I started to do this thing since I was 16 and with each day, month and year that passed, I became more and more popular over the internet. I won many fans, met good friends and had a very good time.

It all started when I saw accidentally a video on YouTube with a blonde guy playing the same game as I am playing now, Amnesia: The dark descent. That was the moment that changed my life. I laughed so hard at that video that the next move I made was to watch all his videos. The man's YouTube name was PewDiePie, and by that time he was 19. He looked so full of life…so happy….his faces and reactions made my day brighter, his screams when he saw something scary made me scream with him and then laugh with tears in my eyes. He himself looked like he had a good time…but his fans also seemed to have fun…I read somecoments from his videos and I realized that people really loved him. That…that was the moment when I decided what I wanted to do: I wanted to make people happy by making what I loved the most: gaming.

First it started with little games like Exmortis or Purgatorium with live shows of 10-15 minutes. Then it transformed in longer shows of 30 - one hour with games like Silent Hill, Left4Dead and many others. Eh…good ol' times. I glanced at the clock again: 9:15 pm. After I took a shower and ate some food, I changed in my pjs and watched a movie. After that, I opened YouTube and looked if PewDiePie updated a new video.

And that is how a normal evening in my life took place…simple and calm just like that.

Everything was ok..untill one damned night.

As usual, I went to bed at about 2 o'clock. I was too lazy and tired to change in my pjs so I remained in my jeans and black tank top with blue cat paws. I put my headphones on and listened to some music, dancing in my bed and singing along [yea…I really like doing this XD]. After a couple of songs I fell asleep.

After some good hours of sleep, my back decided to hurt like hell. I rolled on the other side of the bed [or at least what I thought was my bed] just to fall plain on the hard, cold stones of the floor.

''Damn my life…ouch…stupid me..rolling out of my bed, falling with my face on the stone floor'' I said to myself as I tried to crawl back in my bed '' wait a minute'' a thought popped in my head ''I don't have stone on the floor…I have parquet'' I said as I tried to raise on my feet.

''Ah! Damn! My head'' I cursed as I took my head in my hands, trying not to fall on the floor…again. I was feeling so..dizzy…my back hurt…and WHERE THE HECK WAS I? I tried to find something so I could support on it…but I epic failed, touched the wall and lowerd myself on the floor. Oh God…what was happening with me?

After what felt like hours, my head stopped spinning and my dizziness went away. I slowly opened my big, hazel eyes and saw a huge window through I could see the half moon and a thick forest with tall and scary-looking trees. I raised from the floor and started to look around. The hallway was a long one. It had many windows that reached the celling and allowed the silver light of the half moon to paint figures on the stone walls. It's cold light also fell on the red velvet old couches that were located near some wood tables. The walls from the sides had cracks in them and various pictures were hanged on them. Behind me was supposed to be a door, but it was blocked by fallen stone. The cold air was full of the scent of mold and dust. Oh, my! I recognized this place…I knew this place…

''Please God, please let it be just a nightmare!'' I said as my voice cracked and my hands flew to my mouth in a second, pressing my back on the stone wall, making an icy cold shiver go through all my body.

The world crumbled at my feet. I was in some place that looked like thhe Brennenburg Castle from the game Amnesia: The dark descent.

''It's just a nightmare, Kat…just a nightmare'' I tried to comfort myself as I curled in a ball, holding my eyes tight shut '' you've played so much Amnesia that you are having nightmares with it…that's it…when I'll open my eyes I'll be back in my safe room…1'' my eyes started to hurt, I clasped my hands together so hard that my knuckles turned white ''2this will be over fast…'' but something deep inside me told me that it wasn't a dream ''3..!'' I shouted as I opened my eyes….to see the same hallway!

''Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!'' I said desperately as I raised up. How the hell did that happen? How did I get here? Why? What did I do to get here?

After I calmed down, I went and sat on one of the many scarlet couches, put my head in my hands and thought deepely about the situation I was in. So…I was in the Brennenburg Castle…the same castle from my game…the same castle in which scary monsters are walking happily…but…it's the same castle from the same game I played…and finished…hmm? Maby it's not as worse as It looks…I just have to hide from the monsters, and find a way out of the castle. Or, if it is the same story, I have to find the orb and destroy the pillars that open Alexander's portal…but it is not so easy.

''Ugh! Come on, Kat! Let's do this! Don't just stay and think on the couch in a spooky castel where monsters are walking freely. Moove, girl! You don't want to be killed today, isn't it?''

After I made a little plan of the things I need to find and the things I need to do, I took my mp3, that was carelessly thrown on the floor [ maby the psychopath that brought me there took it too since I fell asleep with it] and made my way deeper in the castle that was enveloped in darkness.

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