The smell of baked potatoes, bread and fresh vegetables invaded my nostrills, making the corner of my lips curl upwards. I followed the heavenly smell with fast, little steps, making the stone of my necklace bounce on my chest. With little hands, I opened the kitchen's door just to see Patti taking aut of the oven some fresh baked bread. She put it on the counter and coveerd it with a cloth to make its crust softer. I walked silently behind her and hugged her from behind, laughing hapilly.

''Well, well, look who decided to delight me with her presence'' she turned and smiled warmly at me hands placed on her hips.

I giggled as I closed my eyes and sniffed the air ''I smelled baked bread. You know I just love baked bread'' I said as sweetly as I could, batting my eyelashes up at her, begging for a good piece of the delicious thing.

''Of course you did, piticot, of course you did. Wherever is food, you are there, too.'' She joked as she picked me up in her arms like I didn't weight more than a simple feather. With skilled hands, she managed to cut a piece of bread and give it to me. ''Careful, love, it's still hot'' but, oh! It was too late. Like the glutton I used to be [and still am…to say the truth] I took a big bite of the delicious bread just to burn the tip of my tongue. I quickly opened my mouth and started to wave my hand in front of my mouth to make the cold air shoo the pain away.

Patti just giggled as she stroked my hair. ''Oh, piticot…you never learn'' she placed me back on my feet.

I nodded, pouting as I went to lean on a wall, this time eating more carefully my bread. The warm light of the sun hit my face and the stone on my necklace, making it glow. I noticed Patti leaning on the counter and looking at me with melancholic eyes.

I tilted my head to one side in a cute way, some bangs of my short hair falling into my eyes. ''Patti? Heeey! Patti!'' I said as I waved my hand in front of my face, trying to catch Patti's gaze. She looked lost in thoughts.

''Uh..? Sorry, dear…I was just…thinking'' she said with a smile as she shook his head, like she was trying to clear her mind.

''Thinking? About what? Tell meeee!'' I whined like the child I was as I went to her and tugged at the end of her dress.

She looked down at me, then kneeled in front of me, crossing her index finger over the stone of my necklace. ''About your necklace…about you…about my grandmotherr'' she sighed as she smiled.

''It sounds like a nice story! I am all here to hear you if you want to tell me, Patty…don't keep it inside'' I smiled as I placed my small hand on her soft cheek.

''Fine, piticot… I can't refuse you'' she picked me up and went in the livingroom. She took a seat on the couch as she placed me on her lap. She leant her back and head on the couch's backrest as she closed her eyes. ''As you know, I am your babysitter….I grew here, in this very house. My mother worked for your parents, just as I do now, and worked for your grandparents, too. My family has been very gratefull to yours since they took us in their house and accepted to keep us there as maids. I've had the pleasure to know a few members….persons who I keep in my heart now…like your mother…like your grandmother.'' She sighed as she looked down at me again and crossed her index finger over my necklace. ''This stone…was your grand-grandmother's… her husband gave it to her when he asked her to marry him.''

''Awww, how romantic!'' I exclaimed as I smiled brightly, clasping both my hands to the left part of my chest. ''But if it was grand-grandmummy's, then why was it at you?'' I asked a bit confused, tilting my head to the left, eyebrows slightly furrowed.

''Ah, let me tell you. Well…your grand-grandmother loved the stone…she always thought that it was magic, beautiful and special. She loved the way the light fell on it, she loved the way it looked on her pale skin…she loved it because her husband, Daniel, gave it to her'' she smiled, a dreamy expression taking over her features. ''The fruit of their love was a little girl. Your grand-grandmother loved her very much, so when the baby girl was one year old, she gave her her necklace…unfortunately, two months later, the baby girl joined paradise…'' Patti opened her eyes and sighed heavily, her peaceful expression changing into a slightly melancholic and sad one.

Being a kid, I didn't know too much about life and death, about hell and heaven, so I poked Patti's slightly chubby cheek, begging her to continue.

''Your grand-grandparents were devasted by those events….Anna, your grand-grandmother, cried five nights in a row, alone in a room, holding the necklace close to her chest, as if the soul of her poor baby was caged inside…She felt like it should be a stone only the girls should wear, since her own kid couldn't do it''.

As Patti was explaining and telling me the story, one of her hands slowly began rubbing my back. I leant against her warm chest and placed my head above the place her heart was beating, closing my eyes and listening to her sweet voice.

''Their next child was a boy who, luckily grown up to be a strong man. He was your grandfather, George. When Anna died, she gave my mother the necklace, begging her to give it to her daughter, when she will have one. My mother died when I was 15, so she gave me the necklace telling me to give it to my daughter….I never had a daughter, just a boy you know too well. Yor grandfather married Catherine, and they had a son, your father…your father married Florentina, your mother…and they had a child, you'' she moved her hand from my back and began stroking my hair slowly. ''So, because I didn't have a baby girl, and I love you as if you are my own child, I gave you the necklace, the stone is back in your it was meant to be from the start.''

Maybe Patti said something else…maybe the end was another one…I didn't have how to know because sleep took me away as soon as the word 'piticot' reached my ears.

I was warm, very, very warm. A smell of aftershave invaded my nose. I gripped tightly the blanket and nuzzled it. It was soo warm, so comforting, so…safe. I almost forgot that I was in the Brennenburg Castle. I wanted to wake up, but I was too tired. With a little effort, I opened my eyes, just to see something white. It was so close to my eyes, the first thought which popped up in my mind was that I went blind, but I slapped myself in my head, remembering that a blind person sees black, not white.

''M-Mmh..'' I closed my eyes again, groaning lightly and stretching a bit, moving my hands above my head to their full length, some popping sounds coming from my back, neck, legs and arms. I hated that sound…it just gave me goosebumps. I relaxed once more, keeping my eyes closed, trying to imagine that I was still in my bedroom home….in my pink painted walls, full with teddy bears room (Don't blame me, I chose the color when I was 8). I moved my hands to hug the white-thing which was next to me, buring my face in it, a lazy smile taking over my features. It felt like home, it was warm, it was a soft bed, I was hugging something, maybe the blanket or the pillow…the only thing which was not the same as it was home was the smell. It was a humid air…and it smelt like molde, the dust in the air making my breathing not too comfortable.

''Marzia…'' a voice, slightly muffled, hit my eardrums.

I shot my eyes opened within a fraction of a second, gripping the thing I was hugging. What was that?

''M-Marzia…'' I heard it again…I recognised the name and calmed down. Maybe it was just Felix dreaming. Of course he was dreaming of his girlfriend, everybody knew he loved her with all his heart and I was sure as heck that he was missing her. Who knew, maybe the poor girl was scared, frightened, was wondering where her beloved boyfriend went. Who wouldn't be scared if one of his relatives or friends suddenly dissappeared? I would certainly be.

''M-Marzia…'' I heard the familiar voice mumbling again. It sounded troubled…like Felix was having a nightmare. Poor man…finding himself in the place he was most scared of and not being able to even dream well…too bad. Sighing heavily, I decided that it was time to get out of bed. We were lucky that no monster made its appearance, so we would better move out of the room before it found out where we were.

Untangling my hands from around the white, warm thing, I rolled on my back, then sat up slowly, brushing some bangs of hair out of my eyes. I stretched once more, then rubbed my eyes, looking to my side just to notice a sleeping Felix with a light frown on his face, his arms searching for something.

''Wait..'' I mumbled, my eyes remaining glued on the man's shirt. White? Check. Warm? Check. Is it worn by a man who had had at a date, so he certainly shaved and aplied aftershave? Check. Realising that the thing that I hugged and snuggled with in my sleep was nothing but Felix himself, and the thing who was tangled around me were the man's arms, my already warm face felt like it was on fire. Because I was the only one awake, I smacked myself right in the forehead. How could I be such an idiot sometimes? Oh, God, not even I have the answer for that.

''M-Marzia…come back..'' he mumbled, thing which made me turn my head towards the man again. I sighed and narrowed my eyes. I had to wake him up…no matter if he had a nightmare or one sweet dream, we had to get out of there and Felix had to wake up.

Shifting in my place, I turned aroun, facing Felix. I crawled over to the man on all my fours, lowering my face so that it was just a few inches away from his ear. I licked my chapped lips and took in a small breath.

''Wake up!'' I said not too loud, not too soft, it was enough for the man to hear and wake up not having a heart attack….at least, that was what I thought.

''GGAHHHHHHHMMFFFPPHGHHHHHHHHH H GO AWAYYYY'' the voice of the man echoed through the whole Castle, I think. His eyes shot wide opened, he tensed up and took the closest thing – Stephano – and threw it at me.

Having not the best reactions to things, I got hit square in my already red forehead. The impact added to the man's girly scream made me jump in shock and I fell on my back right on the cold, stone floor. I groaned and immediately covered my throbbing forehead with both my hands, the loud 'thud' made by Stephano's fall on the ground echoing through the room.

I rolled on my left side, eyes closed shut, gritting my teeth not to let out some sound which could give away the numb pain which was sent from my forehead through all my body.

A combination of Kat's and Catalina's and milady's surrounded me, but I didn't want to respond to any of them. I just stood there, not moving for a few moments, then I found the strength to roll back on my back and sit up, rubbing my already hurting forehead. I opened my eyes and looked in front of me, noticing Felix bending over the bed, looking at me, worry being evident in his blue eyes.

''Catalina! Catalina! Are you okay?! I am sorry! I am sorry! I thought you were a monster or something like that!—'' he continued ranting poor excuses which got tangled with Stephano's rant.

''Milady! Are you okay?! I am sorry, I should have been awake to warn PewDie that it was not a monster….It is all my fault, please, please excuse me!'' the French statue excused himself, too.

I shook my head, taking in one deep breath, calming down, the pain in my head seeming to go away. ''Just shut up for a second!'' I snapped, helping myself up by placing one hand on the nightstand, the other still rubbing my forehead. God, that was going to let quite a bad mark. ''Now I am okay….I am…okay…it was just a hit…it's okay…Also, nice way of saying good morning, Felix'' I smiled a bit, glancing over at the red cheeked man on the bed. He was probably pretty embarrased with himself.

''I-I told you it was an accident!, bro! There's no need to mock me, you know?!'' he said with a small smile, probably knowing too well that he deserved it all.

''Oh, shut up, Mr Kjellberg!'' I frowned lightly and pointed one accusing finger at the man on the bed. ''Can't you stand the guilt sensation~?'' I smirked.

''Oh, shut up, Mr Kjellberg!'' he immitated me in a high pitched voice, rolling his eyes while sitting up and going to the edge of the bed.

''Oh, please shut up you both! There's a statue on the floor, if you forgot!'' Stephano's slightly annoyed voice could be heard.

My gaze moved from Felix to the golden statue which was carelessly fallen on its side on the floor. I smacked my bruised forehead, only to cause more pain go through my body. I groaned in frustration, then went to pick up Stephano, dusting it off with gentle moves. ''Sorry, sorry….we got carried away…'' I said with a small smile on my lips.

''It's okay, I couldn't stay angry at you for too long, anyways, milady'' grumbled Stephano before chuckling lightly.

Feeling ignored, Felix jumped off the bed and landed right in front of me, making me squeak and move a bit away from him, pressing Stephano to my chest protectively. ''Dear God, Felix, at least give us a warning!'' I yelled in a quiet way, if that was even possible.

''Dear God, Felix, at least give us a warning!'' he decided to immitate me again, using his high-pitched voice once more, trying to mimick my body position, too.

''Felix, really, stop!'' I snapped, though the small smile on my face was transforming into an idiotic grin.

''Feliks, really, stop!'' he mimicked again, giving me one of the faces popular girls did to the nerds or the persons they hated….that face when they wanted to say 'Oh, boy, you are certainly not good for me, I mean, d-uuuuh, look at yourself!'….YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT TO SAY.

I was about to respond, but Stephano did it before any word could leave my lips ''PewDie, save those faces for when the monster appears. Do it in front of it and I bet on all the gold I am transformed in that it will run away, screaming that he doesn't want to scare people on this planet anymore'' he chuckled, more like snickered.

I looked when at Stephano's still figure, when at Felix's face which looked redder than before and burst out in one of the most strange laughing fits ever. ''GOD, WHAT IS AIR? BABY…BABY, DON'T CHOKE ME….NO MORE'' I laughed out, my knees feeling like jelly and I collapsed on my knees on the floor, tears running down my face. At the sound of my laugh, Felix burst out laughing, too, being followed by Stephano.

When the spirits calmed down and I finished wiping away my tears, finally standing up straight, Felix took the lamp off the nightstand and went to the door, opening it and peeking outside, telling us that it was clear. I looked down at my chest and crossed one finger over the stone of my necklace, smiling a bit. From my dream, well, memory, I just knew that it would protect me. With Stephano still in my hands, I walked behind Felix, amazed a bit of the other's sudden courage of taking the lead. Still, Felix was Felix, and I could bet on the stone of my necklace that he was still afraid….but I was as well.

''Felix'' I said softly, going closer to the man and placine one small hand on his shoulder. The man jumped a bit and turned his head to me, still walking. ''Where are we going?'' I asked as quiet as I could.

''Hm? Oh, I want to go to the main entrance…maybe the door is opened~'' he chuckled, turning his gaze ahead again, keeping his smile on. It was a slightly good plan…but ..

''Felix, but in the game the door was locked'' I continued, my hand sliding down the man's arm, going limp to my side, our fingers touching from time to time while walking.

''Ppff, it's just a game, Kat, there's no way-''

''It is real, Felix! How can you still say that it is only one bloody game?! You are in it, you saw those things, Stephano is here, right in my hands!'' I said higher and higher with each word I spoke, the hand in which I was holding Stephano raising so that Felix had a good view of the golden statue. I sighed. I had to keep calm…being nervous or angry in a place like that was for no use.

''The door is locked, my friends. Many others thought what PewDie said, and the door is locked'' said Stephano, his voice followed by a sigh.

We kept quiet, continueing our walk, not lighting up the lamp. It was obvious that Felix had no plan…God damn it, not even I had a plan! We continued walking, none of us paying attention to where we were going. In my mind, we were…dead. We couldn't escape, we couldn't fight back, we didn't know where the monsters were, we didn't know why we were there…who bought us there. It was all a mistery. The slightly illuminated corridor ended with a big room. The creepy, frightening atmosphere was in it, too. Before peeking inside it, making sure that no monster was hiding there, we went inside, stopping right in the middle of it.

''Whoa…'' a sound of awe left Felix's lips as he looked around, twirling in his spot, head leant back, looking at the whole room. I did as he did. Big windows let the moon's rays hit the walls, making the old furniture look like white ghosts. The place had a certain beauty….something about it was attracting, it lured you to made you like it. It was a frightening beauty.

''The place….looks …I don't even have words…It is beautiful, but horrible at the same time…'' I mumbled, walking over the handmade carpet, my eyes scanning the books and half burnt candles on the various tables and shelves.

Not too long after my words, I felt a warm hand placing on my bare shoulder. ''I don't know, but it scares me, Catalina….it was funny as long as it was a game….now, it is not'' he said with a sigh. Without knowing it, we both walked out of the room, into another corridor than the one we came from. I heard Felix muttering about how he hated corridors and I giggled. The corridor led us to another room which looked right like the others, but that certain had a hole in one of its walls…a hole which lead to another room. Taking the lamp out of Felix's grip and giving Stephano to him, I walked inside the 'secret room' turning on the lamp. The room was full of shelves with books and various chairs and tables.

''But I know that this place is full of dust…'' I complained, sneezing some times, then sniffling, rubbing my nose. Felix agreed and followed close behind me, taking some books off the shelves and throwing them into the wall.

''Stupid books….I am Daniel…I am so stupid, all I do is throwing books at walls…look at me, ya stupid penis-monster, I will cut your head in half with one book….hope you cut yourself in paper!'' he said in his funny accent, continueing throwing books, loud 'thud's echoing through the room.

I held myself back from laughing again by bitting my bottom lip. ''You know, Felix, maybe if you would read those books and stop throwing them at the wall, you would maybe find something which would help us'' I said, trying to sound as serious as I could, finding it quite hard since the man's actions made me want to laugh. That's why I came to admire the man even more. Even in the worst and hardest situations, he kept himself together and tried to lighten up the mood by doing stupid things…I admired him very much for that, and, silently thanked him in my mind.

Felix just ignored me and continued his thing. I stopped at a desk and placed the lamp on it. A big book with leather covers was laid on the desk, closed. I opened it and read it's title.

''Potions of life for beginners'' I read it out loud. Felix came behind me and placed Stephano on the table next to the lamp, then rested his head on my shoulder as he did the last time I read the letter.

''What a lame name.'' he mumbled, then he opened the book with his slender hands, trapping me between his chest and the desk. My cheeks felt warm, but I shook my head and concentrated on the book. His fingers began turning the pages lazily, barely even reading their titles.

''How to turn a man in a broom'' he said in his high pitched voice, the one he used to do Ib's voice. ''This is boring as shit'' he continued, flipping through the pages. ''This looks like Alexander's mother's vagina!'' he continued ''This makes no sense'' and he read some more ''Why would I want this?!'' he growled a bit, but still doing the voice. He flipped one more page, and that was it…something caught my attention.

''Stop!'' I suddenly snapped, catching Felix's larger hand in my own. Even though my senses were allerted by what I saw, I couldn't not notic the warmth of the man behind me, the warmth in his hand, the warmth which came to my hand, too, sending chills down my back. I looked at our hands for a few seconds and let it go slowly. ''Sorry for that….but I saw something'' I said, my voice barely a whisper. I turned the page back and straightened it with my hand, wiping away some dust. There it was, black ink on a slightly yellow, torn page.

''How to bring things to their initial form'' I read out loud. After my words, an eerie silence took over as we both stared at the page. Not even Stephano said something…probably because he didn't know what.

''Milady….do you want to…I mean…'' the statue stuttered.

''Yes.'' I simply said, my eyebrows furrowed as I looked at the title of the book. I never believed in magic, but, right there and right then, I could…feel it. I knew that what the book was talking about was not just pure nonsense…and right in that moment, magic was the only thing I believed in, magic was probably the only thing which could help us. ''Yes, Stephano….we will make you the man you once were'' I said with an almost dark tone. I was determinated to do it…I wanted to repay Stephano, to help him. I had to. ''See, Felix? Sometimes it is better to read the book rather than throw it at a wall'' I smirked and turned around, so that I was facing the man. I looked up at him and laughed a bit.

Right when the other was about to respond, the sound of the wind could be heard and a cold, quick breeze came into the room, making the lamp fall on the ground, making it turn off. The candles and torches on the corridor which led us to the room stopped giving off their light. We both froze.



Boom, growl.

That was the thing which we heard. A loud noise somewhere far away and…a scream, a growl…it sounded as if it was made by an enormous, hungry creature. It was like a scream of agony and it echoed all the way to our ears. I felt Felix's hand searching for mine, and I took it. The grip the man had over my hand was a bit painful, but comforting. The only thing which could be heard in the room was our quickened breath. My knees felt weak and, unconsciously, I leant against Felix's chest, holding onto him, trying to support myself.

We stood like that for which seemed like at least half an hour. Growl after growl, scream after scream could be heard. I shut my eyes closed and gritted my teeth. It was horrible, it was agonizing. ''S-Stop..'' a small whimper escaped my mouth as I tightened my grip over the man's hand. Soon enough, it felt as if I lost contact with the reality, all I could hear were screams…the screams of a woman…and God…they froze the blood in my veins. And as if that was not enough, the sound of dragged chains and claws dragged over stone tangled with the screams, and soon enough that growl of agony was heard again. My hands moved to my hair and I gripped it roughly. I wanted it to stop, I didn't want to hear any more of it. The stone on my chest started to burn badly, I didn't know why.

I decided to open my eyes, since the grip Felix had over me was gone…but the second I opened them, I wished I didn't. Right there, before me, was one of those creatures. Desfigured face, jaw hanging loose, eyes to the sides of its head, raw teeth, gray, dirty skin and long, deformed hands which had at their ends sharp, bloody claws.

I screamed and punched it square in the guts, then, when it bent down to cover its stomach with his hands, I threw a punch in its hanging jaw, sending it down on the floor. My fist hurt, my vision was blurry…I looked around, the walls were moving…everything was surrounded in darkness, everything was cold.

''Milady!'' I heard a familiar voice, but I ignored it and went to hide under the desk, hugging my knees close to my chest, buring my face in them, letting the tears flow as I began sobbing. I wanted it all to end.

''Stop! Go away!'' I screamed, digging my nails in my jeans….I heard a loud laugh somewhere far away…that thing….that hirrible thing which brought us there was laughing! It only made me cry harder. I took the stone of my necklace in my hand. It was still burning…it was burning my hand, but I didn't care, it was the only thing I thought it was protecting me.

Soon enough, I could feel some warmth next to my face and I opened my eyes just to see Felix crouched in front of me, pushing the lamp next to me. I blinked away the tears, but another ones began building into my eyes as soon as I looked at the man's face. Blood was dripping from the corners of his mouth and out of his nose, too. He had one hand over his stomach.

''F-Felix….'' I mumbled, reaching out to cup his cheek, but as soon as I moved my hand, he stumbled backwards, crawling away from me, mumbling a quiet 'don't hurt me'.

I stood there, arm stretched in front of me, staring into the other's fearfull eyes, totally clueless. What had happened? Where was the monster? I crawled out from under the desk…the walls were not moving anymore…the screams couldn't be heard anymore….no grunts, no loud bangs, no sound made by dragged chains, no wind, no nothing.

Everything was back to its initial form except the bleeding man on the floor.


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