Pro-Painful Memories

"Oh my God, Hank! This time they could drive!" Peggy Hill awoke from her nightmare, screaming. She noticed no reply, "Hank?" She turned her head and noticed that her husband was not in bed. Suddenly, she heard a familiar yelling coming from her office.

"I'm gonna' kick your ass!" Hank shouted. Peggy left the bed and ran to the front door of the closet, which had somehow been converted into an office. She then looked to her right and saw Bobby, trying to unlock the gun-safe.

"Hank?! What's going on in there?!"

"Uh, nothing! Go back to bed!" replied Hank. "Somethin's uh... just goin' a bit wrong. I'll be back in a minute."

"Nuh, uh, Hank. I know what's goin' on." Peggy smirked as she kicked open the door, only to see Hank, playing his favorite game, Pro Pain. Hank spun around in the chair he was sitting in and hid the controller behind his back.

"Bwah! You weren't supposed to find out about this!"

"Bobby, go back to bed. Me and your father need a minute."

"OK, Mom," Bobby walked into his bedroom and weakly closed the door behind him.

"How are you playing that God-forsaken game again? I ended the program a long time ago," Peggy recalled the event of her husband's game-addiction.

"Well, uhm... afterwards, I called up the boys who made the game and they... how do you say; reset it?"

"Oh, God, Hank. Didn't you learn from the last time?"