So this is an idea I got from Zoe Whiteraven. She initially wanted it to be a Yullen fanfic, but I don't ship yaoi. But I did like this idea, so instead I'm writing it as an AllenxLenaleee fic. There are some references in here to 'The Mansion', which is described in my other fic, Allen's Backstory his real parents. I highly encourage you to read it, but in the meantime, I'll just fill you in. The Mansion is basically the Earl's supper creepy lair of evil. Anyway, enjoy!

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Bold text is from Allen's point of view.

Regular text is from Lenalee's point of view. The whole thing is written in third person, but from these two perspectives. Hope that makes sense.


The first time that he saw her, he almost killed her.

The time had finally come for the Noah to launch an all-out attack on the Black Order's HQ. As Allen charged into battle, he saw a girl maybe around his age streaking forwards to meet his attack. The first thing he noticed was how incredibly fast she was. The second was her incredibly long olive green hair.

But the young Noah prodigy had no time to admire her, for in the next second, she was upon him. He almost broke his back bending over backwards to avoid her roundhouse kick. As he straightened up once again, he grasped his left arm with his right hand, and pulled.

The young Exorcist gasped when she saw the arm come out of its socket and turn into a glowing white sword. She recognized it for what it was immediately. Innocence! How had this young boy, who was fighting for the Noah, gotten hold of Innocence? More importantly, why was he working for the Noah, and not the Order?

But Lenalee realized she'd have to worry about those questions later, after she had captured him, as he was about to take off her head with said sword.

She leaped, back flipping in mid-air, landing perfectly on her feet, several yards away from Allen. He watched, fascinated, as her agile body flew through the air. She was beautiful. She landed in a battle position, ready to leap at any moment. She seemed confused when he didn't immediately attack, but kept her stance.

Allen lowered the sword to his side, knowing this girl posed no real threat to him. After all, he was the Millennium Earl's prodigy, the next in line with the Noah gene. He had been trained all of his life for one purpose, and one purpose only; to be the perfect host for Neah, when the time came.

"What's your name?" he asked the mysterious acrobatic Exorcist. He ignored the sounds of battle all around him. He had been trained not to let anything distract him from his mission. At the moment, his mission was to learn this young Exorcist's name.

Instead of answering, she again launched herself at Allen. She was so fast that he almost didn't sidestep in time. Almost.

"What's your name?" he asked again. Seeing that she would have to answer his question if she wanted this battle to go anywhere, she stood tall and crossed her arms over her chest.

"And why do you want to know that?"

"I like to know the name of my victims before I kill them," Allen said back, his face completely free of emotion, just as he'd been trained.

The scary part was, he looked completely sincere. Who was this guy? Well, one thing was for sure; there was no way in hell was she about to tell this guy her name. She didn't deign to answer him, so instead just raised one eyebrow at him as if to say 'really?' For a moment, his poker face fell, and he looked shocked. Obviously, this guy was not used to sarcasm. She rolled her eyes, and, seeing no more point in pursuing the fight, she zipped off to kill some akuma instead. At least they would take a fight to the death seriously.

Allen watched as she took off into the night air, somersaulting at the climax of her jump, and then bringing her heels down hard onto an akuma, splitting it in two. Who was she? No one had every dared talk to him like that back at The Mansion.

Forget about it Allen, he told himself. Get back to the mission.

The Earl's orders had been to infiltrate and steal all of the Order's Innocence, but to try to keep the death toll to a minimum. After all, the Order was very useful when it came to finding Innocence. As soon as they had another decent amount of Innocence pieces, the Noah would return and take those as well.

Allen ran past Tyki and Road fighting side by side against a group of about five Exorcists. Allen tried not to laugh at the bored expression on their faces.

No one saw him as he ran straight through the gates, not even the Gatekeeper. Quickly, following the instructions the Earl had given him, he made his way to the platform, which floated almost magically in the hollow center of the huge tower.

It took about a minute for the platform to take him down to Hevlaska's chamber.

"Allen Walker," intoned the giant octopus-like women in front of him. "I have been expecting you."

"Hand over the Innocence," he demanded, very much wanting to complete his mission, and get back to The Mansion.

"I cannot do that," Hevlaska sighed, sounding almost…disappointed?

"Then I'm afraid I will have to take it by force," and, not hesitating, he walked forwards and stabbed the gigantic lady right in the middle of what should have been her stomach.

Surprisingly, it didn't seem to hurt her. Perhaps she was immune to Innocence. Which would makesense, Allen thought wryly, seeing as her entire body is a house for it.

Regardless of the effect on Hevlaska, Allen reached into the hole he had made in her, and began feeling around for the pieces of Innocence.

But just as he felt the familiar shape of a cube under his fingers, he was dragged away from Hevlaska. Turning around, he saw it was the same girl as before. Apparently he hadn't gone unseen after all. But no matter. He would simply knock her unconscious, and then steal the Innocence. But before he had the chance, the girl's leg kicked up and towards his head, and this time, he wasn't fast enough to dodge it.


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