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Daisy has been given the name Lee Layla (x_X stupid name I know... if someone could present a better last name instead of "Lee"...which is prob not even Japanese..that would be greatly appreciated lol)

... is Yuu Daisy's brother? OR A NEIGHBOR? -sigh- Well, in this story he shall be her brother.

Before we begin:

1. I will do my best to prevent anyone from becoming a Mary/Gary Sue :o

2. I'm trying to make the characters more well rounded and realistic ^^

3. You will find minimal spelling and grammar errors in this story (hopefully none at all).

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I'm leaving for Tokyo on the day of the first years' opening ceremony, so Waka-chan can't send me off…

Everyone else has already gone off to college. I'm feeling really lonely.

I stand at the edge of the yellow line on the train platform and lean forward, looking down the walk. Sensei's not coming, I know. I let out a sigh, and turn back to give my brother a little wave, just to show that I'm doing okay.

Wait, is Yuu-chan going to be okay? I mean…he can't cook for his life, and mom and dad are in America. Oh well. He can eat convenience store food or get one of his girlfriends to cook for him. I really don't understand why he's so popular.

The train is pulling into the station. I can feel my heart falling. What am I hoping for? Waka-chan can't leave his students, and I know that.

Well, this is it. I take a deep breath, and step onto the train with my luggage.

"Nee-channnnn," Yuu sobs. I turn around to see him all teary-eyed. What the heck? He wasn't crying before. I laughed to myself. Though he's already in high school, I guess he's still a kid at heart. So cute. I open my arms for a hug, and he charges over (and almost knocks me down! He's getting a little too tall for this now). "I'll… I'll miss…" he cries.

"Aww, Yuu, I'll miss you too," I reassure him, patting him on the head. Suddenly, I'm getting a little teary-eyed myself.

"I'll miss your fooooood!" The impertinent kid wails.

"Yuu, I hate you! That's not cute at all!" I push him off the train.

"I hate you for leaving! Bleeeehhh!" Yuu sticks his tongue out at me.

"Yah! What a kid! Come here, you!" I thoroughly mess up his hair, and then run onto the train for immunity.

"Cheater!" he accuses me.

From the window of my seat, I pretend not to hear him, but after a couple seconds we look at each other and laugh.

The train pulls out from the station while we're laughing, and suddenly I feel like crying. I know Yuu did all that on purpose to send me off with a smile, but I can't help it.

"Love you girl, kimi da ke ga, my heaven. Sing it together, ha! Lalalalalala…" starts playing. I've received a call. Surprised, I clumsily fumble through my bag to find my phone.

"Moshi moshi?" I gasp out, frantically hoping…

"Ah, Lee-san." An all too familiar voice speaks into my ear.

"Sensei…" I feel like my heart is being squeezed, and it's painful. But his gentle voice is like a calm ocean wave, and it washes over my senses.

"Has the train left? Is everything going smoothly?"

"Ah…yes. Everything is fine…"

"That's good. Don't worry about anything and have a wonderful college debut."

I laugh. Talking to him has already brought me out of my depressed mood. "Sensei, why would I need to have a college debut if I already have a boyfriend?"

"Ah, is that so? Sensei is mistaken." He laughs at his mistake and then pauses. "I…you…"


He sighs. "It's just that you're so precious to me, and now you're going so far away. I feel like the time we had was not nearly enough…"

As embarrassing as it is, I feel the same way. God, I love him. I love this man. I don't want to ever part from him, yet that's what I'm doing at this moment.

He continues softly, "I love you." I swear, my heart is going to escape from my body and run back to him.

"Waka-chan." I say.


"Say it again."

"It's embarrassing."

"O. Ne. Gai?"

"I love you. And I'm never letting you go, even if you fall for some handsome guy at uni."

I giggle. "Waka-chan?"


"I love you," I smile, "Ah, you're right. It's so embarrassing!"

I hear his gentle laugh through the phone, and a "Senseiiii~ Who are you talking to? Ah, is it your girlfriend? Sensei's girlfriend? Let us talk to her too!" then some kind of struggle, some yelps of pain, and finally, "Aishh…my students are crazy. I'll call you later."

"Ah, okay," I say, a little disappointed.

"I love you. Have a safe trip…Lay-chan." He hangs up.

I can feel the blood rushing to my ears. I'm so idiotically happy from just a name, but it's the first time he's called me by my given name. I wonder if his calling me Lay-chan gives me permission to call him by his first name, too.

"T-Takafumi-kun," I whisper to myself, "Takafumi-san. Takafumi. Taka-chan. Taka-kun. Takkun."

I blush even harder. What am I doing? I give myself a mental slap. I bury my face in the mochi-shaped pillow I brought with me and try to force myself to take a nap.

To Tokyo!