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It is a new day, a new school, a new beginning.

...How I hate getting up early. After turning off my three alarm clocks (three alarms set one minute apart from each other, because one is insufficient to force me to get up), I sluggishly roll out of bed. I mustn't be late, I chide myself, it would leave a bad impression on Waka-sens...ah.

While washing my face, I realize that I'm no longer in high school. I've known it for a while now, but it has never really set in until today. There is no freshly dried and crisply ironed uniform for me to wear, no group of friends waiting for me on the commute to school, and no smiling Wakaouji to greet me in the morning...

It's a "lost" kind of feeling, but I don't have time to dwell on it.

My apartment's bell rings.

A delivery? I peep at the video screen next to the door. Instead of the generic uniformed man I'm expecting, I see the face of Saeki Teru.

"Hey, I know you're there. Open up, will you? Knowing you, you're probably not ready to go, so let me in," he says in a half-joking, half-insulting manner. Saeki-kun has always treated me like this-ever since we met in front of Sangosho on the day of the Hanagesaki opening ceremony-and I still can't understand why. I know he is very kind, and I know that he's come to pick me up on his way to uni, but the way he talks to me is just...besides, he treats all the other girls so very nicely...

I feel vaguely annoyed at him for interrupting my self-pitying-I-am-feeling-lost-moment, so I pick up the receiver and tell him, "No."

"Hey, I promise I won't give you a chop. Just let me in," he pleads.


"Annoying woman," he mutters under his breath.

"What was that?" I challenge him.

"You're not cute at all," he laments, pauses, and then goes on, "I want you to try out my new coffee blend." (If you have never tasted the coffee made by Saeki Teru, I suggest that you do so right away. At the very least, put it on your list of things to do before you die.) In any case, coffee is the main form of bribery I receive from Saeki-kun, and it is wonderful.

My half-hearted, mostly feigned stubbornness can't measure up against the inviting prospect of a barista's special coffee, so I unlock the apartment complex's door to let Saeki inside.

Within the next six minutes, I was dressed and ready for departure, with a thermos full of coffee heaven in my hands.

"Let's go," Saeki-kun smiles, and we set off for the elevator.

Once we get to the subway station, I spot Hikami-kun and Chiyomi-chan, and I wave. Neither of them notice. Hikami is intently studying the book in his hands, and Chi-chan is too busy standing on her tippy toes, desperately trying to...is she trying to find out what book Hikami-kun is reading? Desperately, she fumbles around in her animal-print bag, and after a brief struggle, manages to pull out the exact same textbook. I can't help but laugh at how cute she is, and Saeki looks at me with a "you're strange" expression as I giggle to myself. I ignore him and walk towards our old classmates.

"Good morning, Hikami-kun, Chiyo-chan," I wave again.

"Good morning," Saeki echoes.

"Ah, Lee-san. It is good that you are on time," Hikami closes his book for a moment and smiles. Then he nods at Saeki, who nods back. "Onoda-san?" Hikami exclaims in surprise, "Did you just arrive as well?" I have to resist the urge to shake my head and sigh. How could he be so oblivious?

"Un...ah...Hikami-kun!" A red-faced Chiyo-chan trips over her words in her nervousness, "Yes! I am always punctual!"

Hikami nods. "Yes, that is a very admirable trait for someone our age. I, myself, always stress punctuality."

Before this awkward, disjointed conversation can continue any further, I decide to help Chiyo-chan out. "Ne, Hikami-kun, Chi-chan. You two are reading the same book!" I try to look surprised, and Saeki looks at me. He looks away, shaking with suppressed laughter at my forced, unnatural expression. Hmph. At least I can act better than he can dance. I elbow him.

"Ow!" He says, "Not cute at all. You're one hundred years too early if you think you can attack me and get away with it," and he prepares to give me a chop.

At this opportune moment, the subway train arrives. As expected, the morning commute is incredibly crowded. I am nearly lost in the flood of people, but Saeki-kun grabs my wrist and pulls me over to him, by the doors, so I can't get trampled on.

It's strange how the car is so crowded, yet so quiet. There are some indistinct conversations going on, and the constant rustling sound of papers being shuffled around, but the noise is low enough that I can hear my cell phone ring. I struggle to reach inside my bag and retrieve it. Everyone is a little too close together for comfort for this to be easy. Especially Saeki.

Finally I manage to answer the call.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Ah, hello? Lay-chan," Wakaouji's voice comes through.

"Waka-chan," I instinctively smile at him though I can't see him, "Good morning."

Saeki's expression becomes blank. He leans in closer to me, and I turn to face the car doors in my discomfort.

"Sorry," he murmurs, "more passengers came in."

I couldn't see very much on either side of Saeki's wide shoulders earlier, but right now, I can at least gather from the movement of the subway train that we haven't stopped at a station.

There are no new passengers.

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