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Batman's POV

"Hello Gotham," The Joker snarled, "It seems that little baby Justice League just so happened to stumble straight into the little trap I set for them and they will all be attending my little 'party.'" He paused to laugh in his signature maniacal laugh, "Now this message goes out directly to Batman. If you want your bird boy back or any of these other tiny brats then you'll come turn yourself in to me and I'll let them go prancing in the woods. If not, then they will all die. You have 48 hours to decide on it. Toodles!"

The TV returned to the original news anchor, "Gotham City can only hold their breath to see what happens. Will the Bat turn himself into this madman or will he-"

I slammed the remote down on the table after shutting off the TV in my office. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It said it was 12:05pm. That meant I had until midnight tomorrow night to save Robin and the team. I swear, if the Joker lays a hand on Dick he'll wish he was never born. I stormed down the stairs to the Batcave and changed into my suit as fast I could before getting into the Batmobile and flooring it out of the Batcave. There might not be a way to track Robin but he's not alone.

Robin's POV

I gave a small cry of pain as the metal crowbar connected with my chest and another when the green-haired clown hit me in the head. How long had this been going on? An hour? Maybe more? All the Joker seemed to want to do was torture me all day. I had to bite my lip as hard as I could to keep from screaming when he swung the crowbar against my shoulder right on the spot where the bullet had hit. He swung the crowbar against me again and again. Over and over. Each time I used as much will power as I could not to give him the satisfaction of a scream or a whimper.

It hurt. A lot. As the continued to beat me with the crowbar I started to taste something odd in my mouth. I froze suddenly when I realized it was. Blood. I knew about the video with the threat that if Batman turned himself in me and everyone else would be free but if I'm dead than it's pointless. I need to find a way to get the Joker to stop. There's no one else in here. Maybe I could try to take him down? When I attempted to stand up, he kicked me in the guts and then shoved me hard into the wall. Then the last thing I remembered was seeing the crowbar swinging towards my head before everything turned black.

Batman's POV

I pulled up in front of Cadmus Labs and jumped out of my car before running inside. I burst through the doors and went straight over to the elevator that went down to the sub-levels. When I arrived on the first underground floor I rushed past everyone doing their work and stormed up to the scientists who were responsible for the creation of Superboy.

"I need a tracker for the Superboy. I know you have one." With the Joker having the whole team, the chances of Superboy being in a different location then Robin were pretty slim. If there was any way to find Robin, it would be through tracking another team member. In this case, that was Superboy.

"And what do you need it for?" a woman sneered at him in a mean tone.

"My business, not yours," I replied coolly. When everyone looked at me as if still waiting for an answer I internally sighed and said, "I need to go on a rescue mission but I can't rescue someone without knowing where I'm rescuing them from." If that wasn't good enough from them then I was ready to just knock them all out and find a tracking device to find the team on my own.

They all looked at one another. I gave them the hardest Bat-glare I could before they nodded and left to go get me what I wanted from the lab as fast as possible. As soon as I had the device I quickly left and went back to the Batmobile to follow the signal. It looked like they were about 2 hours away so I floored the car to its maximum sped down the road towards Gotham City.

About an hour later Clark's face popped up on my screen in the Batmobile.

"Bruce, did you see the news?"

"Yes, I'm on my way there right now."

"WHAT? You can't seriously be thinking about going alone. It's too dangerous," Clark objected.

"I can handle it."

"Should I remind you that he doesn't only have Robin but the entire team? You're not the only one with a captive sidekick there," he scolded. I gritted my teeth in frustration. I really had to get the Justice League off my back or else nothing was going to get done.

"I'm aware of that Clark but the Joker is my enemy in my town and as far as I know he hasn't hurt anybody except Robin. If Robin's not dead then he's still hurt. The Joker shot him, Clark, but I don't know how bad it is. This is my mistake. I was the one who sent the team on this mission despite the risks which means I'm responsible for fixing this." Clark sighed on the other end of the line.

"Don't blame this on yourself. You didn't know this was going to happen. If anyone is to blame it's the Joker. I know I can't force you to tell us where you are but if you need help then call me," he finally gave in.

"I'll talk to you later." I sighed and disconnected. The man of steel was quite stubborn when I tried to deal with the team on my own. I didn't need help with it. Finally the car arrived in an alleyway covered with graffiti and I managed to spot Robin's red and black motorcycle in the dim light behind some trash cans. He had to be close by. I turned on my heat vision in my cowl and noticed a large heat source coming from below my feet, probably in the sewers. I knew that had to be it.

I went down the ladder into the sewers of the city and followed some tracks which Robin had left. He was starting to get sloppy. After this, I'll make sure to talk to him about that. When I arrived in the big chamber I hid behind a wall and turned my heat vision on again. About a dozen goons were in a hallway across the computer room so that's most likely the best place to start looking. Except, there looked like there must be about 50 goons in the room with the main computer which I could hear the Joker's maniacal laugh coming from.

I could either try to slip past the Joker and try to get to Robin from the hallway by taking out the goons in the hallway silently, call in backup from the League, or I could fight everyone myself. Choosing the first option I managed to slip past the big room surprisingly easily and then hid around the corner from the hallway. I pulled out some smoke pellets and threw them into the hallway. I sprung into action and knocked out everyone who I could find in the hallway, kicking here, punching there, nothing too special. As the smoke cleared everyone in the narrow hallway except for me was lying on the ground or slumped up against the wall. I opened the door nearest to me hoping Robin was inside. If not this would all have been for nothing.

Robin's POV

I woke up to a bunch of commotion outside the door. My head hurt so badly. I groaned and sat up slowly. After a little while all the fighting and coughing outside stopped. Wait- coughing? But that must mean- I sighed in relief when Batman burst through the door.

"Robin! Are you alright?" he asked as he knelt down beside me in the small room.

"I wouldn't say bad but I'm feeling the aster right now," I joked. I let out a small laugh but I stopped and winced in pain when he reached out and touched my arm. He frowned at me and gave it a quick inspection. I think he was worried that it would be too hard for me to fight without my good arm. I did feel pretty groggy. He quickly cut the ropes off of my hands before looking out into the hallway again. As I started to stand up I felt extremely dizzy from the concussion and almost fell down again. After a moment or two the dizziness cleared though and I was able to stand.

"We need to find the rest of the team and get out of here. We can worry about the Joker later," He said. I nodded to show I understood. We were spending too much time here and he wanted to get out of here. I was about to take a step forward when a goon seemed to appear out of nowhere and slammed Batman in the head with a 2 by 4. Batman was immediately knocked out and fell to the ground, leaving me on my own to fight the people guarding this place.

I sprung into action and punched the guy in the stomach and in the face then I looked around. The rest of the team would probably be in the hallway but I couldn't just leave Batman here. After considering my options, I headed for the door across the hall when I heard a gun cocking behind me. I spun around and glared at the thug behind me. He opened fire and I dodged out of the way perfectly and landed in a crouch although the sudden movement caused my head to hurt again. Once he had stopped firing we glared at each other as I slowly stood up.

Before I had time to act he rushed forward and put the tip of the gun right against Batman's head. I was reaching down to grab a birdarang when I remembered that my belt had been taken. Great. Now how was I supposed to get the gun out of his hand? I mentally groaned and gritted my teeth. Again, I was stuck with nothing to do. Another guy forcefully grabbed my arms, causing me to bite my lip and not make a sound, and tied them behind my back again before shoving me back in that tiny prison and dragging Batman away. As he was dragged away the hope that had come earlier had vanished and was replaced with despair.

Megan's POV

I tugged at the inhibitor collar around my neck and attempted to get it off for the umpteenth time. I stopped when I heard a lot of fighting outside in the hallway.

"Did you hear that?" Kid Flash asked loudly. The Inhibitor collars didn't stop my telepathic abilities so I had been talking to the rest of the team via the telepathic link a lot.

"Yeah. What's going on out there?" Kaldur replied .

"Maybe it's Robin. See if you can connect him to the mental link." Superboy suggested, his hopes rising.

"Ok," I closed my eyes and almost shrieked out in Joy when I noticed that Robin was in my telepathic range.

"Robin?" I called out.

"Guys? Where are you?" Robin's voice sounded shocked to hear them in his head.

"I don't know but we can heard a lot of commotion in the hall a minute ago. Was that you?" Kid Flash asked.

"Well… Sort of…." Robin answered guiltily. He hesitated before continuing. "Batman was here to help us but he got hit in the head and was knocked out and I tried to fight but they took my belt when I got here so when they threatened to shoot him and I didn't have any options but to surrender."

"What do you mean 'when I got here?"Zatanna demanded. I knew I wasn't going to like what came next.

"I've been here since last night. I was trying to help you but I got paralyzed by a tazer and then they took my belt and left me tied up. What happened to you guys? I saw you heading away from the warehouse," he said this as normally as he could although something wasn't right.

"We didn't know you knew that we had been taken captive. We stopped to rest when we were ambushed and they used inhibitor collars so we lost the abilities to our powers." Aqualad replied.

"Fantastic. So what do we do now?" Wally said extremely sarcastically. The telepathic linke was deadly silent for a few minutes.

"Nothing! There isn't anything we can do except sit here and do absolutely nothing! There isn't a way out!" I noticed something I haven't ever seen in Robin. He was afraid.

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