Maria Thomson brushed the hair out of her face, looking out a window. The lights were starting to fade, and the stars overhead the city were just starting to peek out. She busied herself with gathering the candy and pouring it into a large bowl. With one last glance out the window, Maria adjusted her witch's hat. She hoped people would come by for Halloween.

The doorbell rang, and Maria picked up her skirts, running to open it. Standing there was a boy covered in a long white sheet that had two holes poked in for eyes and two other holes on the sides for arms. This ghost was wearing a green hat backwards, and was leaning on a crutch.

"Trick or treat!" Crutchie said cheerfully, and Maria smiled, giving him some candy. "There you are, young man."

"Thanks!" Crutchie limped off his way down the street to go and find Colin.

"Trick or treat."

A zombie with black rimmed glasses dragged up another totally unenthusiastic zombie with a cigar stuck in his mouth.

"Come on Race, jus' this once!" Specs muttered, and Race grumbled. "Be happy about it! We're gettin' candy!"

He looked at Maria expectantly, and she grinned, reaching into the bowl.

"I jus' don't see why we have to wear costumes," Race grumbled, but took the candy.

"Trick or treat!"

It was a princess and a cowboy at Maria's door this time around. Jack had embraced the idea of dressing up and getting candy, but he figured the people should give out money instead of candy. It was easier on both parts.

The ghost ran back up, interrupting Katherine and Jack. They turned to look at him, wondering what the matter was.

"I lost Colin," Crutchie said regretfully, and Jack sighed.

"That's the fifth time today!" Jack and Katherine hurriedly ran off to find their little friend, hoping he wasn't hiding in another building. Or worse, gotten lost at Grand Central.

Romeo and Maybelle were next, dressed as (well, who else?) Romeo and Juliet. Maria scooped a handful of candy into their bags, and looked into the depths of her candy bowl. She would have to get more from inside. Romeo looked into his bag, and then eagerly at Maria, hoping for more. Maybelle rolled her eyes, and took Romeo by the arm, pulling him away.

"Come on, lover boy," she said as they went back down the street.

Maria closed the door, smiling. It was good to give these children something, even if it was just candy. She thought she had seen many of them around the city working as newsies. Many of them were orphans, she supposed with a sigh.

And then someone rang her doorbell.

Maria hurried over with the bowl of candy, grasping the door handle and pulling it open. Standing on her doorstep was a ghost, albeit a much smaller one without a crutch. She bent down to his level.

"Are you another ghost?" she asked, and the boy giggled.

"No. I'm Colin."

"I mean, what are you dressed as?"

"I'm dressed as Colin!"

"Alright Colin, are you a ghost?"

"No, I'm Colin!"

Maria sighed, giving the boy a handful of candy. "There you go, Colin."

The boy ran off, laughing. "I'm not Colin! I'm a ghost!"

Davey was pulled up to Maria's door by his younger brother, who was dressed as a cowboy. Same as Jack, of course. Davey was Marius, from the book Les Miserables, though he doubted anyone would know.

Maria spilled candy into their bags, and the duo ran off to the next house. Maria leaned up against the door, and was just about to close it when a shout accompianed by the patter of tiny feet ran down the street.

"Colin! Come back here with my candy!" Crutchie shouted, hurrying after the boy.

"He took mine, too!" Specs shouted.

"Yeah!" several of the other newsies shouted.