"Hello! Would you mind telling me what year this is?"

Jack eyed a curious man who had walked up to him. He had a child-like gleam in his eyes, along with a tweed jacket and bow tie. What's more, he spoke with an English accent. Jack moved back as the man took out a strange device that blinked green light on one end.

"1889, sir."

"Ah yes! You must be Jack, then? Or Jeremy? Or Corey? Honestly, I can never tell…"

Jack gave the man another curious glance. "Who are you?"

"I'm the Doctor! Did I come at a bad time?"

"Excuse me?"

"You see, I meant to land at the Nederlander. I was just taking my friend to see the show, Newsies, and I think I might have gotten the coordinates a bit wibbly-wobbly."

"Doctor!" Amy Pond thrust her head out the doors of the TARDIS, her bright red hair falling down beside her. Jack stared at the impossible interior, which somehow fit inside that blue box. But how?

"I mus' be seein' things," he muttered, and didn't notice that most of the other newsies had joined him.

"Coming, Amy!" Jack was taken back as the Doctor saluted him, and walked into his box. Amy shook her head.

"Let's actually go see the show this time, please?" she muttered, and closed the police box door.

"Bye, Doctor!" Crutchie waved, and everyone turned to stare at him. The wind picked up, and the TARDIS disappeared. Jack looked at Crutchie, and then at the spot where the box had been, and then back to Crutchie.

"How do you know 'im?"

"Oh, he brought Yai and me to Camelot." Crutchie said casually.