New York was particularly downcast today, which did nothing to help Jack's melancholy. In Santa Fe, he knew it would be different.

Clear blue skies would welcome him to another day, with the sun shining in his eyes. There was no rain in Santa Fe. But here, Jack brooded, there was always rain. Always rain to quench everyone's happiness.

He looked over to see Crutchie coming up the ladder, and then made a point of ignoring him.

"Hey Jack, what's—"

"Go away, Crutchie. I don't want to talk right now." He didn't want any of the others to know what had happened.

"But Jack—"

"Go AWAY!" Jack shouted, standing up. "Don't you 'ave better thin's to do than bother me all the time?! Can't you see I'm busy?!"

Crutchie went back down the ladder without a word. Jack slumped over on the rail, not daring to admit that what he had done just then was wrong. Wishing he could have been there for Katherine.

Wishing he could just escape this all.