It's been a while, so I apologise if this is completely awful. No idea where this came from - But, never mind, enjoy :)

The first thing she remembered was leaving her apartment, then, as the fogginess that had taken over her mind cleared, she remembered the sharp pain to the back of her head.

Someone had obviously attacked her. That explains why my arms are behind my back…

Jess listened out for any nearby sounds, and after a minute, she realised she was the only one in, well, wherever she was. She lifted her sore head just a tad, and looked around, trying to adjust to the light. She was in a tiny room, tied to a wooden chair. She could see one, clearly, locked door to the left, and a tiny barred window to the right. But there was definitely no one around.

"Right, Jess, stay calm. Someone will come find you. Becker will find you." Whispering to herself, she tugged at the restraints a little, and when they rubbed against her wrists, she winced and let a single tear fall from her eye. "Oh, God, I'm stuck here. No one's coming…" That single tear was quickly followed by several more.


"Has anyone seen Miss. Parker today?" Lester's voice echoed through the Control Room.

"She left about thirty minutes before we did," Connor answered, scratching the back of his neck.

"Yeah, but her car was still there, we just assumed she had driven in with someone else." Abby carried on.

"And if that was the case, wouldn't she have waited for you?" Lester drawled, "She's not answering her mobile or house phone. Has anyone heard anythi-"

"Sorry, but I've just been checking the Police reports," One of the researchers called out, "A woman has reported seeing 'a crazed looking man hitting a young brunette woman over the head with a bat' and dragging her into the back of a car."

"Where?" Abby asked, looking a bit worried.

"Just outside of your apartment…" The researcher answered.

"Get the CCTV up, NOW!" Lester ordered, rushing down the stairs from his office, to the ADD, where Connor was busy trying to find the right times.

Watching the footage over, they viewed the exact moment Ethan or Patrick looked up into the camera and smirked, before hitting an unsuspecting Jess over the back of the head with what looked like a metal pole.

"Right, Connor, you follow the CCTV and find out where he's keeping her. Hopefully she'll be OK." Lester started walking back to his office, "I'll contact the correct authorities to sort this out. And Abby, you'll probably be the best person to tell Becker…" He frowned, "Good luck with that. Make sure he isn't holding a gun."