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Jess walked carefully, making sure Patrick didn't make any sudden movements. He pushed open the next door they came to and she saw it was equally as dark as the room she'd been kept in. Danny was lying slumped on the ground in the far corner, having clearly been hit over the head.

"What've you done to him? He's your own brother!" Jess shouted at Patrick, who was holding her mobile out to her.

"He deserved it after abandoning me." He shoved the phone at her, "Go on then, ring your stupid boyfriend."

"He's not my- Oh forget it, no one ever believes me anyway," She put the chair down and released her wrist from the binds, "Go over there." She pointed towards the opposite corner from Danny. She watched as Patrick slid down the wall, clearly in pain as she dialled Becker's number.

After she finished her short conversation with him, she looked back between the two brothers again, "There you go, they're on their way," she walked over to Danny, and checked him over, "He's alive. That's lucky." She walked back to her chair, sat down and crossed her legs.

"Why would it matter if he was dead?" Patrick scoffed.

"Because I'm fairly sure Abby and Connor would murder you for it. Or at least blast you with the highest level on an EMD." She starred the man down, "You know, you could seriously have hurt Becker when you shot him."

"And we can't have that, can we Princess?"

"Don't call me that." Jess grumbled, she watched as Patrick's shocked and confused eyes rose to look at something behind her. Just as she turned to look, her world went black.


Captain Becker was a very quiet man. Seemed mostly peaceful. But when it came to his team members being in trouble, the anger appeared, and he'd go out all guns blazing to save any of them.

But, when it was Jess in trouble, that disappeared, and worry took its place. The guns, of course, appeared, but mainly, all he wanted to do was find her and grab her into his arms and never let go. He knew it, everyone knew it, and he was fairly sure Jess knew it too.

When Jess and her silly high-heeled, brightly coloured shoes clattered into his life, he knew he was done for. He also knew that if she ever left, he'd chase her down and never look back.

So when she had asked him to grab a doctor, a few EMD's and the small Anomaly Detector, whilst he found it odd, he agreed immediately.

After gathering the required equipment and an extra bar of chocolate to go with it, he rushed back to the cars and jumped in the nearest one.

"When we get there, we need to be really careful, according to Jess there's a Dracorex and a number of bombs set up." Becker radioed the information to everyone in their different cars, "Our main aim is to get Jess out of there, without being attacked or blown up. Everyone got that?"

A number of confirmations came his way, and they parked up around the warehouse.

After ordering a few of his men to circle round the place, he joined Matt and Emily, and the three of them, followed by two men, traipsed up to the main entrance.

"Captain, there's no exit, just two small windows on your left side." A voice crackled through the comms.

"And nothing else anywhere else?" Becker asked.

"Nothing, Captain."

Becker walked closer to the entrance, he checked around the doors for possible hints of tampering, "This door seems to be clear, but be careful." He swung the door open, and a fizzling sound started, he pushed everyone back behind him just as a bell started dinging.

For a few minutes, they all stood back, just waiting. Eventually the bell stopped and a figure walked into the doorway with blood falling from his temple.

"Danny?" Becker stepped forwards, "Where's Jess?"

"She's back there," Another voice answered.

"Who's that?" Emily asked, eyes glinting with confusion.

Danny fell to the ground in a heap and a woman stepped around him, "Hello, Becker, miss me?"