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Jess was getting quite sick of this Patrick guy now. First he had kidnapped her. Then he had been the cause of her panicking, her heart had been pounding, her breathing faster than normal, all because she was worrying over Becker. It had been one of those moments where she didn't know what to do. Her mind racing, but stopping her from even considering running back in there to find him. And now that Becker was out, he had kissed her. Actually kissed her. In that moment, her mind had stopped. breathing stopped. And she was pretty sure her heart had tumbled to a stop. But her stomach fluttered, her cheeks warmed and her lips tingled.

But then, Ethan or Patrick, or whatever he was deciding to be named, had to come out and ruin the moment.

Jess swung round on her bare heels, taking up Becker's EMD before he even had a chance, and stormed towards him, "NO! I'm getting quite fed up with this. You listen to me, and you listen good." She paused, swinging the EMD up into Ethan/Patrick's face, "First of all, Sarah, here, is already dead in this world, she's been dead for almost two years, so what you're planning isn't exactly going to make any difference to our time line." Jess saw Sarah's jaw drop, shocked that Jess didn't even seem to care, "Secondly, you kidnapped me. You knocked me over the head and dragged me here, fully prepared to kill me if needed, as long as you get your medical treatment, as long as you live, you don't care what anyone else thinks, who lives, who dies, just as long as you're fine. SO there may be a slight chance I am not thinking straight." Patrick stepped back, wincing as he stepped too hard on his bad ankle, choking Sarah slightly as he tugged a little on her neck, "And I tell you now, that does not sit well with me. That does not sit well at all. So I'm going to ask you once, LOWER YOUR GUN, or I will shoot you. Because for once, I am prepared to shoot you, because you know what, I don't think you deserve to live. I think you deserve to die in pain."

Jess heard the footsteps towards her, she felt Becker and the rest of his soldiers stand behind her, and in the slight shadow, she knew they were holding up their own EMD's, "Patrick, your brother wouldn't want me to kill you. Please put down the gun?" Jess asked calmly once more.

"Don't mention him. Don't you dare. He left me. He's no longer my brother." Patrick pulled Sarah closer to him, who was growing more terrified by the second.

"Patrick, please, he didn't leave you." Sarah whimpered, "He went to that house everyday. He looked for clues. He couldn't understand what had happened. I'm sorry, but believe me, he didn't leave you."

"Please drop the gun, Patrick." Jess requested once again.

Patrick growled in anger, pushed Sarah away from him, who collapsed on the ground, the terrified look finally showing a glance of relief.

He went to step forward, pointing his gun toward Jess, but as he did, he changed his aim and shot up through his own jaw.

They all watched on in horror as Patrick Quinn fell to the ground, blood pouring from his head wounds.

Jess gasped and turned into the warmth of Becker, who tucked his arms around her as she cried, "It's fine, Jess, you did what you had to." Abby's voice sounded softly through the comms device she was still wearing.

Everyone started moving around them. The med team searching for signs of shock, while others cleared everything away. But Becker kept Jess in his arms, before carrying her to his truck.

It didn't take long to get back to the ARC, where Becker once again, carried Jess, who had tears running down her face, caused by a mixture of the headaches from multiple knocks to the head, and the shock of watching a suicide.

As soon as they reached the medical section, Jess was whisked away to be scanned and treated for any head injuries. Becker only looked up from the patch of floor he'd been staring at when he heard running from up the hallway. Abby and Connor were racing towards him.

"Is Jess okay?" Abby asked, looking around for her.

"She was alright, but they're just examining her now," Becker glanced at a door opposite them, "Aren't you meant to be watching the ADD?"

"Lester and Emily are doing it." Connor responded.

Connor was interrupted by one of the doctor's coming out of the room, "Captain Becker? Miss Parker would like to see you."

"Is she okay?"

"She's fine, she has a concussion, but she'll be fine to go back to work after a few days off." Becker nodded, a small smile gracing his features, he turned back to Abby and Connor, both of whom were smiling as well.

"I'll let you know how she is later."

"Of course, see you later." Becker watched as Abby partially dragged Connor down the corridor, before he stepped into Jess' room.