Joker slapped the pamphlet on the coffee table making a loud and obnoxious 'smack' sound, Edward jumped back in surprise while the other three remained unfazed.

Jonathan lowered his book, glancing at the bright yellow piece of paper on the table. Harvey and Riddler did the same form the couch across from the doctor. "Florida? Why do you have a pamphlet on 'Florida'?" Riddler spoke as he turned the yellow piece of paper toward him, eyes scanning the subtitle.

Joker stood at the edge of the coffee table staring at all of them with a victorious grin decorating his face. They all stared at him with confused expressions. Harvey absently flipping his coin and Edward reading the newspaper, the daily crossword was more than halfway done.

"Because boys, our dear Bat had been oh so kind enough to tell us a one hundred percent indestructible strategy to help us out with this whole 'Lock Up' mess..." The rogues shuddered at the name.

Lock Up, or Lyell Bolton, had been turning this city upside down and taking down costumed people for three weeks now. No one was safe, not even the strongest. Croc was sent to Arkham with an unrecognizable face and his scaled body torn to pieces. He almost died, he wished he did. The psychological torture he has to endure due to everything Bolton did has been a worst punishment than death.

Everyone eventually started turning against each other, some fellow villains turning in their own allies. The four sitting down now were the only trustworthy of friends they all had.

"…We're heading to Florida for a vacation!" Joker's arms flung out and his smile broadened to impossible lengths.

Eddy swallowed nervously. Vacation…with Harvey. God staying with them in the same flat is stressful enough, but a vacation... I know I'm bound to make myself look like an idiot in front of him.

"No way in hell we are leaving Gotham and driving twelve hours to go to Miami. How can we even go there? We need ID's and credit cards, money, and disguises! How do you expect all of us to get all that stuff without being tracked down by Bolton?"
Harvey's familiar voice broke into Edward's thoughts bringing him back to the current situation.

Joker rolled his eyes and large duffle bag from the floor also slamming it on the table. "No need. Batsy already got us covered. And he also got us a car, which is waiting outside! So everyone get dressed and pack your stuff and if you're not ready in five were leaving you behind." Joker cackled darkly, leaving the other three wondering if he was truly joking.

Without another word everyone sat up from the ratty couches to gather their things for the 'vacation'.

Edward opened the small broom closet located in his room that held all his suits and other clothing. He only packed the suits with out his signature question mark, just in case of being noticed. He grabbed all his boxer briefs along with some old deep green sweat pants for sleeping in.

He mentally went over everything he had in case he missed anything. Tooth brush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, clothes, boxers, puzzle book, sandals, converses, and sunglasses. Swim shorts! Realizing he didn't have any, made a mental note that they should stop somewhere in Miami to purchase some.

On his way out of the closet his bare feet stepped on a crumpled piece of notebook paper. He picked it up curious as to what it was and unfolded it working the creases away.

Eddy, I hope that this cross word will be enough to keep you entertained. I wouldn't want my kitten to get bored all alone in his cell. Can't wait for the next time you act out and I have to 'punish' you. ;)


Edward grimaced at the memory. One thing that even a genius like himself would call a stupid action, was actually having sex with the man that is now trying to hunt down your friends and possibly yourself.

He didn't even know how it started, but no one was paying Edward any attention in Arkham, not even the psychiatrists. One night Bolton came into his room and sat down with him. He never remembered being so afraid. He though that the guard was going to beat him or rape him, but he just sat there and made idol conversation over the Arkham staff and inmates. Then he placed his large muscular hand on Edward's lap and it all clicked together.

Bolton never treated him like any of the other inmates. He was always so kind to him, giving him his own lunch, never pushing him when they were supposed to escort people to their cells, never even hitting him when he got into an argument with other inmates.

Bolton only placed his hand on his lap, and then he left saying a quick good night. It was like that for weeks, Lyell would come into his cell every night and just talk.

After the third week Bolton proved his theories correct and kissed him a sweet and short kiss, but a kiss none the less. Edward let him, not fighting back or protesting to it. It felt nice to be loved like that. It felt nice to have someone care and watch out for you in a hellhole like Arkham.

That one kiss quickly grew into more and soon they were sneaking out of his cell and into private areas. He still had his infatuation with Harvey, but he was married to Gilda, so he slowly began losing hope to be with the blue eyed rouge. Once she left, around the same time 'Lock Up' came around, his crush on Harvey grew again.

He shook himself out of his thoughts, folded the paper in 6 ways then tore it to shreds throwing the pieces behind him as he walked out of his room.

He walked down the hall his neon green duffle bag slung over his shoulder, his head perked up when he heard Harvey shuffling things inside his room. He walked slowly to the slightly ajar door. He took a deep breath then knocked on the door while opening it, showing off his most charming smile.

Harvey was packing a few suits away as well as some bottles of skin colored fluid. He looked up at Edward and smiled in return. "Hey, I was just checking to see if you were, um, ready to go." Riddler absently wiped the dust off of his duffle bag, his nervous OCD tick acting up as usual…especially around Harvey.

Harvey returned to packing his things as he spoke back to the green clad man. "Yea, I just need to pack a few more things." Riddler nodded and turned to leave. Harvey spoke up before he was a foot out the door. "Hey, you don't happen to have any Swim suits do you? While I was packing I realized I didn't have any."

Edward turned to look at the man politely. However once their eyes met, Edward couldn't help, but lower his gaze and look at his feet. "Uh, No I don't even have any for myself. I think we should buy some. You know…in Florida." He willed himself to look up and see the other man's reaction. Harvey was still packing his things away. The half burnt man let out a aggravated sigh. "Well, you better help me pick something good out. You know how much I love your sense of fashion." He glanced up from zipping up his suitcase and caught a small flush on the other man's face, but quickly brushed it off as nothing with meaning.

"Yea, no problem." He turned out to walk out the door his heart was ramming into his ribs it was beating so fast. With a cheerful look on his face he walked the rest of the way to the car with an occasional skip.

"COME ON, LETS GO JONNY BOY!" Joker shouted with his head out of the driver's window. Jonathan was busy dragging another of the four suitcases he brought with himself. They all packed only one bag or suitcase, but Jonathan.

He refuses to tell them what's inside of each of them, except clothes and books. Jonathan tossed the bag into the bed of the truck, everyone amazed that his bony arms could even lift it. He opened the passenger door and slid on with no emotion, as usual. Edward and Harvey sat in the back seats, Harvey resting his elbow of the side door's arm rest and staring out the window, and Edward was just staring straight ahead, but glancing at Harvey a few times.

"All righty boys! Time to get the hell out of Gotham and into sunny Miami Florida!" He cheered happily and turned the volume of the radio to impossible decibels.

The music would have been fine, Joker's singing, well more like unintelligible mumbling and an occasional word, was driving the already bitter men into insanity. Joker was currently singing a popular teen girl song that all of them had heard on the radio in Arkham's rec room.

"Hey I just met you and this is crazy! But here's my number so call me maybe!" Even when that verse was over, Joker kept repeating the lines, but just sang it with the tune of the song. Jonathan's face was practically beet red with anger.

He slammed his bony fist into the radio, breaking it in the process. They all turn to him with wide eyes at the sudden out burst. "NO MORE GOD DAMN SINGING!" He yelled in Joker's face with the most rage they had ever seen the doctor ever express.

Joker smiled his signature grotesque grin; even with the covered scars it was still chilling. "You could have just said so, Scary." Jonathan grumbled angrily to himself looking outside his own window with his arms crossed like a small petulant teenager.

Edward bit his lip quickly taking a peak at Harvey then the windshield. Should I start a conversation with him? Maybe small talk, like what he wants to do when he gets there? shaking his head he decided against it, his mind was still riddled with questions about this 'vacation'.

"Joker, how long will we be in Florida for?" Joker looked at him briefly through the rearview mirror, and then brought his hazel eyes back to the road before him.
"Until Batsy has 'Lock Up' Locked up." He giggled at his little pun. No one else did.

"Well how are the rooms arranged? Do we each get our room or…what?" Riddler glanced at Harvey again before looking at Joker again. Harvey was still just staring out the window, but now he was just flipping his coin impulsively.

Joker grinned mischievously obviously catching that stare. Edward didn't seem to notice.

"Actually Batsy got us two rooms with two beds in each. I'll be bunking with Scary here…" He nudged Scarecrow in his arm earning a cold scowl from the doctor.

"…but you can, uh, bunk with, Harveeeyyy…" He dragged out Two-Face's name for extra dramatics. Edward blushed at the thought of sleeping andchangingin the same room. He tried hiding it, when Harvey casually smiled at him, but even if Harvey noticed he didn't acknowledge it.

"You don't talk in your sleep do ya Ed?" He playfully punched him in his shoulder. Edward forced a laugh, even though on the inside his head was exploding with lovely images. "N-No. I'm pretty quiet in my sleep."
Harvey nodded a playful smirk still on his face then turned back to the window flipping his coin again. Edward sat back with a flustered look on his face brushing the creases out of his tee shirt. Joker stared at him for a moment through the rearview mirror, grinning at the sudden pang of anxiety he made Edward feel.

This was going to be a good vacation.