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Before the invasion, I was just Scarlett E Maxwell the outcast...even after the invasion I still am, although I have at least a couple of friends this time around. People hated me when I moved to Boston, USA from the UK; they hated my accent and always brought up the War of Independence as if I had personally been there and tried to keep them under my control. They didn't like how I was as a person either; I wasn't sporty...Sport was the most dreadful thing in the world in my opinion; I hated it with a burning passion. I was a bit of a nerd too, I had really good grades, A*'s across the board and I could always be found with my nose firmly placed between the pages of a good book. Not only that but I was and still am quiet, the only time I stop being so quiet is when I let my mother's Irish temper get the best of me.

They didn't like the way I looked or dressed either, I didn't think I was that different but they still used it against me; They would always pick on my auburn curls or the fact my eyes change colour to suit my mood, for instance when I'm angry they go dark green, if I'm sad they go a blue/green and if I'm happy they are a bright green. They also picked on my weight and height, I wasn't that large but I was a tad chubby and I'm only 5ft 2in, so I was one of the shortest people in my school. I use to and still do when I can wear some geeky T-shirt like my current Gryffindor one, with a pair of Jeans although mine are now covered in blood, mud and god knows what else and a pair of well worn brown military style boots. Even though I thought I seemed pretty normal they still picked on me and even a few people do now; Karen Nadler, one of the scouts, hates my guts. I've never done anything too her, I've always tried to be nice to her but when that failed I chose to ignore her. Lourdes thinks it might be the fact I'm so close with the Masons, but if that is the reason then she is just being a right wanker.

I moved as I said before from the UK to Boston. I lived in a little village called Southwick, England but dad got a really good job offer at a hospital in Boston, so a week before the invasion we moved. My life in England was good; people appreciated me, they liked that I read a lot and that I was clever but then I moved and I no longer had a uniform to protected me and I soon learnt that American schools are a lot more brutal compared to English ones. When we did move, we lived in this house just outside of Boston. My 16 yr old brother and I didn't want to move. We were perfectly happy, we even asked to stay with other members of our family, just so we didn't have to leave but we still ended up in America. Even though my brother and I had a 2 year age gape, we acted like twins...we even looked like twins except he was taller at 5ft 7in. He was just as quiet as me but he knew how to throw a punch, I'd always be there to clean up his face after a fight and he'd always be there to make sure I wasn't completely alone.

When the invasion happened we took our backpacks and a few things we deemed important and left but on the 2nd day, our parents were killed...Kathleen and Leonard Maxwell. I knew I would always miss my parents, they were good to me. They supported Eli and me in every single one of our decisions, whether it be that I wanted to read the deathly hallows on my own at 5 years old or that Eli wanted to wait for the right girl. Our parent's never did anything to displease us; I don't think they could if they tried. Dad was a Surgeon and Mum was a Primary/Middle school teacher. I was always told I was a younger version of my mum and when I looked at the photos I had of her when she was a teenager, I could see it. The same auburn locks, the same face shape and the same height but my eyes were from my dad, which was the one difference; mum had deep soulful brown eyes, which made you want to tell her everything on your mind. Dad was the type of man who seemed tough and rough on the outside but was a sweetheart on the inside, when he was young he had a head of blond hair and mum said he could woo almost any lady. I missed them every day, I missed listening to their stories of how they met and their dates and holidays…and so I had them all written down on scrap pieces of paper tied together with a piece of string, that and I kept my mother's Garnet and Opal engagement ring…The first few weeks of wearing it I would cry everytime I looked down at my hand, but now I had come to terms with my parents passing as untimely and tragic as it is.

After their death it was just me and Eli, we kept away from Skitter hot spots but soon we ran out of food and we found this food shop just inside of one of the suburbs...we had gone in searching the place head to tail…We didn't notice we weren't alone until I pulled a box off one of the shelves. It soon became apparent that we had walked into a trap, there were 2 mechs and 5 skitters and I had to dodge the mechs fire multiple times. My brother had never been heroic per say but he wasn't a coward but I wanted him to be when he shoved me out the door and ordered me to run...and I did, I ran and ran, but I wasn't a fast runner and I was naturally clumsy, I repeatedly fell over tree trunks and stumbled over rabbit holes. It didn't take long for the skitter that had been chasing me to catch me and soon I was underneath it trying to fight back...I was so scared, I'd never been more petrified in my life, not even when the bombs dropped. But then Tom and Hal Mason came along, they were out on a food run with Dai and on their way back to the 2nd mass when they found me pinned down by a skitter, my brother and I use to call them Crawlies but since being with the 2nd mass I had stopped doing that. Hal had shot the thing off me and Tom had helped me up, they took me back to the 2nd mass and from that moment I vowed to look after every member of the Mason family whether I liked them or not.

Weaver had been the one I was surprised to have been accepted by, he was gruff and scared the hell out of me when I first came to the 2nd mass but soon he had accepted me into the ranks. I was a simple civilian my main duties being that of cooking dinner some nights, looking after Mr. Mason's youngest son Matt and helping Anne with the wounded in the infirmary, Luckily my father had taught me a trick or to and when I was younger I was always reading through his medical journals and books, having a great interest in medicine among other things.

I was that girl now in the 2nd mass who listened worried for most people. I worried for the Masons and I hoped to god they god Ben back, I don't know if they could take another death in their family not after they lost a mother and a wife. I worried that Lourdes and Anne didn't get enough rest. I worried that Weaver would get himself killed, and I worried for little Jimmy…he was only a boy, only around a year or two younger than me, yet he was a fighter. It scared me how fast everyone had to grow up in this world, even little Matt wasn't as carefree as he should have been for a 8 year old, when I was his age I was acting like an idiot, causing havoc and mayhem with sticky hands and paint…all he got was a few plastic toys, sessions with Anne and a 14 year old who would try and keep him entertained.

I wasn't afraid to say that I still had faith, not in a god but in the human race. I had faith that we would push the invaders away and that it would all be alright in the end…in the end.

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