Sneak Peak # 6

"Seth," Kousei said quietly. She bit her lips and tilted her head back. The few stray tears that had escaped past her eyelashes skirted along her eyes burned small trails back into their point of origin. "Wait."

Seth abruptly turned on his heel. He stalked back over to Kousei and grabbed her by the wrist before pulling her out the door. He continued down the hallway until he was sure that they were out of earshot. "Are you being serious right now?" he hissed.

Her eyes widened as she regarded him. After a moment of silence, she began to nod slowly. "Yes, this isn't a joke."

"Then why is everyone here?"

She wanted to kick herself. If it wasn't for Minako's uncanny ability to jump into any problem that had to do with relationships, Kousei was sure that everything would be fixed by now and the two of them would be seated somewhere feasting on frozen yogurt talking about dance or literature.

"Because," Kousei whimpered. She focused her attention on the water fountain next to her and started to fiddle with the spout. "I wanted this night to be memorable."

"You broke off our engagement," he reminded her.

"I know."

Seth ran his hands through his hair before looking down at the ground. "I told you how I felt. You didn't care." He lifted his head slowly. Kousei felt his strong gaze on her cheek and turned to face him. "You broke my heart."

Another shot of pain, shot through her chest. "I know." She nodded. "But,"

"No, you don't know."

"Seth." Kousei reached her hand out to wipe a stray tear away but he blocked her hand. "Kaito, my king. You know how hard it is for me to talk about my feelings. Doesn't the fact that I did this so publically mean anything?" she questioned.

"You play with my emotions too much." Seth shrugged. "I mean, just after one fight, you go off and hookup with Saffir."

Kousei's eyes immediately darkened with anger. "I didn't sleep with him."

"You may as well have," he spat. "Isn't he dating Petz?

Kousei bit her lip before answering. It was as good as an admission because Seth looked even more angrier than before.

"Yes, he is." She nodded. "But we never had anything and I never slept with him," she insisted. Kousei took a deep breath before clearing her throat. "Seth, why do our arguments always come back to this? To me, you, and Saffir?"

"Kosei," Seth interrupted. He shook his head slowly and cleared his throat. "I'm done."

"What?" she whispered.

"Done!" he spat. "I can't stand to look at you."