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"Hermione! Hermione wake up!"

She had been asleep for only a few hours, dreaming of the kiss she and Fred had shared earlier in the night and having the most restful sleep she had had in weeks. Now she was suddenly being pulled out of her bed, a flurry of confusion around her and she slipped on her robe.

A few moments later, Hermione blinked hard, not believing her eyes and rubbed them nearly raw as she sat in Dumbledore's office. She was holding Ginny, but limply as the girl cried. Fred and George were leaning on each other across the room, both teary-eyed. Ron was a mess. Harry and Dumbledore were having a conversation about a vision Harry had had about Mr. Weasley being attacked. It seemed surreal.

"It's true, let's get the children to St. Mungo's" Professor McGonagall said hurriedly and the warm body of Ginny left Hermione's side. Neither of the twins looked at her as they followed McGonagall out of the office and was replaced quickly by a grumbling Snape whom Dumbledore insisted take Harry immediately to block his mind from Voldemort.

Hermione had never felt so alone. Her best friend, the boy she loved, and her partner in everything were all somewhere else, suffering from immense trauma and there was nothing she could do about it. Dumbledore bade Hermione gently back to bed and she walked along the empty, dark corridors with tears rolling down her face. Everything had just started to fall in place…and now Fred, George, Ron, Ginny…and the rest of the Weasley's could lose a father and a husband. It wrenched at her soul. She had thought about telling Mr. Weasley what happened with her and Krum, but saw him so much like a father that she didn't want to see him upset or mad.

She wished she would have been there more for Harry. He had been acting a little off, but she had truly not realized he had been going through such a connection with Voldemort and weathering such nightmares of his own. She had been two wrapped up in her own crisis that their joint fight against the dark lord had taken a backseat to her being a confused, hurt, and lonely girl.

She knew she had deserved that break, but now things were desperate. She waited up as long as she could in her dormitory but Ginny never returned. She finally took one of her last vials of dreamless sleep potion and let the world fade to black around her.

The next morning, Hermione was woken by a long, warm presence against her. She kept her eyes closed but rolled into it, knowing who it was.

"George is your dad okay?"

"Yeah. He'll be okay. He looks worse than he is, but Harry saved his life."

"I am so sorry I couldn't be there for you last night."

"Fred helped me, and I him."

"Why did you tell him that I was…I was…" Hermione finally opened her eyes but she couldn't bring herself to say the word. George's blue ones met hers and they looked tired and as if they had been crying.

"You helped me. You brought Oliver back. The only way that I could explain away this mess we got ourselves into was to explain it with the truth. I am sorry, but Fred needed to know. And I really needed to come out to him," George said.

"Are you going to with your family?"

"I thought about it…Fred was so supportive, I knew everyone else would be…but with last night, now is not the time".

Hermione nodded and cuddled close to her best friend, "Everything will be okay right George?"

"Yes. Now get up, try and do something with that hair of yours, and let's enjoy this special day."

"How is it special?"

"Oh my dear Hermione, today is the day you and I are breaking up! See you at breakfast!" he rolled off of her bed and with a wink was gone. She shook her head at how he could be so optimistic after the terrible circumstances that had befallen his family. It was admirable. He was courageous, and so was his twin…which she loved about him.

She got dressed in her robes and walked to breakfast with Ron and Ginny. Ginny wasn't having an easy morning but Ron was being a sweet older brother and babying her the whole way there. It made Hermione crack a smile to see that side of one of her best friends. It upset her that Harry was missing…and she figured that whatever he had gone through last night with Snape must have been hell.

She sat down and dug into some granola when George strode purposefully up to her sitting at the table surrounded by a full crowd of fellow Gryffindors. He looked around and then cleared his throat.

"Hermione, I've been thinking. It just isn't working out between us. You are so smart and I am…well I'm George Weasley and I have things to set on fire and I just don't have time for you nagging me to do my schoolwork and such. I'm sorry, it's over."

It was all very simple, and very lame yet well-executed and Angelina had the happiest smirk on her face as George sat down by his twin and ate breakfast as if nothing happened. Hermione blushed, only from the whispers about her for a few minutes but soon the Daily Prophet came in and all was old news…and now focused on the Weasley patriarch.

Fred visibly paled as he unfolded the paper in front of him and saw an article about how a Ministry official was attacked…detailing the events surrounding his father. Hermione tried to give him a comforting look, but he seemed strained. She could imagine, he and George had to keep Ron and Ginny safe and okay here without being privy to any more information.

Later on that afternoon, after double potions in which Snape looked at Hermione with extra concern and at Harry with disdain (who had yet to say a word to either her or Ron), Hermione met Fred by the entrance to the castle. It was a pretty day and they had decided to take a walk down to the lake. It took them nearly half the trip there until Fred gingerly slipped his hand over hers and she smiled to herself.

Once there, they sat down near the edge of the black lake, taking off their shoes and Hermione wiggled her small pink toes as she leaned into Fred.

"I'm sorry about your Dad," she said after a while of silence.

"He's been through worse with the Order the first time around. He'll be okay. He was lucky," Fred shrugged although she knew it was weighing on him, "Thanks for being there for me. I want to be there for you too…you've been through hell and dark times and I am facing them now. I know this sounds a bit contrived but I promise it's not 'Mione…I want to go all through this with you, and come out stronger."

Hermione squeezed his hand, "I won't abandon you if you won't abandon me, I promise."

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