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"Ah, the honorary Marauders. What are you doing up? Your mother would kill you!" Sirius laughed, that loud and infectious bark-like laugh that was so distinctly his. It made George sadden, knowing that his expression would change within moments. Fred could hardly speak.

Remus picked up on their somberness instantly, whereas his best friend hadn't, and watched as Fred folded and unfolded a little piece of paper in his hands in a rhythm he wasn't aware of.

"We wanted to talk to you both. Privately," Fred finally spoke and Sirius motioned for the two tall red-heads to take the chairs opposite them in the Grimmauld Place library.

"What's the matter boys?" Remus asked, almost afraid of the answer. The twins were so pale that every freckle on each of their faces seemed amplified, like if someone splattered ink on a piece of parchment.

"It's about Hermione…"

"She'll kill us for telling you…"

"But I think we need to," Fred finished, glancing at his twin nervously before unfolding the letter and handing it to Sirius. The older man bent over, reading it raptly a few times over. Each time his eyes began again at the top of the parchment, his frown deepened. When he was finally satisfied, he looked up at the two Weasley's with a murderous look in his eyes, not unlike the one in the frightening Prophet photo of him in Azkaban.

"Why is Viktor Krum threatening to hurt her if she does not come to see him this holiday?" Sirius asked through gritted teeth. Remus was on the edge of his seat, clearly desperate to know what was in the letter.

"Are they seeing each other, are they a couple?" their Defense teacher asked, trying to put the pieces together. He felt fiercely protective over Hermione, like a father to her, as did Sirius, and he was eager to get to the bottom of this.

"Not at all. Never," Fred said quickly and with anger, "Hermione's my girlfriend now, and I hope that doesn't change. She has been off all day, and I found this letter in her room. He'll hurt her. And I am afraid if she doesn't go, he will come here."

"There is something missing here, why would he hurt Hermione?" Remus pressed the issue, bringing up the fact that the two twins didn't want to jump to saying. By saying it, they were giving away Hermione's secret. They were breaching her trust.

"During the summer holidays, just a few months ago, Hermione went to visit Krum…" Fred started. It brought emotions bubbling up to the surface for him almost instantly, and he could no longer speak. He hardly got emotional about anything except his family, and he was falling in love with Hermione. He considered her family as well, and it hurt him to know that when he was looking forward to waking up every morning during summer at the Burrow to see her smile, she was thinking of someone else. Someone else that had hurt her so badly.

"Remus, Sirius," George started with a deep breath, knowing his brother couldn't continue, "She was raped by him. She hasn't been the same since. She's been having night terrors, requesting special potions from Snape, and is so afraid of being touched even in a friendly way by her friends. A hug is hard to give her. I thought he was gone and out of her life. But no…"

Sirius and Remus didn't speak for a long time. Sirius ran his hand over his face, keeping it there, breathing in and out deeply to calm himself. Remus sat back in his chair for a moment, his eyes glazed over, concern etched in every pre-mature line on his face. It was a horrible, heart-breaking moment for all four men in the room.

"Was she…" Remus closed her eyes, it didn't matter either way, but it was more of a reason to kill the boy behind this mess, "pure? When it happened?"

Fred nodded sadly.

"I'll kill him, I'll bloody kill him. No one does that to our Hermione and lives to get away with it. They can throw me back in Azkaban, I don't care! I'll do it!" Sirius shot up from his chair, nearly yelling his declaration, with a scary growl very apparent in his voice. He was seeing red. Fred felt so much love and admiration for the man before him. It was exactly how he felt.

"Sirius, please, you'll wake the whole house," Remus said, gently, but his expression was still cold. He stood up as well, pacing, thinking quickly, "We have to go. We have to get to him first…"

"As much as I agree, what about the Order? What if someone finds out? There is a war about to break loose. We can't just kill a very important person like that…" George seemed worried about the logistics. He didn't want Hermione finding out, and he certainly didn't want either of the two men before him to wind up dead or in prison.

"He's not a very bright man is he? Just an arrogant, wealthy brute who thinks he can mistreat a girl to get what he wants. No, George, we can't kill him. But it doesn't mean we aren't going," Sirius said resolutely, "And it has to be now, before anyone knows…"

Remus was looking at his best friend, this man who had been out of his life for 12 years, with serious concern, "We can't just take them…we can't even go. He may not be alone. After all, let us not forget that his Headmaster consorts with Death Eaters. We could be outnumbered…"

"And what do you suppose is the alternative Remus? Hermione goes alone to spare us any pain? You know she won't tell anyone. I am sure she is afraid!"

"We could have lost her once," George reminded everyone, "I don't want to lose my best friend again."

"We can't go alone…" Remus continued.

"Well we can't bring every bloody Auror with us now can we?" Sirius snapped but quickly conceded, knowing that Remus had a point, "Wake Dora, tell her for the love of Merlin to try and be quiet as she gets ready and we will be off. She's a woman and she'll understand that this has to be a secret. Boys," he turned his attention back to Fred and George, "Get your wands, dress warmly, we are going to Bulgaria."


"Stop…no….please, not again….I came to you…wasn't that enough?" Hermione murmured throughout her terrible dream in the middle of the night, and it was enough to wake Ginny, who was sleeping in the bed besides her in their room. Ginny rubbed the sleep away from her eyes and when she grasped the meaning behind Hermione's words and her tossing and turning, was next to her friend in a second, trying to wake her up.

"It's just a dream Hermione, I promise, come on girl, wake up," Ginny said, frightened. It seemed to be worse than before and she wondered if she had given up on the potions to help her sleep.

Finally, Hermione was roused, but her whole body was covered in an uncomfortable, cold sweat. She blindly reached for her wand on the besides table and rid herself of the stickiness before turning to the flash of red-hair in the dark bedroom.

"I want Fred, Ginny. Can you get him?" Hermione asked, almost in a panic. The girl jumped off the bed, jammed her feet into her slippers, and stealthily crept out of the room to the one right next to it, opening the door quickly.

She saw the messy mop of Harry's head and then Ron's, but those were only half of the room's residents.

"Whas 'a matter…" Ron asked, poking his head up groggily, he had always been a light sleeper and soon Harry was awake as well, blushing a bit at Ginny in her very short pyjama shorts.

"Where's Fred?" Ginny asked, looking around. Harry swiveled his head around the room but their beds were empty, the covers and sheets a wrinkled mess. The clock read three thirty in the morning.

"Oh no…" Hermione's voice shocked all of them when she entered the room. She was clutching the letter from Krum, a tear streaking down her face. She didn't want to let Harry and Ron know her secret, but she knew that Fred must have found the letter, and that he and George must have gone to pay Krum a visit.


Nymphadora Tonks took a deep breath and knocked on the front door of the Krum residence in Bulgaria. Sirius, Remus, and the Twins stood behind her, off to the side, shivering even in their heavy jackets. When Remus had quickly explained what happened to Hermione, Tonks had been livid to say the least. She had changed without ceremony in front of Remus, causing the man to blush, grabbed her wand, and gathered the boys to apparate right outside of the hidden Order headquarters before anyone noticed they were missing.

It took a while and a few more knocks, but a surprised looking Viktor Krum answered the door. If it were even possible, he had grown more and his eyes were dark and his brow furrowed. He had been expecting a much different girl, one without pink hair.

"Who are you?" he asked gruffly and she had to resist the urge to hex him.

"Doesn't matter," she shocked him by grabbing him roughly by the arm. For such a slight woman, she was athletic and strong, and with the help of the boys coming to her aid, they had him dragged inside the house. It was cavernous, in mostly dark colors, with lots of dead animal heads adorning anything and everything. It made Fred and George sick to know that Hermione had been abused here.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?" Krum shouted and tried to break free from her but she was quick to twist his arm in a very painful position; the emptiness and lack of response proved to the group that his parents were away, most likely on purpose if he was hoping Hermione would show up. Sirius took pleasure in silencing him with a quick spell and they pushed him onto the first, overly-stuffed, leather couch they saw, surrounding them in a half-circle.

"We are going to make this extremely simple for you…" Tonks started, eyeing the boy that had hurt Hermione. She didn't know what she would have done if she had ever been raped, let alone her virginity taken in such a cold, careless way by someone she thought was a friend, and possibly more.

"You never contact, touch, speak to, speak about, or even THINK about Hermione again and I won't kill you. And I know you know who I am Krum…and I know you know I would do it. In a heartbeat. If you give me any reason to," Sirius threatened him at wandpoint and the normally imposing boy was now all wide-eyes and fear, trying to call for help but he couldn't.

"You had no right to hurt her like that. She did nothing to you. She has had to live with the worst fear, and guilt, and sadness because of you," George glared at him.

"She's my beautiful, wonderful girlfriend and I am tired of the pain you caused her consuming her thoughts and preventing her from being happy. Stay the bloody hell away from her Krum," Fred said, throwing a body-bind jinx at him so that he was further immobilized.

Sirius threatened Krum more until he was scared beyond belief, but the five of them knew there was not much else they could do without bringing scrutiny down upon them. Remus modified the boys' memory of the night, but didn't change it any further. They were sure he wouldn't talk, and they wanted him to live with his guilt for the rest of his life if possible.

Although Remus had to restrain Fred and Sirius from doing anything more to Krum, they made their way back out of the house, careful to make it seem like they had never entered it. Who they found, standing outside on the icy ground with tears streaming down her face, shocked them all.

"You had no right," she cried, "No right to tell them. This is my battle Fred. You promised me, you both promised me that you would keep this a secret."

Fred didn't know what to do but his brother pushed him forward and he moved to hug his girlfriend but she pushed him away, turning her back to him, "Don't even get near me Fred Weasley!"

"They were concerned about your safety…" Remus interjected and she whipped back around, not caring that she was yelling at a professor, "My safety? When all of us, and mostly Harry, are in grave danger? What does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Your father almost died!" her voice cracked again into a sob when she looked at the twins, "And you are risking your life even standing here right now Sirius!"

"I don't care. I'd do it over again," the animagus said, "It doesn't matter if this is not some grand battle against Death Eaters Hermione. Luckily it didn't turn out that way, but who knows what you would have faced had you come here alone. What happened to you is nothing trivial."

"I made the mistake. I trusted him. I bear it alone," Hermione said, trying to be strong. She saw the heartbreaking, older-sister-look, coming from Tonks and it made her tears fall more rapidly. She was in all honesty, embarrassed. Everyone standing before her knew what had happened, was privy to the way that she had lost the most important part of herself. Although she was thankful they loved her, she was used to dealing with things alone.

"You have gone through more in your life than most people Hermione, it's okay to ask for help," Tonks reminded her, but she wasn't having it. She glared fiercely and Fred and George, unsure who she was more mad with, turned on the spot, and disapparated.

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