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"Knock knock!" Fred said with a slightly jokey tone as he stood in the doorway of Hermione's dormitory. Her back was facing him and she was sniffling loudly into her pillow, the covers thrown over her in a partial barrier to the outside world and the drapes around the bed half shut. All he could see was her bunched up grey jumper and a little bit of curls.


"Hermione, don't be like that," Fred took a tentative step into the room, thankful it was unoccupied for the moment. Crookshanks scurried out from under her bed, hissed at him, and then ran through Fred's legs and down the stairs.

"Haven't you said enough to me today?"

"Yes, and I've come to apologize for being a git, really," he sighed. He took the last few steps to cover the space between the door and her bed and parted the drapes wider to sit on the edge of the thing, placing a hand on back. She instantly bolted away from him, turning and sitting up on the bed with a look of horror and hurt. Fred instantly realized why touching her might be a bad idea. He took out his wand, aimed it at the door and it closed, locked itself, and he put a silencing charm on it to insure their privacy. This made Hermione uneasy as well, and she scooted away from him.

"Hermione, listen. I know. I know everything. George and I were just talking. He told me how he is gay and you've been his cover, and about Krum…I know, it's okay," he reached out as she started to cry again and put his hand gently on her shoulder.

"Why? Why would he tell you?" she felt hurt at her best friends' betrayal of her deepest, darkest secret. No one was ever supposed to know. No one was ever supposed to feel sorry for her, to walk around her like she was a piece of breakable china.

"Because he cares about you and so do I. What I said out there, that was unforgivable I know. I was so jealous of George, and I have been moping around for weeks because I wanted you and I've made a right fool out of myself in the process. But I want to start over, I really do 'Mione," Fred said pleadingly, looking into her dark chocolate eyes with his hopeful blue ones. She hesitated for a moment, looking up at him, then suddenly her hand was across his face and she was slapping him—hard.


"You deserved that," she said primly, massaging her hand for a second as he grasped at his red cheek. She then rolled down her sweater sleeves and seemed rather pleased with herself, a smile playing at the corner of her lips. And Fred was so far gone that he didn't care if slapping him did get her to smile, so long as she did.

"Anything else you want to do to me?"

"Not at the moment. But I would like to talk," she admitted and he nodded, closing the drapes around them for even more privacy he sat on one side of the bed and she on the other, and finally she spoke, "I thought I was falling in love with you this summer. As stupid as it seems now. I am so young, so naïve, but I really did fancy you Fred Weasley. I tried to make it known, but I thought you thought me some childish little twit and so when Krum owled, I went. Mistake number one…" she finished the last bit under her breath, looking down at her folded hands.

"Hermione, I liked you too. I was just afraid George would have my nuts…I saw how close you too were, and of course you are my brother's best friend and Mum would kill me…"

"But mostly you were just chicken…"she said, looking up at him with piercing clarity.

"Smartest witch of her age…"

"I though Krum loved me, he told me he did, many times. But his hands on my skin felt so rough, and it…well Fred it was the scariest damn moment of my life. And to be honest with you…I got through it by thinking of you. I just tuned everything out, the pain, everything. I just thought about how it would be different with you," she started to tear up again and Fred's heart hurt. He felt so many emotions whipping through his body. Love for the girl in front of him, rage for the man that did that to her…

"So obviously when I brought up the virgin bit…"

"It was touchy, because I wanted you to be my first, as silly as it sounds," Hermione finished for him softly.

"It isn't silly. It is beautiful. I would have been a lucky man to receive such a gift, and that bastard can rot in fucking hell as far as I am concerned…has he contacted you since?"

"No. Thankfully. If he ever did though, I would hex him into next year. And I made that very clear to him. Look Fred, I never told anyone because I didn't want anyone to worry about me. I hate being babied. I don't think of him now much…I've been having nightmares but Snape has been helping me with those, and the only other thing I have to deal with is the physical scars…" she explained.

"That's why no one but George can touch you with you jumping half a foot huh?" Fred realized slowly, shaking his head in understanding and she nodded.

"It's been hard. George has tried to help but I feel awful. I know I am the last one he wants to touch intimately." She laughed a bit and so did Fred and it eased the tension momentarily.

"Hermione," Fred swallowed hard, working up nerve as he moved closer to her on the bed and took her soft, small hands in his, "I made a mistake. I should have told you how I felt this summer, but I am not going to waste a second longer making it anything less than clear to you how I feel. I really like you Hermione. And I want to be there to help you through all of this, to help you overcome it."

"But you don't have to do that for me! Why get involved with this mess when you could have any girl you want!"

"Because they aren't you. They aren't smart, and funny, and beautiful and real like you are. All they want is meaningless shagging. No conversation. No laughing. No getting to know each other. I know a lot about you Hermione, but I want to know all of you. Please let me," he asked her.

"Do you promise not to hurt me?" she asked.

"I promise never to, and I will never let anything like what you went through happen again. I want to show you that love doesn't have to be like that. It doesn't have to hurt and scar." Fred reached up and stroked her cheek gently.

"I never knew you had this side to you," Hermione admitted. She saw it from George, so she guessed it made sense. But Fred had always seem happy, cavalier, and play-boy-ish.

"Guess it took the right girl to bring it out," he smiled cheekily, his head cocked to the side with some of his hair falling into his eyes, "May I kiss you Hermione?"


"Just a kiss, one kiss," he told her. Hermione knew she would be lying if she didn't admit she had wanted this for a long long time, that fantasies of her first kiss with Fred had kept her awake many a night at the Burrow over holiday, but it was never like this. She had never felt so vulnerable. Usually her fantasies consisted of her walking into his room and purposefully telling him that she was going to snog him senseless and then doing it. He was never in control. And she figured it was because loss of control scared her…as it had every right to after what she had been through.

"Just one…" she whispered and he gently reached his hand up to cradle her neck, pulling her closer to him and planting a small but sensual kiss on her pulse point on her neck then moving his way up, to her jawline, then to the corner of her mouth before indulging her in the sweetest, sexiest, best kiss Hermione Granger had every experienced in her short life. He was slow and gentle, caressing her lips with his incredible soft ones and she felt her fingers tangle themselves in his slightly messy red hair on their own accord but she didn't mind. She felt happy for once.

Fred leaned her back onto her pillow and followed, but his hands didn't stray. He just kept kissing her slowly, exploring her, and finally her mouth opened to him; begging him for more. He obliged her with a slower and more probing kiss and she felt like she was in heaven.

Fred, on the other hand, couldn't believe he was kissing Hermione. He had thought about it for so long, even when he knew he shouldn't have. He thought of all the excuses, her age, his brother and sister, but nothing mattered. She tasted like honey and blueberries and he knew he could kiss her forever if she would let him.

After a few more long moments, they broke apart, both smiling like loons and breathing heavily. Fred was painfully aroused and Hermione was nearly soaked through her knickers but neither would tell the other such. He wanted to be a gentleman and she couldn't believe that sex was something that she thought of in a positive way now after everything.

"'Mione you are incredible," he whispered, brushing a curl away from her pretty face.

"You aren't so bad yourself Fred," she blushed and the pink colored her cheeks sweetly.

"Listen, get some rest. I am sure your roommates will be back soon. I'll talk to you tomorrow" he promised and with a wink, he was gone.