Me: Yay! I finally finished the first chapter of my first book here at this site!

Butch: Looks like there's a new book about us. Wanna go check it out?

Everyone else: Sure.

Blossom: I just love being the star.

Mojo: Me too!

Butch: How did he get in here?

Mojo: Through the door.

Butch: Well you better get back through that door before I pound you to pieces.

Mojo: *runs away crying like a baby*

Me: Enjoy!

Matsubura Kaoru/Buttercup POV

"Let's go girls!" Blossom shouts as we transformed. "We need to hurry up! I still have a bag full of candy I haven't eaten yet!" she adds.

"Could you for once in your life time shut up and stop thinking about candy?" I said flying up to her and shaking her back and forth by the neck.

"I… can't… breath!" Blossom manages to huff out. I release and allow her to catch her breath, but as soon as she does, I grab her by the neck and shake her again. She tries to struggle her way out of my grasp, but since I'm stronger, she's having a tough time.

"Buttercup! Blossom! Please, cut it out! Remember, there's still a city that needs to be saved!" Bubbles pleaded. Calming myself down, I let go of her.

Speeding into the direction of where the trouble is, I shout behind me, "Last one there's a rotten egg, Blossom!" Blossom's face turns red (like her hair!) and grips her hands in fists. Then she zooms her fastest, trying to get ahead of me. So the race begins. It's a close game, and by close, I mean with Blossom probably about 5 feet behind me. I suddenly skid to a stop with Bubbles then Blossom bumping into me.

Mojo Jojo's in his robot destroying the town. Damaged buildings, bended lampposts, snapped benches! Mojo doesn't even say anything when we appear. He just keeps recklessly destroying stuff.

"Time to pound this sucker!" I yell. I leap up and swing my hammer. "Sonic Swing!" Mojo goes flying into another building. He get's up but instead of heading for us, he continues to destroy the city.

"Must destroy city. Must destroy city." he says in a robotic voice that no way sounds like Mojo. That's weird. Mojo usually talks normally when he's in his robot. I mean, I'm not complaining. I like the robots voice much better than Mojo's, but it doesn't make sense. Why would the robot sound like a robot, unless M-

"Ow!" Blossom howls.

"Ow!" Bubbles says right after. I turn around to see what's going on. There standing right in front of me is Mojo. He reaches for my hair and plucks a piece out. "Ow!" I say reaching for my head. "What the heck did you do that for?" I snap while he puts the hair he pulled into a plastic baggy. When he's done, he clears his throat like he's about to speak, but looks like decides against it and walked away.

"Hey, I'm talking to you!" I yell. I go up to him, grab him by the collar, and bring him with me into the air. Spinning him round and round with all my might, I let go and he's sent flying into the air.

"Mojoooo!" he shouts and keeps shouting until he's totally out of sight and hearing distance.

"Uhh… Buttercup. I thought you wanted to talk to him. Not send him flying into outer space or whatever." Blossom said when I had reached the ground again.

Oh yeah, I did want to talk to him. Oh well.

"I'm ready to take down this robot now that I've warmed up!" I say ignoring her completely. And we do.

At Mojo Jojo's layer

Mojo is at his lab table making his next ultimate weapon against the powerpuff girls z. "Yes, yes. This plan is sure to work for I, Mojo Jojo, have came up with the ultimate plan. A plan which I, Mojo Jojo, have created which is so diabolical it will surely destroy the powerpuff girls z this time. For I, Mojo Jojo, the smartest monkey in the world has created the ultimate weapon in which the powerpuff girls z will be no more. Mwwhahahaha!"

Mojo Jojo has out three bowls, each with the powerpuff girls hair samples he had taken. He then pours the chemical z formula he stole from Professor Utonium and mixes it in with the hairs and sprinkles of sour (sour for a sour attitude) creating a blue, red, and green clump. He starts his way to this huge machine centered in the room (Sorry, couldn't think of a name for it.) with the glass bowls in hand (one in each of his hands and one balanced atop his head).

He walks slowly and steadily but takes a misstep sending the bowl on his head soaring into the air. Trying to catch the bowl he dropped with his hands he drops the other two and misses the catch he meant to catch. Then the bowls fell to the ground with a huge clatter. (Imagine this in slow motion) The bowls aren't broken (because there plastic) so Mojo thinks nothing of it. He picks them up and takes them to the machine without another problem.

On the machine are three slots. These slots all have glass covers. The blue clump goes on the left, the green on the right, and the red in the middle. He closes the slots and moves his fingers up to the dial. After pressing a long line of buttons, he walks to the back of the machine. At that end of machine is a door. On the door is a huge red button. Mojo presses it and takes a step back. The top of the machine is now steaming smoke at full speed making a kind of train sound and moving as if about to explode. Mojo took another step back. Five minutes later, it stopped. The machine was still, there was no sound, and the smoke started to clear. Mojo leaned forward and the door opened.

Sorry it was so short. Don't worry, the next on will be longer, I promise. And just as a warning, there are no swear words in here because there is no need for them.

P.S. Don't think I'm boring just because I don't use swears. Just keep reading and you'll get to know how good I am as a writer.