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Oh merde! Remy kept a calm veneer but all he could think of was one word over and over again. Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Finally finding his voice he asked, "Firs' thin' we gotta do is call Dr. McCoy righ'?" Ororo nodded her head swiftly, taking a deep breath to help dull the pain before saying, "Yes. My phone is on the coffee table. Call Dr. McCoy for me." Remy didn't want to leave his wife's side but complied. He fumbled with the phone, nearly frantically scrolling through her contact list when he heard another muffled yelp.

Ororo didn't pay attention to the phone conversation. She just willed herself not to dwell on the painful contractions and on focusing on the fact that their baby would be arriving shortly. The thought both excited and frightened her but regardless of her hesitation she was determined to be ready for their daughter's arrival.

Remy reentered the kitchen and placed his hand lightly on her back. "Ready ta go now ma cherie?" "Have to get the bag Ahhh! Upstairs I packed," she answered in a slightly strained voice. He bounded for the stairs, taking them two at a time then headed back down once he grabbed the duffle bag and took off to the SUV. He started the engine and was ready to back out when he remembered the most important thing missing. Poutain! Stormy!

He rushed back into their house to find Ororo standing in the foyer. Even though anguish darkened her brilliant and her smile didn't shine as it normally did it was still warm as she reassured, "Calm yourself beloved. All will be fine." She wished she could heed her own advice because internally she was a bundle of anxiety. Remy held on to her hand as he helped her waddling to the car.

He desperately attempted to obey the speed limit for Ororo's sake but everytime she grunted or squealed in agony it killed him. She tried to keep herself under control but felt her grip on her composure loosening. Dark clouds began to roll into the horizon. Remy knew he didn't have time to waste. Police be damned, he was going to make it to that hospital as quickly as possible.

They entered the maternity ward with Ororo gritting her teeth in ordered to silence her desired screams of pain. She loathed that she had paperwork to sign. She was in labor! She probably would have placed her signature on anything if it meant getting this baby out of her. With an unsteady hand she signed whatever was necessary then was wheeled into a room where Dr. McCoy awaited for the couple.

While nurses took Ororo and the baby's vitals and prepped her Remy pulled Dr. McCoy aside. "Doc… Um, I dunno how ta say dis. Dere some rain clouds comin' dis way when jus' ten minutes ago it was brigh' out. Ya get what I'm sayin'?"

Dr. McCoy considered the information he just learned. "You're saying your wife can manipulate the weather? Fascinating."

"Maybe ami but da way she feelin' can change thin's fo' da wors'. Remy don' dink Hurricane Ororo sound like ta much fun."

"Yes, I would have to agree. Thank you for voicing your concerns. I will check how far along she is and at the appropriate time, we'll administer an epidural to help her manage with pain." He patted the man on the shoulder in an appreciative gesture then went to work.

Ororo was already five centimeters along and it seemed her labor was moving along speedily but Dr. McCoy felt it would be best to wait until seven centimeters to administer the epidural, hoping it wouldn't halt her progress.

Remy stood next to Ororo's bed rubbing his thumb over her fingers. "How ya holdin' up Stormy?" She winced then smiled weakly once the pain subsided. "I've been better," she replied with a miniature chuckle. Wisps of her hair hung loosely, framing her face while the rest of her locks were coiled in a loose bun at the base of her neck. She still mesmerized Remy.

Time passed on. If he hadn't known better he would have believed she was resting as her eyes remained shut. The indicator of otherwise was the squeeze of her hand with every contraction. Her grip became tighter as they continued. She solely wanted to concentrate on alleviating the pain, only answering Remy's questions with a nod or shake of the head. She understood she had to keep her emotions in check for the sake of not creating a natural disaster. At last she could endure no more. She paged for the doctor, stating she was ready for the epidural.

When Dr. McCoy had checked how far along she was he made an alarming discovery. "Oh my. Well it seems that unfortunately I am now unable to do that. I can't give epidurals to patients past seven centimeters and you are at eight and a half. In fact you are progressing much more rapidly than estimated."

Ororo's eyes grew as large as they could as she growled, "What do you mean I can't have an epidural?! I can't handle this any longer!"

Dr. McCoy's tone remained composed. "I understand this is a major inconvenience Mrs. LeBeau which I am truly sorry for. But it is out of my hands now. I can only suggest you brace yourself to start pushing soon."

And with those words said Ororo began to panic. "No! Give me the goddamned drugs!" Thunder shook the building.

Both Remy and Dr. McCoy's eyes bulged. Remy had never heard his ever so eloquent wife utter a foul word before much less yell it. Dr. McCoy only said with sympathy, "I'm sorry my dear." Then left to prepare for the delivery.

Her tears began to fall as heavy as the pouring rain outside. Remy took her face in his hands and thumbed away the tears as she sobbed. "Amour, listen ta Remy. Everythin' gon' be fine. Ya strong. Ya can do dis." He then planted a kiss on her temple. Ororo knew Remy was right. She needed to recollect herself for the sake of their baby. Then she felt the unmistakable need to push.

Dr. McCoy returned to the room ready for the delivery. "I want to push," she informed him through clenched teeth. He checked and indeed she was correct.

"All right, Ororo. Take a deep breath and push down."

She did so with a grunt as long as she could until falling back onto the bed panting to collect her breath. Remy's nerves were on end. His stomach trembled with possibly nausea and his heart raced. Poutain! She really 'bout ta have da bebe! Mon Dieu! Dis is happenin'!

"Again Ororo. Push now."

She bore down once more, feeling as if her insides were on fire and she was trying to push them out with all her might. The strain made her body shudder. She leaned against the bed once she felt she couldn't go on. This was torture. She never felt suffering like this before. Tears began to descend down her sweat glistened face. "It hurts so much. I can't do this," she whimpered feeling defeated. "Ya can chere. We so close ta seein' our bebe girl," Remy encouraged. The thought of finally being able to hold the child that grew within her for the past nine months motivated her to regroup and go on.

She took another deep breath and pushed as best as she could. "That's it. The baby's head is starting to crown. Keep going," Dr. McCoy urged. Once she stopped to regain her breath Ororo pulled Remy by the shirt collar and demanded with a bark, "Look down there! Look what've you've done to me! Look!" Remy by all means had no desire to but if it meant keeping a freak blizzard from happening he'd make the sacrifice. He tilted down and looked. He frowned and momentarily grieved inwardly. It usta be so pretty. But there was one thing he noticed right away that tugged at his heartstrings. The baby had a head full of hair… His hair.

"Only a few more pushes left. We're almost there."

She pushed and pushed, her face flushed from her efforts. She was exhausted and her body ached tremendously. She wanted the whole ordeal over with. Her whole body buzzed. She hardly heard Dr. McCoy telling her two more strong pushes. With that information she gave it her all. She pushed with all her might as she snarled. She pushed until her lungs burned, all around her deafened by her endeavors until she heard the wail of a tiny voice. Ororo snapped her eyes opened and saw her. The tears of anguish that streamed down her face now were replaced with those of elation.

Remy stood in awe. They made this little person. She may not have been made with love but she would be raised with it. At this moment he never loved Ororo more than the gift she just gave him. "Would you like to cut the umbilical cord, Dad?" Dr. McCoy asked with a genuine bright smile. Dad… I'm officially a dad. Remy simply nodded than sawed through the cord.

A nurse bundled the small child in blankets and placed her in Ororo's arms. With a grin like none other on her face her sobs ebbed as both parents observed the little one. Both silently counting ten fingers and toes and studied her features. The baby had the same ruddy-brunette hair and perfectly sculpted lips as her father with her mother's regal nose and almond shaped sapphire eyes. Her skin carried a butterscotch hue. She was the most gorgeous thing either of them ever seen.

A nurse took their daughter way to be washed and measured. Remy kissed Ororo tenderly on the lips. "Je taime ma ange," he whispered as he nuzzled his stubbled cheek to her. "I love you too. So much." The nurse returned handing the baby to Remy. He was a bit anxious. The baby was so small and fragile. He ran a finger over the tufts of her auburn hair then her cheek. She was the softest thing he ever felt. Her azure eyes that were undeniably her mother's seemed to intensely look up to him. He was a goner. He knew it. He fell in love with the little one instantly. "Dis ya papa. Ja taime jour da ma vie," he whispered lovingly. Their daughter cooed. A smile was plastered on Ororo's face as the watched the two loves of her life.

Then it struck him. They never decided on a name but at that moment there was only one logical choice. He turned to Ororo. "Can we name her Nia? I saw it in dat book. It means purpose." She silently nodded, already knowing the meaning of it in Swahili. For Remy the name was absolutely fitting. She fit the definition to a T. This little life grounded him. She was the purpose of him finding the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, the purpose of not running from his fears and issues, the purpose for leaving his meaningless lifestyle behind and the purpose of evolving into the man he was now.

Nia began to stir. He handed her back to her mother to be fed. Another moment of awe struck him as he watched, having never seen a more beautifully touching sight his wife nursing his daughter. He eventually broke himself from the trance and grabbed a hold of his phone and sent out a text message to Logan, Jean and Charles.

"Me and Ororo are happy to announce that at 9:17 pm Nia N'Dare LeBeau was born weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long."

Remy reached across the bed to find it empty. He knew where she was but still wanted to see for himself. He padded lightly and to the nursery, the soft glow of a night-light illuminated the way. Before entering he heard his wife's hum, soft and melodic. He peered in through the crack of the door and frame to find Ororo sitting in a rocking chair, little Nia nestled closed to her bosom as she drifted back to sleep. Though she was inexperienced with children Ororo took the motherhood instinctually. Her nurturing, kind demeanor made the transition extremely easy. Remy thought she was a better mother than she was a wife and he had absolutely no complaints about his partner either. Ororo stood and placed a gentle kiss atop her head full of hair and whispered her love for her before laying her in her crib once again.

She reached Remy at the doorway and kissed him. "Everythin' ok?" he asked habitually. The answer was always the same. All Nia needed was a fresh diaper and more milk but he was concerned nonetheless. Their daughter was a quiet baby that gave minimum interruptions through the night. She only fussed when dirty or hungry. And welcomed anyone who held her, even Uncle Logan who was forced to. But like her mother she enchanted any man in her vicinity and Logan's defenses fell quickly and found he grew to enjoy holding the infant. Remy and Ororo quickly concluded Nia had her mother's conduct of calmness and tranquility.

They returned to bed. A wolfish grin spread across his face as he informed her, "It's been six weeks chere." Ororo knew what he was alluding to. That was how long they had to abstain from sex and Remy didn't take the wait well. He couldn't remember the last time he went that long without sex… If he ever went that long. Ororo rolled her eyes though in truth she longed for him as well. His hand traveled from her hip up to cup an engorged breast. That was one perk of babies he enjoyed the most. "I missed dis," he whispered as he nuzzled against her, taking a deep inhale of ashen tresses. Sandalwood and vanilla filled his nostrils, setting his loins ablaze. He kissed her deeply, passionately then trailed light kisses to her ear, nipping it gently before purring, "Lemme make love ta ya. J'ai envie de toi. J'ai besoin de toi." Any reluctance she held on to before hastily diminished as her body responded to his heated touches. "Yes dearest. Anything for you," she breathed as they began to make love.

Six Years Later

It was Christmas Eve and everyone gathered at the LeBeau residence for their annual dinner that became a tradition. Ororo stepped out of the kitchen to find her daughters wrestling with Logan on the floor of the living room. "Get washed for dinner girls," she announced. Their high-pitched giggles died down. "Aww Mommy do we have to?" her eldest whined, her auburn tendrils in a thick plat down her back. "Yeah, Mom do we hafta?" Logan playfully asked in a similar tone. Ororo smirked, "Yes you have to, especially you Logan."

Their youngest walked over to her father who had been watching the Hornets vs Lakers game with Jean's husband, Scott. "Aw papa, pourquoi?" she pouted, tilting her head slight to the left causing her platinum pigtails to appear unbalanced. Their youngest, Nyla Genevieve LeBeau (a name they thought was a clever play on the abbreviation of their home states) may have had her mother's snowy tresses and full lips but she had the similar peach complexion that turned to a beautiful golden tan like her father and shared the same onyx and ruby eyes as him. He feared for the ridicule he was sure she would face from a heartless world but Ororo assured him they would deal with it once the time came. But no one could deny that her angelic locks and demonic eyes were a gorgeous contrast. But more than her features Nyla inherited her father's charm and rebellious streak where as Nia was calm and quiet like Ororo. Remy loved both his daughters equally and effortlessly was talked into letting them apply barrettes to his shaggy tresses or attending pretend tea parties but he had a certain fondness for the littlest LeBeau. He answered, "'Cause ya mama say so. Now go 'head and clean up mis petites." The girls scampered to the washroom.

Jean and Scott sat at the dinning table with Nia sitting next to Auntie Jeanie while Nyla sat between Oncle Logan and Tantie Yuko as the four year old affectionately referred to them as. When Logan and Yukio first became an item Remy felt the need to inform Logan and Ororo he and she once had slept with eachother a few times many moons before. Logan chuckled, "Ya slept with most of the city Gumbo. It was bound to happen at some point. Ya musta not been too good if she didn't chase after ya." Ororo simply shrugged with a seductive smile, "She may have had you before but I have you now forever." Damn he loved it when his femme was possessive. She became good friends with Yukio almost instantly. Remy cherished how secure she felt in their love.

"May I pweez feel your tummy?" Nia asked Jean who was only two months away from expecting her first child. Jean granted permission and Nia placed a small hand on her protruding roundness. "He just started kicking. I think baby Nathan likes you," she said to the giddy girl. "Bettah hope he don' like oldah filles," Remy jokingly warned.

"Well we're glad that Nathan will have a friend around the same age soon. Isn't she due next month?" Jean asked with a smile referring to the son Remy and Ororo were adopting. A teenage girl from a small town in New Jersey had seen her father speaking on CNN about genetic mutation. She found a way to reach out to the professor and explained that as a mutant and unwed teen mother she feared for her impending child's safety and hoped to find understanding parents that would raise the boy. Charles automatically thought of Ororo and Remy.

Remy and Ororo had mentioned possibly having a third child but never made any definite plans. So she was a bit apprehensive about bringing the topic up but Remy beamed once he heard it. He embraced her tightly. "Oui Stormy. We should adopt da enfant." And so in a month's time they planned on welcoming Xavier Etienne LeBeau to their expanding family.

Shortly after their feast Ororo tucked their daughters into bed with promises that gifts from Santa Claus would be awaiting them under the Christmas tree. She shortly returned to the living room, sitting on Remy's lap as she joined in on their conversation.

Although she was the mother of two her body remained as toned as it was before conceiving. Remy brushed his auburn tresses away from his eyes before idly playing with Ororo's locks, twirling them as she drummed her fingers on his knee. Over the years their love only grew. Not to say they never had their disagreements. She'd cut him with icy glares and he'd match it with a fiery stare but fire melted ice and water extinguished fire causing them to have incredible make up sex. Sometimes Ororo wondered if Remy started arguments on purpose for the end results.

"Well we have some news we want to share with you," Ororo proclaimed slightly anxious. Remy squeezed her hand reassuringly then she continued, "It seems like little Nathan and Xavier will another playmate shortly after. Remy and I are expecting a boy. I'm four months pregnant." Everyone exclaimed in surprise, congratulating the couple. "Four months? You aren't even showing!" Yukio complimented. "Congrats darlin'. I knew you smelled different," Logan jabbed. Ororo slightly blushed, "This one seems to be shy. I only found out last month." The child inside her was definitely a surprise. With Nyla they knew they conceived her during their vacation in Nice at the villa Remy inherited. But this one was hard to pinpoint. It could have been when Ororo skipped work to participate in, 'No Underwear Wednesday', or perhaps it was 'Roleplay Friday'. One thing was certain. It wasn't on 'Only Oral Monday'.

They knew that very soon they would be driven to point of madness with the additions of Xavier and Luc David LeBeau, respectively named after their fathers. But it was an insanity they looked forward to. They loved eachother and had plenty of love to give. Remy tilted her chin towards him and pressed his lips to hers. They were grateful that a lustful blunder made one night led to a lifetime of unconditional love.


Ja taime jour da ma vie- I love you light of my light

J'ai envie de toi. J'ai besoin de toi- I want you. I need you

Pourquoi- Why?