The first thing he felt was the sea spray. It felt good. The boy stirred and with great effort, lifted his head up. He noticed that there was a gentle rocking underneath him…he was on a boat. The boy was on his way to Moga Village, which he was told was a small and homely settlement off the shore of the Deserted Island. His body buzzed with sudden anticipation. The Hunter's Guild had saw fit to allow him to act as a full-time hunter for the village. For him, it was his first time he was ever assigned somewhere and he was eager to show off what he learned at the training academy back in Pokke Village. The young hunter double-checked his armor and made sure that his newly bought Chainmail set gleamed in the sun. Then he checked the sharpness of his also new Hunter's Knife, which the Pokke blacksmith graciously gave to him as a coming of age gift.

"Hey kid, your destination is coming up fast, we'll be there in about, uh," the sailor checked the wind, "about half an hour, one at most."

"Thank you," bowed the young hunter. He knew that showing respect would usually get you on the good side of a person.

He sighed and carefully stepped into the small cabin which he had left his belongings. There weren't many things. He gently placed each of the old items into a pouch that was just as old. First went in a pair of dual blades, the Bone Scythes, which were wrapped up in Popo fur, symbolizing his beginnings in the small snowy mountain home. Next was an Ancient Potion, which was traditionally passed down within his family to the youngest hunter, for use in times of great danger. Last was a Golden Needle, given to him by the sailor that agreed to transport him to the faraway village. The sailor, whose name sounded something like Gylen or something, told him to sell it for pocket change in case he needed it. He tied the pouch around the belt of his shiny armor and tried to fight the butterflies in his stomach. He hoped that the villagers of Moga were as hospitable as everyone told him.

Junior sighed. The feline next to him scampered away in panic.

Another earthquake, when will they stop? He wondered. I guess I better check out the Guild docks below, hope that they aren't as messed up as last time…

The hunter felt the quakes even on his boat.

"What… was that?" he asked Gylen.

"Probably just some big-a** monster below us," Gylen replied quickly. He looked worried.

"WELLLLL, I guess we're here, ok-cya-have-fun-byebye-don't-die," the sailor rambled and kicked the young hunter off his boat.


As the boat sailed away, Gylen shook his head.

"Sorry kid, but I have a family and I'm in no mood to die to a godforsaken sea serpent." He muttered quietly.

Swimming in Chainmail armor was like someone taping your arms to your back and telling you to do the monkey bars. It was kind of hard.

Nevertheless, the hunter managed to pull himself up on the sandy beach, panting and cussing. He checked to make sure that nothing was missing, and when nothing was he began to scrub his armor with a napkin tucked in his belt.

I still hafta look presentable he though, still genuinely mad at the sailor that ditched him.

After rigorous scrubbing, he finally was able to get the water out of the rings of his chainmail.

"All righty then, rough start but that's-"

He was interrupted by a slumbering Ludroth. Or rather, a slumbering Ludroth's nap was interrupted by a obnoxious hunter clumsily falling over it, and loudly hitting the sandy ground.

"Wow, I just cleaned this armor," he cried in exasperation. But that was the least of his problems. The rather annoyed Ludroth fired a ball of water at him, knocking him over into the sand once again.

This assignment doesn't exactly the perfect start that I imagined He thought.

"Everyone calm down, the hunter should be here any minute," the village elder tried to quiet his screaming friends.

"That was the third time that happened!" The Guild girl exclaimed, "If the Lagiacrus keeps it up, we'll all…" She broke into sobs. Voices echoed her worry.

"The Guild won't do anything!" Another man exclaimed.

"Yeah, we're just a bunch of lowlife savages to them!" yelled his supporter. More mad helpless cries added to the general panic.

"Everyone shut up!" he commanded.

"Our hunter is here." He said after a brief pause, pointing at a lone figure walking toward their village.