Chapter 1


We peeked from behind the hall watching as Lucy tried to stall Mr. Bitters. "Yeah in 24C there's a party going on and –," Lucy was cut of short.

"A PARTY! No I'm going to get to the bottom of this!" Mr. Bitters said as he walked out of the lobby. Lucy looked around and saw us. "Coast is clear!" Lucy whispered. Kendall brought the buggy into the lobby, with Logan holding the straps. James and Katie came out with a timer. They started to set up. "Alright Carlos, ready!" Kendall said.

"Alright" I said.

I jumped into the buggy and put my helmet. Logan held the straps with Lucy's help. "1,2,3!" James said.

Logan let go and I shot down the lobby. I saw Bitters as I zoomed past. Suddenly I saw a something and crashed. Kendalll, James, Logan, Lucy, and Katie raced over. "Carlos! Are you alright?" Lucy said hovering over me. I heard someone moan and turned to see….Lauren Magee?

"Lauren?!" I said.

"Hey what the heck is your problem crashing into my friend huh?" A girl was hovered over me. I remembered her…It was Riley Smith from Minnesota! "Ree Ree?" Kendall said. The girl looked up and her eyes went wide.

"Oh my god! James? Logan? Kendall?" She said. I got up and helped up Lauren who looked pretty dizzy.

"Are you okay Lauren? I'm really sorry I didn't see you." I said.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine. It's okay." She said.

"Are you sure? We should get you to our room." Riley said.

"You guys are staying here?" James asked.

"Yeah. We got signed with Rocque Records for a singing career." Lauren said.

"Wait you guys can sing?" Katie asked.

I noticed Lauren gripping onto a guitar case. "Uh…yeah" Riley said.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Logan said.

"I don't know" Riley said.

"Wait who are you and how do you know the guys?" Lucy asked.

"We were all friends in Minnesota for what since we were in kindergarten." James said.

"Yeah we all had nicknames for each other." Lauren said.

"Riley's was Ree Ree, Carlos's was Los, Kendall's was Kendizzle, Logan's was Logie Bear, James was JD, and mines was Laurie" Lauren said.

"Logie Bear?" Lucy said giggling.

"Yeah yeah I was called Logie Bear. Gotta problem with that?" Logan said.

"Nope" Lucy said and started laughing with everyone following.

"Shut up" Logan said. Finally the laughing died down.

"Well we better go back to our room but it was nice hanging out with you guys." Riley said walking off.

"Wait! We should hang out sometime" Lauren said. Riley glared at Lauren.

"Yeah" Kendall said as Riley dragged Lauren away.

"Wow they've changed…a lot" I said.


"I'm going to kill you!" Riley said as they walked into their room.

"What?" I said almost laughing.

"You know what!" Riley said.

"Oh yeah your HUGE I mean little crush on Kendall!" I shouted.

"Shut up! They could have walked by and heard you!" Riley said covering my mouth.

"Whatever" I said and started to unpack. "They've all changed don't you think?"

"Kendall's a lot hotter and it looks like Carlos had the hots for you." Riley said winking.

"Shut up!" I said throwing a pillow at her as she laughed. Suddenly I heard Kendall's voice singing. I looked at Riley who was answering her phone.

"Do you seriously have Kendall singing as your ringtone?" I asked.

"Maybe" She said.

"Hello?" She answered.

She talked for awhile while I unpacked. She hung up as soon as I unpacked the last box.

"Sorry that was Gustavo, he said that he needed us to go down there and sign some papers and talk about a new song." She said.

"Great. Alright let's go." I said getting the car keys.


We were in the studio when Riley and Lauren walked in. What were they doing here? "Dogs, meet our new singers" Gustavo said. Carlos fell over the wires trying to get to Lauren. "Klutz!" Logan coughed. James and I started to laugh. "Watch it Logie Bear!" Carlos said getting up. Logan glared at Carlos.

"Girls, why don't you come with me to sign the papers and think of a new song for you guys?" Kelly said taking them down the hall with Gustavo. We heard a BTR song with me singing. Carlos picked up an iPhone on the ground. "Uh…I think one of the girls dropped their phones." Carlos said.

"Oh my god is that me just me singing?!" I asked.

"Yup," James said busting out laughing.

"I should take it to them," I said laughing. I walked down the hall and walked in to see Riley and Lauren bent down signing a large satck of papers.

"What do you want?" Gustavo asked.

"Um one of you drop this? We heard it ringing" I said. Riley's head snapped up. Lauren did too then looked at Riley giggling.

"That's mine," Riley said. I handed it to her trying not to laugh. "Nice ringtone." I said as I walked out. I noticed Riley's face was red. Now I'm wishing I never left her behind…


Fuck! How could I drop my phone?! I'm so stupid! Ugh! I was going to kill Lauren as soon as we get back to the apartment! She was giving me evil grins as we signed the huge stack of papers. I could see Kendall peeking through the door window with the guys seeing what we were signing. I looked down when Kendall smiled at me. God! Why did I have to have that stupid crush on him?! I mean I wanted to tell him the day he left. It felt right just telling him. And we were getting so close. I could tell he was even wanting to be more then friends… I pouted remembering the night he and the guys raced over saying they were gonna be famous…My heart swelled thinking about him. "Hey Kelly where's the bathroom at?" I asked.

"Oh it's further down on the right." She said smiling.

I got up and walked outside to see the guys goofing off in the hallway. Kendall was staring at me. I walked down the hall. I could feel him coming behind me so I raced into the bathroom. As soon as I got in there I changed my ringtone to some thecomputernerd01 song I use to like. I smiled remembering Josh. God I miss hanging around him. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair and makeup. I walked out to see Kendall leaning on the wall next to the bathroom door.

"Hey Ree Ree" He said.

"Hey. Are you really going to keep calling me that?" I asked.

"Yup," He said smiling. Oh my god his gorgeous smile and those amazing eyes. SNAP OUT OF IT RILEY!

"Okay then Kendizzle!" I said laughing. He was laughing now too.

"So you can sing?" He asked.

"Yeah. Gustavo found us, well Kelly found us, on Youtube. You can check it out. It's called Riley and Laurie," I said.

"Cool I will right now!" He said pulling out his iPhone.

"I better go back. You can show the guys." I said walking away.

"Hey wait" He said grabbing my hand. I spun around to see him right in my face. We just looked at each other for a minute and then he let go of my hand slowly. "The guys and I are going to have a party at my apartment . I was wondering if you wanted to come with Laurie. I mean Bitters won't try and stop us he's going to be gone for the week." He said.

"Uh…Yeah sure" I said. I turned around blushing. Logan noticed and imitated a flirty wave and I stuck out my tongue. He started to laugh as I entered the room again. I couldn't wait to see him at the party…