Author's Note: All the characters are 'humanized,' but they still have the same abilities. For pegasi, wings are retractable, meaning they can come out on demand. Same for unicorns. Therefore, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity still have their magical abilities, and Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash can still fly. The main characters all go to high school and are more-or-less 17 years old, in their junior year of high school. In addition, Spike, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo are in middle school. Most pegasi in Cloudsdale go to school in Cloudsdale, but I figured it would be much better if Rainbow Dash went to school in Ponyville. Also, the characters still have their designated jobs and cutie marks.



Oh no! I can't do that! It'd be wrong of me to request such a thing. Applejack wouldn't allow it, and it's not my place to impose. No. I simply cannot do it! I won't!

My name is Fluttershy. I live alone in a lovely home in Ponyville. My family is in Cloudsdale, but that place isn't for me. I'm much more suited here, where there are animals and birds and trees and grass and fish and flowers. A place where I can stay close to the ground. It's not as if I'm a big flyer anyways.

That's my friend Rainbow Dash. We've known each other since we were fillies. She's defended me numerous times against other pegasi who made fun of me because of my weakness in flying. In addition, she helped me get my cutie mark. She's a very loyal friend. I really can't imagine what my life would be if she were not a part of it.

But Rainbow Dash isn't my only friend, though I do treasure her deeply. Another one of my close friends is Rarity. She is very stylish and fashionable. She is the classiest lady I've ever met, actually. One thing (perhaps the only) that we have in common is our affinity for fashion. We are both quite knowledgeable, but I cannot compare to her. She is far more gifted. Fashion is her thing.

As for me, I'm more of an animal person. I love helping out other critters. It's my passion. Why, I couldn't imagine my life if I lived in a world with no animals or nature.

Oh! How could I forget? Not only do I have the pleasure of Rarity and Rainbow Dash in my life, but I also have the trusted companionship of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack. Pinkie Pie is always excited to have fun, and she loves to party (a bit more than is healthy for her, I think). Twilight Sparkle is very studious and gifted with magic. So gifted that she is Princess Celestia's protégée! Wow . . . that's so amazing. . . . Oh yeah, and then there's Applejack. She's very king and good natured. She's also very patient with me when I get frightened.

But I suppose you've already heard her name before, and you're probably wondering why I mentioned it. Well I guess I should tell you—

No, wait, I won't. It's not important.

Or maybe I should. . . .

Okay, so it started about a week ago. We encountered. And he was so kind. And helpful. And considerate. But no, I can't. . . . Applejack—

Oh, sorry. . . . I'm not making any sense. You see, I lose control of some of my animals a week ago, and they ran to Sweet Apple Acres. I tried my best to round them up, but there were so many. But they kept getting away, and I was getting in the way of the Apple family's daily farming.

Oh I feel terrible about it. Applejack says it's fine, but her family got so behind and had to work extra hours because of me. . . .

Oh yeah, but that's when I met him. We've known each other for a long time, but we've never spoken . . . for some reason. His name is Big MacIntosh, and he helped me gather my critters. He didn't say much, except for his trademark "Eeyup." But it was enough for me to hear his deep, deep voice. It was very deep. And throaty.

I used to see him in school. He's a big guy, about 6/3, with very wide shoulders and toned muscles. He has messy brown hair, middle length. And, for some reason, he always has a piece of wheatgrass hanging from his mouth. He stood out in school, but since he was so shy and quiet, he wasn't close to many students. He's 3 years my senior. I know that after graduation, he went to work at Sweet Apple Acres full time. He's probably even more toned and muscular now; working every day, under the—

Oh excuse me. It seems that I've become smitten. Oh, no I've been smitten! No. Calm down, Fluttershy. Nobody knows and ever will. But I'm so terrible at keeping secrets! This news will spill out for sure!