What! Chapter 1

All of a sudden in the middle of the training room, a strange green portal opened up right in front of the Team. All those in the room at the time were quite shocked and immediately took defensive stances. Out of the portal came six teenagers, a girl with black hair, green eyes, and a purple outfit; a girl with dark red hair, domino mask, and red outfit; a girl with long light red hair and a yellow outfit sort of like Kid flash's; a boy with dark hair in a Robin costume; a dark blond almost brown haired boy in an light orange outfit like Kid Flash's; and a boy in a magicians outfit.

They newcomers were quite disoriented and looked like they had just been through some sort of fight. When they looked at the Team all of their faces seemed to darken with a look of worry and fear. The team could hear the boy in the magician's outfit complaining about how they could not seem to get to the right time period.

When the team heard this they looked at each other astounded with the idea that they might have more time travelers in their mists. They were still getting over the shock of Bart and hoped that time travel was really not the case because they still had not found a way to send Bart back and they did not need the added pressure of help even more people get home.

Nightwing deciding to take charge of the situation before the new people got their bearings had the Team surround them as he came forward to question them.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" demanded Nightwing as he held up his Eskrima sticks, "And don't even think about lying we have a mind reader and a magician."

The girl with the Emerald eyes walked forward and said, "We are heroes from eighteen years in the future but we are having a hard time getting back home, we are not here to harm you or your team and we will wait patiently as you try to prove or disprove our story."

Nightwing was quite taken back by that comment and had Beast Boy and Lagoon Boy take them to a holding cell as he called Zatanna to see if she could identify if they used magic to time travel. Beast Boy and Lagoon Boy were glad that the kids from the portal did not fight back as they took them to the cell. Even though the Robin look alike was mumbling under his breath the whole time.

While Nightwing was trying to explain the situation over the communicator to Zatanna; Robin, Superboy, and Wonder Girl were told to go interrogate the Portal People as Beast Boy named them. Miss Martian decided to come along too so she could read their minds and see if they were who they said they were.

In the cell room there was a table where the Lagoon Boy and Beast Boy had put all weapons the Portal People had. There were a lot of weapons, food, and gadgets on the table, many of weapons they had were similar to the ones used by the Team. Right away Robin got down to business and asked the Portal People their names and who they were. They introduced themselves as part of the future Team. They told Robin they would tell him their hero alias but not their real names. They said their names were Nightstar, Kid Flash, Red Cap, Robin, Flash Kid, and Zatara the second. After they introduced themselves they refused to talk to them anymore.

Present Robin gave Miss Martian the okay to read their minds. She decided to start with Nightstar since she seemed to be in charge of the group but when she tried to read her mind she was bombarded by the feeling of despair, overwhelming sadness, pain, and fear for her life. It made Miss Martian immediately stop and take a step back. She immediately questioned her, "What is the world was that, most normal people can't with stand my mind probing.

Nightstar answered with a straight face, "That was all of our worst memories and nightmares combined, and if you try to read any of our minds you will be faced with all our worst memories again and you won't be able to get in our heads so just stay out. Besides who said we were normal."

"But how did you learn to do that?" asked Miss Martian. "That takes some series training."

"We learned from the best." replied Red Cap, "We learned from you."

Miss Martian was taken back by that and decided to heed there warning of not prying into their minds. The Team decided to leave the supposed time travelers alone under surveillance. As they were leaving Wonder Girl asked Miss Martian, "Was the inside of their heads really that bad?"

"It was one of the worst thing I have ever felt, I do not want to feel that again," she replied. "Now you, Lagoon Boy, and Robin go watch the surveillance footage and see if they say something now that they are alone.

Those that Miss Martian assigned to watch surveillance headed towards a console to pull up the surveillance footage of the detainment room. On the footage it looked like the supposed time travelers were just sitting around the cells. They could hear them complain about being stuck in the wrong time again, but they did not reveal anything except that they were stuck last time for four months. All of a sudden they heard Flash Kid say, "You know they are watching us right"

"Yes" answered the second Zatara. As he said that the time travelers all turned and faced the camera, even though it was hidden, and waved. However just then Zatanna showed up.

"So let me get this straight", Zatanna stated, "These kids say they are from the future, they say they can't get the spell right to get them home and M'gann can't read their minds."

"Yep, that and also they say their names are Nightstar, Kid Flash, Flash Kid, Red Cap, Robin, Zatara the Second." said Nightwing.

After Zatanna was caught up to the situation they went to go check on the future team. When introductions were finished Zatanna started her spell "Desu saw lleps tahw em wohs" when she finished the spell there was a blue light.

"What does that mean" Beast Boy asked.

"It means they used a time travel spell," Zatanna replied. "Problem is that the spell to send them back well takes at least a month to prepare because there are many different magical items to collect and the spell is very complicated. Luckily this spell will work on them because they used magic to come here, unfortunately Bart did not come here with magic so It would not work on him. However even with the help of this other magician it will take a while."

"What!"replied the Time Travelers.