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6:00 a.m.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm clock wailed. The loud, obnoxious ringing forced Gohan's eyes open.

"Is it really the first day of school already?" Gohan hopped out of bed and hit the alarm clock. He drew an "X" on September first: the first day of school. He smiled as he headed towards the bathroom. "I can't wait-"

"Please hurry Gohan," Chichi yelled from downstairs. "You know how long it takes you to get ready for school! You're sixteen now, they're not going to be so nice anymore!"

Gohan rolled his eyes. "Alright mom, I'll hurry." Gohan said, closing the door to the bathroom. He stepped out fifteen minutes later in the Jump City high school uniform with a large smile on his face. Jump City high school… eleventh grade here we come! He thought to himself, leaping and bounding down the steps, a blue backpack slung across one arm. Ever since the Cell games only three years earlier, Chichi had been home schooling Gohan to the point of training rejection. He still trained when he could; he and Piccolo finding times to sneak to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. This would be the first year since he was eleven where he would be in a public school. Gohan sped past the table, scooping up a bowl of rice on the kitchen table. "Bye mom! Bye Goten!" he yelled from outside, running to the bus stop. The bus stop… good way to hide my powers…

The bus rolled up to his stop, slowing with a high pitched sssskkkkkkrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee eeeee! The bus door open; an old, chubby, short man pointed to the back. "Get on the bus kid; we're already late picking you up as it is."

"Sorry mister." Gohan coughed from the stinky exhaust left by the pipes and hopped on the bus as all eyes fell on him. Kids put their backpacks on the empty seats as they glared at him passing through the rows. "Woah!" Gohan's eyes widened as he tripped over someone's foot, catching himself just inches away from the ground.

"Wow what a loser." Someone said from the faceless crowd of kids on the bus, getting laughter from the other kids.

"Hey! New boy!" Gohan stood back up, rice plastered over his shirt and walked over to her. Her fiery-red hair was long and straight with bangs. She had small eyebrows and green eyes with the whites of her eyes are a light green. She was tall, with golden-tan skin. Her outfit was mostly purple with a belt, her neck and arm plates being silver. She wore a sleeveless top showing her stomach, a purple skirt, and thigh-high purple boots. The way she sat in her seat made her seem tall when standing up; her back straight and chin held high with a wide grin on her face. "Come sit next to me!" she said, scooting over.

Gohan smiled. "Okay then-"

"Sorry, this seat is taken." Gohan felt a hard shove push him towards the back of the bus.

"Hey!" Gohan turned around. "What's your problem?"

The man that assaulted Gohan just smirked and sat down. "You were about to take my seat."

Gohan just shrugged and sat down in the empty back seat. Well, whatever. Gohan thought to himself, resting his head on his elbow to catch some extra rest.

The girl that had invited him to sit next to her hit her friend in the arm. "Robin, what was that for?"

"What? He was going to take my seat and you were gonna let him Starfire!" Robin argued; Robin was short, thin, had short, black hair, brown eyes; he wore blue jeans and an old, black "Batman" shirt with his teacher's insignia on it. He was also very toned and muscular for a sixteen year old, making him seem formidable even with his height. "I'm not going to apologize."

Starfire crossed her arms. "You know what happens when you do something bad Robin; it'll come around and bite you in your butt!"

"Sorry, Bats told me not to believe in karma." Robin said, getting a glare from his friend.

Pow! A large gun sound and a jolt shook Gohan awake, dizzying the sixteen year old Saiyan. Gohan propped himself up and looked out of the window.

Gohan smirked. Those are some weird looking gunmen… he thought, watching as two armed to the teeth gunmen stood outside a bank with thousands of dollars in their bags.

"Now, me and Tony are gonna walk away with the money, kapeesh?" The scrawny gunman said, gesturing to his bigger, bulkier companion holding a large safe. "Tony, load the money in that bus fifty feet over there." He pointed his gun at Gohan's bus and sprayed bullets at it, dotting the bus with holes. Gohan watched as three or four bullets punctured the side of the bus, just within four feet of Gohan and anyone else on the left hand side of the bus. Gohan stood up and shot another invisible Ki blast, blocking the spray of bullets from hitting the kids.

"Those two are reckless." Gohan said, "I have to stop them before they seriously hurt anyone else."

"How do I know its fifty feet boss?" Tony asked him, scratching his head.

"When you take fifty steps dolt!" the scrawny gunman said, pointing at the bus.

I've gotta stop them… Gohan said to himself, slowly opening the window.

"What are you doing?" The driver asked, "Close that window!"

Gohan cringed. Darn… he can see my every move… unless… He lifted his hand, shooting an invisible wave of Ki at the bus windows, smashing them.

"What in blazes!" The bus driver stood up to reconfigure the windows, and to look for any glue.

Gohan quickly shot out of the window, hiding behind the bus for cover. Alright… I'm out, but now what-

A person similar in looks and height to Starfire ran by in a black version of Starfire's outfit. "Teen Titans: Go!" she yelled, watching as four other heroes similar to a few people Gohan had passed by on the bus ran by as well, charging towards the crooks.

"What the heck?" Gohan said to himself, watching the odd looking heroes' race towards the villains. "Let's hope they save some for me…" Gohan fazed out, appearing fifty feet away from the bus. He clenched his fists and closed his eyes, as a white Ki swirled and spiked around him, making a light buzzing sound. His hair started to flicker colors, alternating black and blonde, as his eyes shot open with a light teal color. He arched back, letting the Super Saiyan form consume his normal one. He took off his white, long sleeved shirt and black vest with the "JC" insignia on it and burst high into the sky, leaving a trail of yellow Ki behind to slowly fade out into nothing. "Hey you crooks! Put all of that money back!" He fazed out, appearing directly in front of them.

The apparent leader of the odd group of heroes held up his fist, gesturing them to stop. "Hey guy! I don't know where you came from but get out of here! The Teen Titans will take care of this!"

Gohan ignored him; he didn't even bother turning around to talk to him. "So, are you guys going to stop this and put the money back?" he asked, "Come on guys, I might just leave you with half of your teeth!" he taunted, falling into the Namekian Daimao stance. "The Golden Warrior will have to take care of you!"

"Get him Tony!" the scrawny one said, "Fire!"

The two men lifted their guns and pulled the triggers, sending a spray of bullets towards Gohan and watched as they "hit" the vigilante. "No!" The leader of the Teen Titans said, "We could have helped you!"

Gohan smirked as his hand darted around the air, catching all the bullets. "I don't need help fellow superhero!" he said in a very stereotypical "superhero" voice, "I can handle these punks just fine!"

"But you were shot several hundred times!" he argued, "I'm telling you, get over here! They are extremely armed and dangerous!"

"Armed yes, dangerous no." Gohan dropped the bullets, making an audible clang once they hit the ground.

"Robin… were- were those the bullets?" the ape-like hero asked the leader, "Shells aren't grey!"

"Obviously camo shells or something Beast Boy; the only person I know who might be able to catch bullets besides for Starfire is Kid Flash, and that's not Kid Flash!" He said; his eyes not leaving the strange warrior for a second. "They probably just missed; AK-47's- from what I've seen anyway- have really bad precision."

"They were only twenty feet away!" the tallest one in the group said, zooming in with his robot eye. "My data shows he did get hit. Maybe he's just hyped up on morphine-"

"If he was hit Cyborg," Robin clenched his fists. "He wouldn't be standing."

"How come you're not dead yet?!" Tony charged, his fist cocked back. "Take this!"

Gohan caught the fist and pushed back and downwards, forcing Tony to his knees. Gohan pushed a little harder, causing the man to scream in pain; he could feel the knuckles in his hand being crushed. "Put the money back, and maybe I'll let you keep half your teeth!" Gohan sent a punch into the giant's mouth, sending him flying into the pillar of the bank structure. Gohan fazed out, sending a knee strike into the scrawny one's ribs, hearing another rib snap under the pressure every time he followed through. Gohan drew back, letting his opponent fall to the ground, screaming in pain. Gohan picked up their guns. "Now to deal with these…" he whipped them in the air. "Kia!" He yelled, sending two Ki waves that obliterated the guns. "That takes care of that."

Another crook from behind poked his pistol into Gohan's temple. "Not so fast-"

Gohan fazed out, appearing from behind to deliver a sweep kick, sending the third crook to the ground. "Can't you see you've lost?"

"Die you jerk die!" the crook said, hopping back then firing all twelve bullets in the clip at Gohan.

Gohan smirked and kept walking forward, catching each bullet in his hand. "You're too slow."

Cyborg's eyes widened. "S-so he did catch those bullets! Did you see that Starfire?"

Starfire nodded. "Surely he was not the helpless vigilante Robin thought he was, Raven: what is his power rating?"

Raven closed her eyes, seeing the Golden Warrior's Ki outline and networks, Ki distribution, raw base power, everything. Woah… whoever this guy is he's got potential… "It's pretty high; I'm not sure how he'll take it once he gets hit."

Gohan crumpled all the bullets and fazed out, delivering a nasty heel kick to the crook's chest, snapping his sternum with an audible crunch making everyone cringe. The crook dropped his gun and screamed in pain, blacking out from it. "Do I have to say it again? Put the money back and go home!"

An audible thumping could be heard from inside the bank, followed by a scream of rage and defiance. Gohan clenched his fists. Robin's eyes widened; he has heard that scream before. Cinderblock! "Golden Warrior guy! I understand you can take down some guys with guns but the guy in there is on a completely different level!"

"Then come on!" Gohan said, "We'll take him together!" Gohan spiked his aura again, and charged into the bank. Golden Warrior huh? That's a good name.

"Darn it," Cyborg clenched his fists. "He's gonna get his butt killed in there!"

Gohan ran inside the bank. He pointed to the giant human-like statue made out of concrete; he was shaped like the stereotypical robot, with glowing red slit shaped eyes and a green power orb in the center of his chest. "You! Stop it!"

Cinderblock turned around. "GET OUT!" He screamed, charging towards Gohan with impeccable speed for someone his size.

Gohan's eyes widened as Cinderblock threw the first punch into Gohan's cheek, sending the boy barreling to the ground. Gohan stood back up and felt his cheek; a black and blue bruise had already started to swell up on his cheek. Saiyan powers: please heal this up before I get to school! Gohan charged towards Cinderblock and hit the giant in its face, putting a visible crack in it. Cinderblock hopped back and charged again as the two started a furious exchange of attacks. Cinderblock hit Gohan in the chin, sending him bouncing on the ceiling then back on the ground. Gohan rolled around and shakily stood up. "I won't let you get away!" Gohan yelled, spiking his aura again.

Robin ran in to the room with his bow staff spinning in his hand. "We've got this! Stop fighting him!"

Gohan growled and charged again, catching Cinderblock's counter attacks in his hands. The two dug their feet into the ground and both pushed forward, coming to a halt. Starfire's eyes widened. "He's able to match Cinderblock in raw power?"

Cinderblock smirked and pushed forward. "You, weak!" He spiked a grey aura, pushing Gohan closer to the ground.

Gohan's face was red with stress. This guy- this guy is really s-ss-strong! Gohan smirked and fell back, forcing Cinderblock to fall forward. "Hidden Dragon's Kick!" Gohan exclaimed, sending a heel kick into Cinderblock's chin.

Cinderblock sprung up and stumbled back, his vision turning blurry from the power of the impact Gohan's heel kick had left. Gohan stood up and shook his head; both fighters were dazed, Gohan's arms were sore, and his cheek and heel burned with pain. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell back into stance, waiting for Cinderblock's next charge. Robin smirked. "Teen Titans: Go! Get him with the net; he's dazed!"

Starfire and Raven nodded. The duo fazed out with a giant net in their hands. "Beast Boy! Keep him dazed!"

Beast Boy rubbed his hands together. "I've been waiting to try this species for a while now!" He smirked, morphing into a semi armored Velociraptor with wheel like organic structures for feet. He started to run circles around Cinderblock, gradually gaining speed until he was just barely a blur. Cinderblock shook his head and stumbled around; taking wild swings at the after images Beast Boy would leave.

Starfire and Raven threw the net, trapping Cinderblock and forcing him to curl into the fetal position. "Got him Robin!" Starfire gave Robin a thumb up.

I gotta leave now… Gohan felt his cheek. Ouch. He made a break for the entrance of the bank.

"Not so fast!" Robin said, intercepting Gohan.

Gohan jumped in the air and vaulted over Robin. "Sorry fellow, we'll have to chat another time!" he spiked his aura and burst outside.

"Wait!" Robin yelled, "Who are you?"

Gohan said nothing and flew back to his hiding spot where he put on his shirt and vest and returned to his normal state. "That felt great; its been a while since I've had a decent workout…" Gohan said, agilely leaping inside the window of the bus, fully clothed and pushing up his thick rimmed glasses higher on his face. He rubbed his cheek. Darn it... it's still there...He peaked over the seats in front of him, to see if everyone was on the bus. Nice girl and her friends still need to get here. He turned to close the window as a large wind gust blew from the front of the bus to the back of the bus. He turned back around and his eyes widened as the five that were just missing were conversing like they were there the whole time. What? I could have sworn they were just-

"Now people, I know the recent event has scared all of you, but we still have…" he checked his watch. Six fifty… alright. "Ten minutes before first period starts, so no excuses." He said through an intercom on the bus, getting some groans from the students.

Gohan noted this and the mysterious five's appearances. Nice girl and the guy that pushed him he could recognize; the other three were odd . One was really big, muscular and dark skinned, wore black gloves, long blue jeans, a gray sweatshirt, wide Nike basketball shoes, and wore bandages around the upper left side of his bald head, covering his left eye and the left part of his scalp. The second girl in the quintet was of moderate height, thin, light grayish skin, dark blue eyes and had long, straight purple hair that reached to the middle of her back. She wore a black hoodie, long, tattered blue jeans, and blue tennis shoes. The third male in the group was the oddest of the group; he was green, not sick I'm-gonna-throw-up green but his skin was an olive green, his hair a dark green, and his eyes were onyx colored. His ears stuck up and pointed up like an elf's, and a pointed tooth could be seen sticking out from his bottom lip, giving him a noticeably large overbite over his top lip. I should be able to remember this crowd…

"We're here!" The green one said, pointing at the large school.

"Why are you so excited Garfield?" the big guy of the group said, "This crap is too easy; we already tested out of most of last year's courses, only difference is that we didn't test out of our grade this year."

"We never make new friends Vic." Garfield said, "The last friend we've made in a while was a cat, and we've only cleared out half the rooms in Titan-"

The gray girl clamped her hand over Garfield's mouth. "Shh!"

Garfield slapped her hand away. "Sorry Raven, I got a bit carried away there."

Raven nodded and kept reading her book. "Just don't do anything stupid like that again."

"I said I was sorry Rae, I didn't mean to upset you." Garfield said, "The bus has stopped. Here we go." He said, slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

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