Last time: It's the first day of school for sixteen year old Gohan, and what Gohan thought was going to be a normal day turned out to be an all-out grudge match against a Super Saiyan Gohan and the mountain of strength, Cinderblock. The Saiyan has gone under the title of the "Golden Warrior", and with Cinderblock subdued by the mysterious group of super powered vigilantes known as the Teen Titans, Gohan makes his escape back to the bus. There is some strange connection between the five that helped him and the five that had "disappeared" when all of this went down and Gohan can feel it, along with his bruise.

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Gohan walked towards the entrance of the bus, careful not to trip over anymore feet. "Thank you bus driver sir."

"What happened to your cheek son?" The bus driver asked, pointing to the black and blue bruise on his cheek. "Did you get into a fight or something kid?

"Hehe, I'm not sure." He laughed nervously. "I have to go to class now." He quickly hopped off the bus.

"You might wanna put some ice on that!" The bus driver yelled after him.

Gohan turned and waved. "Thanks! Will do!" Gohan picked up the pace, trying to keep it just below sprinting. I gotta get to my locker and get to class before anyone sees me… Gohan thought, fazing out due to his incredible speed. He reappeared next to his locker; a huge wind gust followed. "Alright… that was close…" Gohan said to himself, taking a deep breath of relief.

Gohan felt a tap on his shoulder. "Locker buddy!" Gohan turned around. The girl who had invited him to sit with her on the bus stood there with a huge grin on her face with a bright pink binder in her arms and a pencil above her ear, making her even cuter than she was to Gohan on the bus.

"Oh hi!" Gohan said, grabbing an overstuffed green binder with three or four different pens and pencils stuck to the front of it, "So your locker is next to mine?"

She nodded. "Let me see your schedule."

Gohan nodded and handed her his schedule. "Here you go."

She took a quick look over it. "We only have homeroom and seventh period together." She grinned. "That will be enough time for us to become at least good acquaintances!" She said in a very cheery voice, "Let us hurry, we have two minutes to get there."

Gohan smiled and closed his locker. "Alright, it's room ten. By the way, my name is Gohan."

"My name is Koriand'r, but most people just call me Starfire." Starfire frowned and felt his bruised cheek. Gohan cringed in pain. "What happened to your cheek?"

"Oh… um," Gohan mentally went through all the normal parts of his day. "I fell down the stairs this morning."

"But your cheek is sinking in; it's like you've been in a pretty serious fight." Starfire said, "Seriously, I won't tell-"

"Thirty second warning students," the intercom said, "Stop roaming the halls and get to class!"

"Well let's go then!" Gohan felt relief. "I'll tell you about it some other time."

Starfire just cocked an eyebrow. He did not fall down the stairs; that bruise more likely resembles a fight. With the small pieces of rubble on the wound, it is like he had been hit with concrete. In fact, it looks similar to the one that Golden Warrior had… could it be? She took the thought of him being the Golden Warrior into consideration, staring at the wound interrogatively. "Hmm…"

The two arrived at their English class to be greeted by a tall, scrawny woman with a crooked neck and, short white hair, and an orange blouse and green skirt. "Hello students," she smiled as Gohan entered the room. "Starfire: perfect attendance as always. We have a new student this year class; let's give a good Mrs. Oppenheim-like welcome to Son Gohan. Gohan, welcome to College Course AP English. Starfire is one of our top students in the school."

Starfire looked over her shoulder and smirked. Gohan smirked back. "Then I'll join the ranks." He said, getting some scoffs from the other students.

Mrs. Oppenheim laughed. "See kids, this is what your attitude should be!"

Starfire led Gohan over to two empty seats in front of the stadium styled classroom. Gohan took his seat and opened his binder. He rubbed his cheek again. "Ouch…"

"Now today class," Mrs. Oppenheim wrote her name on the chalkboard. "We'll go over basic grammatical errors. Find the unneeded independent clauses in these sentences. You may choose a partner or work alone, you have forty eight minutes to complete it and then we'll go over it." She passed out a page of work problems and returned to her desk.

A group of students led by a tall, muscular, blonde kid with long, straight hair walked over to Starfire. "Hey Star."

"Oh. Hello, Sharpener." Starfire rolled her eyes. "What do you want?"

"I was wondering if you'd lose the geek and hang with us." He said, glaring at Gohan.

"Sorry Sharpener, you already have too many partners." Starfire said, "Maybe you should try and be Gohan's friend as well."

"He'd easily ruin my cool baby." Sharpener said, "Besides, I think you'd wanna hang around someone like me." Sharpener smirked. "I've got the big bucks."

"Is that how you got into this class?" Gohan asked, getting some chuckles from Sharpener's friends.

Sharpener grimaced and walked over to Gohan's desk. "Would you like to repeat that?"

"I said is that how you got into this class?" Gohan said, he and Sharpener having a bit of a stare down.

"Get out of here shrimp." Sharpener said, "Before me and my mates will have to make you."

"No, I actually like my spot." Gohan said, "Please leave me alone-"

"Apparently he's been used." Sharpened said, "He's been beaten like a bitch already."

"Leave him alone Sharpener." Starfire said, "Or I'll get the teacher."

"She's asleep hon," Sharpener said, "There is no helping you there." He turned back to Gohan. "In that case…" He cocked his fist back. "I'm just gonna have to knock you outta your seat!" He threw the punch.

Gohan grimaced and quickly leaned, dodging the punch. "You missed-"

"What's going on here?" Mrs. Oppenheim slowly walked over with a cane. "Sharpener and company sit down."

Sharpener looked Gohan up and down. "Don't think this is over, just because I botched one punch doesn't mean you get to be all high and mighty-"

"Sit down Sharpener." Mrs. Oppenheim said, shooing them to their seats.

"Sorry about him Gohan." Starfire said, "Nice reflexes." She said, "Do you practice any martial arts?" She interrogated, trying to reroute the conversation back to the similar bruise the Golden Warrior had. "Because that was pretty good."

"No no, just some basic self-defense classes." Gohan laughed nervously. "Me do martial arts? I just don't have the endurance."

Starfire just glared at the bruise. "I will talk about this later, now we have to finish this."

Gohan nodded and the two furiously worked through the worksheet. "Done…" Gohan said, turning in their worksheets with both of their names on it.

Mrs. Oppenheim gave him a crooked toothed grin. "Very good; you two work fast and efficiently." She leaned in towards Gohan. "Are you two a couple yet?" She whispered, "Eh? Eh?"

Gohan backed up and held up his hands. "No, just friends."

Mrs. Oppenheim smirked. "Okay, I'll stop bugging you." She handed him both his and Starfire's homework and pointed to their seats.

The two superheroes-in-secret finished their homework right before the bell rang. Starfire smirked. "So, about that bruise-"

"See you in seventh period Star!" Gohan said, running to second period.

Starfire pursed her lips. If that is how you must play it, then so be it.

Gohan looked at his schedule. "Alright, symphony with Mrs. Spurbeck is up next." He said to himself, going over his basic piano and harpsichord drills in his head. "Hopefully I can just hide it in the music books." He said to himself; Mrs. Spurbeck was short, chubby, had short blonde hair, brown eyes, and spoke in a southern drawl with a cello in her hand. She looked chipmunk like; she was adorable in a munchkin kind of way.

She tapped her microphone. "Howdy class, welcome to the Jump City junior Symphony, the top younglings' orchestra in the state of California. Now, I know y'all signed up for this here class, but you must audition. That's what we'll be doin' today people." She walked over to the practice rooms; the room itself was very large, with easily definable violin I, violin II, viola, cello, double-bass, saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, percussion, piccolo, and harp, tuba, and choir sections, along with one piano. "Newest students first; Gohan come up and show me what you can do."

Gohan nodded and headed towards the practice room. "Hey dude, what happened to your cheek?" Gohan turned around. The tall boy with the green skin, green hair and long, pointed ears asked, "Maybe you should go visit the nurse." He laughed. "That looks just like the bruise that Golden Warrior dude had!"

"Really? Wow, very interesting." Gohan laughed nervously, walking into one of the practice rooms with Mrs. Spurbeck, where a huge harpsichord sat in the room.

"Play a basic triple octave C major scale." Mrs. Spurbeck said, "Then a triple octave C-minor scale."

Gohan nodded and started playing, making short work of the scales. "Alright."

Mrs. Spurbeck pulled a musical piece off of her music stand she had been using to evaluate students. "Surely you've heard of this piece…" she said, placing the composition on Gohan's stand. "Brandenburg concerto number five in D major. If you decide to join Chamber you'll be playing this. This'll test your sight reading skills- unless you've played this before."

Gohan tried to remember all the pieces he has played. "I've looked at it a few times, but haven't really sat down and tried to figure it out. I was seven then."

Mrs. Spurbeck nodded. "I forgot to ask, how long have you been playing?"

"Since I was five," Gohan said, "So eleven years."

"Good." Mrs. Spurbeck said, writing on a student evaluation sheet on her stand. "Now play."

Gohan nodded. "Okay." He stretched his fingers then started playing, swiftly flying across the keys.

"Good, nice posture, good with shifting positions," She cringed as Gohan hit a series of wrong notes. "We still have things to work on. Very good; come to me after class to see if you've been accepted into the Jump city youth Symphony Orchestra."

Gohan nodded and handed the piece back to her. "I will."

"By the way," Mrs. Spurbeck felt the bruise on his cheek; it was beginning to heal, but it still throbbed. "Ouchie that looks painful."

"It still is painful." Gohan said, "I fell down some stairs."

Mrs. Spurbeck shrugged. "We all make mistakes." She poked her head out of the classroom. "Garfield, you're up!"

"Wish me luck guys." He said, holding his choir evaluation grades from last year. "Alright Spurb, I'm gonna show you what I can really do!"

Mrs. Spurbeck rolled her eyes. "Just get in here!"

Garfield smirked and walked into the practice room. "Alright, what do you want me to do?"

Mrs. Spurbeck smirked. "I'll ask you to do a series of tasks. First, low F!"

Garfield did so and belted out a low note. "Alright."

"Next, label the pitch classifications from lowest to highest scientific pitch notation!" She barked, "Thirty seconds: Go!"

"Um… bass, baritone, tenor, contralto, mezzo-soprano, soprano!" Garfield spat out, "Did I get them-"

"Next…" Mrs. Spurbeck spat out musical theory questions and pitch tests like rapid fire.

Garfield was nearly panting. "Is this the last one?"

"Correct; hold a high C for at least a minute!" Mrs. Spurbeck barked, "Go!"

Garfield swallowed hard. "That's not humanly possible!"

"Do you want to be in symphony or not?" Mrs. Spurbeck smirked. "There are others-"

"No!" Garfield took a deep breath and belted out the note, trying to lose air as slow as possible.

"Forty five seconds…" Mrs. Spurbeck said, seeing as Garfield was slowly using up all the air in his lungs. His face turned from green to a deep blue as he struggled to keep perfect pitch. "Five… four… three… two… one… zero… next!"

Garfield's eyes grew huge as he took in large, quick breaths, trying not to pant. "When- when will I- when will I know-"

"After class." Mrs. Spurbeck said flatly, "Next please!"

Garfield ran out with a huge look of triumph on his face. "It seems you did well." Gohan said, "I could hear you from inside." Gohan sat on the piano stool, giving Garfield a thumb up.

Garfield widely grinned. "Thanks dude! I'm Garfield." He extended his hand.

Gohan smiled and shook it. "I'm Gohan."

"Hey, what do you play?" Garfield asked, "You play piano right?"

Gohan nodded. "I've been playing for eleven years."

"Walk your talk dude!" Garfield said, "Play me a riff."

Gohan shrugged and turned around. He started to hit the same chords in a steady clapping rhythm. "Do you know this tune?" He said, playing a small, jazz-like riff with his right hand while his left played the chords.

Garfield laughed. "That's Bennie and the Jets dude!"

Gohan smiled and kept playing. "I've been learning the solo too." He said; his hands seemed to glide over the keys so smoothly like he had become part of the instrument he'd been playing.

"That's sweet dude!" Garfield said, humming the lyrics.

"Next!" Mrs. Spurbeck called, "Play some Jerry Lewis!" She requested, "Then I'll be impressed."

Gohan cracked his knuckles and fingers. "Alright."

"Dude, I was thinking of starting a band and I need a piano player." Garfield said, "Would you be… interested?"

"Well who else is in it?" Gohan asked, trying to avoid any situation with Sharpener.

"Well I uh, also need a drummer… and a guitarist or two or three… and a bass player…" Garfield laughed nervously.

"I'll think about it." Gohan said, "My mom might scold me for doing something other than studying or train- yeah. Studying."

Garfield smiled. "Thanks dude, you're a real pal."

"No prob dude, maybe ask around here for some others to be in your-" Gohan laughed. "Our band."

"Play some Justin Beiber!" A high pitched choir girl squealed.

I expected this to happen. Gohan thought as he hunched over a little bit. "Just this once." He said, playing the riff from "Baby", getting some screams from the girls. "Are you happy?"

"Now play Never say Never!" she yelled.

"Good message but no!" Gohan yelled.

Gohan and Garfield stuck after class. The duo walked up to Mrs. Spurbeck's desk, where the lady was furiously working on papers. "How did we do?"

Mrs. Spurbeck pulled out their evaluation letters. "Garfield…" she grimaced. "I'm sorry…"

Garfield's heart sank. "But- but I know I got everything-"

"You're first chair tenor." She grinned. "Gotcha."

Garfield's ears perked up. "Seriously? No kidding? That's freaking awesome!" Garfield exclaimed, pumping his fist in triumph.

"Now Gohan…" Mrs. Spurbeck put away his evaluation. "You're in. Welcome to the Jump City Youth Symphony Orchestra."

Gohan smiled. "Well alright; what pieces are we playing first?"

She shook her finger. "No spoilers!"

Gohan shrugged. "Come on, you just gotta tell us." Garfield said, "After all I am your favorite right?"

"Eh, no." Mrs. Spurbeck said, "Now go on. You guys have two minutes to get to third period and I have ten to get over to Jump Intermediate."

Gohan bowed and the two ran out of the classroom. Garfield checked his schedule. "Hey dude lemme check yours."

Gohan nodded and pulled out his schedule. "It looks like we have art class together."

"Sweet dude, catch you later." Garfield said, running to his third period class.