President Snow looked over the fan mail disgustedly. To everyone else in the room, receiving such high praise was a good thing. But their leader demanded better.
"Bring him," Was all he said. There was no doubt who he meant.

A team of specialists went deep into the heart of the Capital and brought forth Herald. On they way, the cleaned his wounds, freshened his appearance, and gave him as much morphling as was safe.

He stumbled into the rooom.

"That ending was weak," Snow spat, disgusted, "What am I supposed to show the people? A melted horn?"
Herald mumbled something incoherant.


"I said, 'the beginning' sir," Herald whispered. Snow ordered unnecessary personelle to leave.

"And by that..."
"I mean to say, that the predator is only the beginning. You should check out what I have in vault seven."

The president sent a group of Peacekeepers to the area.

"When the next Hunger Games begins, you'll have your show... trust me..."