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The war

Chapter 1: my new friends

Percy POV

I was walking down a street in LA, when I looked up to find myself at DOA studios. The entrance to the Underworld, I checked my pocket and knowing I had about 45 drachmas I walked in and said hi to Charon asking if he could ferry me across the river after placing 35 of my drachmas on his desk he gave in and agreed to my request. A few minutes of walking through the underworld I found myself at a fork in the road I could continue to hades palace or I could move on into tartarus and more than likely my death. Naturally I chose Tartarus and I eventually found the gate closed with kampé guarding it. I took riptide out and killed her before she could react and opened the gates of Tartarus only to see Kampé already reformed again on the other side but she bowed to me rather than trying to kill me and said

"I am at your service whenever you require it my master." this surprised me the most but I said "continue gaurding Tartarus until you are called." and she nodded then took her place just out side the gate. I continued deeper into the great chasm known as Tartarus until I saw a figure that I had only seen twice in my life. Before me stood Typhon father of all monsters. There was a bright flash behind me so I turned to see who it was and it turned out to be chaos himself who had told me to come here in a dream so I figured I should do as I was asked considering who had sent me. "Lord Chaos it's good to finally meet you in person." I say bowing low. "Perseus Jackson son of Poseidon I have heard much about you from those who dwell down here and I have a challenge for you. I want you to defeat Typhon singlehandedly of course I will give you my power to do so and if you succeed you will have the loyalty of all monsters to do your bidding you will be the master of monsters and even the great Typhon will bow before you and answer only when called upon by you. Now Typhon break your chains and wreak havoc upon Los Angelos." as he said this the chains holding Typhon down shattered and his essence returned to the world above as Chaos began to break up as well before drifting into my body causing me to feel even more powerful than the gods which I suppose being chaos now I was actually more powerful than the gods. I teleported back to the surface to find Typhon destroying the city. I used my new powers to create a giant of darkness the color of midnight and I seeped into it giving me control and I saw I was as tall as Typhon if not larger. I thought about rip tide being in my hand and a huge copy of riptide grew into existance in my giants hand. I slashed at Typhon causing a deep cut and blasted him with power causing him to fall backwards before I plunged my sword into his skull as he began to dissolve something seemed to stop him and he rose back to his full height before bowing before me showing that I had his allegiance before returning to Tartarus awaiting my call as he did this I heard surprised gasps behind me and as I turned I saw the 12 beings I had hoped never to see again. Behind me stood the gods of Olympus staring at me in shock I shrunk back to my original form and began to walk away when I saw that every monster in Tartarus had been released just to allow them to bow to me pledging their allegiance before being sent back and then Tartarus himself walked up to me and told me "congratulations kid I have a gift for you as well I am giving you the same thing that chaos gave you" he said before once again breaking down and entering my chest giving me another power boost. Afterwards I fainted from having so much power be given to me so quickly. I heard someone call my name before I hit the ground and knew nothing more.