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Six Months Later

Holly Short looked down at her left hand, smiling. On her ring finger there was the most beautiful ring that she had ever seen. It had a beautiful gold band. On top of that there were four green oak leaves, made out of emeralds. In the direct center of the oak leaves, there was nestled a beautiful acorn made out of diamond. Around the edge was written, 'Ilex Est Me Potestas,' or 'Holly is my power.'

The ring was very beautiful, but it wasn't the reason that she had said yes; she had said yes, because she loved him. It had been a month ago that she had had the best birthday ever. Yeah, it hadn't started out all that well, but it had ended perfectly. She wondered what the council would say when they found out that Disasteress Rage Fear-Striker Gunner was getting married to a mudman. Artemis Timothy Fowl the second to be precise.

She giggled to herself. Well, they'd be finding out soon enough. She lifted her hand to her mouth and gently kissed the ring, something that had become a bit of a habit to her, it gave her a sense of good luck.

Right now, she knew that she would really need it, along with patience. First, Juliet, Mrs. Fowl, and a special wedding dress designer were going to measure her. (She was wearing a hazel contact, and her ears were magically made less pointy.) Then, she had to pick out a dress design and what colors she wanted for the bridesmaid dresses. She had already chosen three bridesmaids and a maid of honor. The maid of honor was Caballine. The bridesmaids were Lili Frond, Juliet Butler, and her own daughter, Biobomb Gunner.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the 'dress team' entering. Holly reluctantly removed her outer garments, and allowed them to measure her. The dress maker, after looking over the measurements, exclaimed that Holly was both the smallest and thinnest person that she had ever measured for a wedding dress.

Once Holly had redressed herself, a huge magazine pile was brought over. Holly began flipping through the magazines. Finally, she found one that was o.k. It didn't have frills, bows, or very much lace. Also, no sequins, glitter, or puffy sleeves. She immediately knew the colors. A dark green dress, dark blue trim, and a black slash. Green for LEPrecon, blue for LEPretrieval, and black for Sector eight.

Holly gave a little sigh, she missed the LEP. Even if they had handed her over to the GESF, they had been her family. Hopefully, Biobomb still had a chance, even if her mother was clinically insane.

Holly shuddered. The memories of the Gunners, the GESF, Argon's clinic, and the mob were still fresh in her mind. Almost every night, she had horrible nightmares. Occasionally, Holly's headache would come back. It was more like a migraine, really. It was so painful, that she had to stop whatever she was doing and sit down. Whenever it happened, she couldn't even think. Whenever she had a nightmare or a headache, Artemis would go to her, sit her down, take her hands, and talk to her.

He was the only person who could entirely calm her down. That was one of the reasons that she loved him, he helped her through all of her troubles. Whenever it was the memory of an experiment, a torture device, the brands, or the feeling of her own weight forcing a strong cord to crush her windpipe, Artemis could just talk soothingly to her, and she would entirely calm down. She would cling to him for a few minutes, though, not wanting to leave his comforting presence.

Everyone was busy with the wedding. Butler and Juliet carefully worked on decorating the entire manor. One day when everyone was busy, Mr. Fowl walked into the room where everyone was decorating.

"This is horrible," he exclaimed.

"What is?" asked about everyone.

"Over the past week, eleven people have been murdered; all in the near vicinity. I don't want anybody going outside unless they have one of the Butlers with them."

Lots of worried mutterings.

"How," asked Butler. "How did they die?"

"All of the bodies were mutilated with knives and bullet wounds all over the body. Each of them were found outside, so at least this crazed murderer hasn't entered a house left. All of the knife wounds are deep, wielded by a strong person. It seems that the gun was only used to slow the person, but apparently left conscious until they could be killed with the knife. Every person was found with their eyes wide open and the lift eye gone, gouged out with a knife."

Everyone gasped in horror.

"Why hasn't this person been caught yet?" asked Angeline, looking over her husbands shoulder. "Oh my, one of the people killed today only lives half a mile from here."

"Again," said Mr. Fowl. "No one is to go outside without a Butler, and only two people per Butler."

Everyone nodded, extremely worried by this turn of events, especially only four months before the wedding.

Two nights later, just after the sun set, there was a knock on the door.

"Open up in the name of the Lower Elements Police."

Everyone who had been in the living room, two rooms away, quickly leapt to their feet. Butler immediately walked over and pulled the massive oak door open.

'This can't be good,' thought Holly upon seeing her former boss, Trouble Kelp enter the manor, followed by a whole lot of LEP boys. They all pointed their neutrinos at her.

"What do you want," asked Mrs. Fowl. "Why are you here?"

Trouble pointed at Holly. "She knows why we're here."

"Well, half of her does," said one of the retrieval boys with a nasty laugh.

"What are you talking about?" asked Holly.

Trouble rolled his eyes. "The seventeen humans that have died in the last week and a half; they were killed with silver knives and bullets. Also, one of them had this on his jacket." He held up a hair. "It's yours. Disasteress Rage Gunner, you are under arrest."

She was grabbed, a straightjacket forced on her. The elf looked pleadingly at Artemis.

Artemis stood up. "Commander Kelp, will she receive a trial?"

"Yes, of course, that is our law."

"Does she have a lawyer?"

"Well, no, not yet."

"Then she has one now."


"She has a lawyer, I am her lawyer."

"Al-alright, I'll inform the council of this."

They were dragging her out the door, when Angeline stood up. "Hey, you can't take her away; the wedding is in less than four months."

Trouble blinked at her. "What?"

"The wedding; it's in less than four months."

"Who's wedding?"

Angeline sighed. "Her wedding, you idiot. Who made you head of the fairy army?"

Trouble looked shocked and insulted at having been challenged on his status by a mudwoman.

"The council did. And who is getting married?"


Trouble sputtered.

"No, of course not," she exclaimed. "My son of course; he proposed on her birthday."

The entire LEP just stood there gaping at her.

"She, she's marrying Fowl," the commander sputtered.

"Yes if that is my son."

"Artemis Fowl?"

"No, Beckett. Of course she's marrying Arty."

"Mother, calm down," said Artemis. "I'm sure that Holly will be back before it harms the wedding. Everyone else can continue with preparations."

"Why didn't I know of this," demanded Trouble.

"I swear," said Artemis. "I almost rolled my eyes. You didn't know because you weren't invited. We have already told the council, and relevantly, they have agreed. Hasn't Foaly asked for a day off yet, he is my best man."

Trouble sputtered. "He did, but when I asked why, he just laughed at me."

"Alright, you may leave now."

Furious, Trouble dragged Holly out to the awaiting shuttle. She spent a very uncomfortable ride there in the prisoner's bay. They stopped, and she was informed that they would stay in the shuttle for quite some time. Holly fell asleep.

By the time she woke up, it was daytime. They were moving into Haven city. Holly was glad that they were trying a different tactic. Most of Haven was asleep, and they did not know that she was coming; so it would be very unlikely that she would be mobbed.

Holly felt fury ripple through her as they stopped in front of Haven Prison. She managed to suppress the rage by thinking of Artemis.

"Until the trial, you shall be placed in a holding cell. Every mealtime you will be going into a mess hall; where there are other prisoners. If you harm anybody, you will be going into the special confinement cell made by Foaly. That cell is only four feet high, and four feet long."

Holly shuddered with claustrophobia. They pulled her in.

"We've got a new suspect for the holding cell."

"What is her size?"

"A three and a half."

She was handed an orange jumpsuit.

"Keep an eye on her. This is Disasteress Rage Gunner. She's marrying Artemis Fowl in a few months."

"Y-yes sir."

Once changed, she was pushed into a cell that had several beds, three of which were occupied. There were two boys and a girl.

"Ooh, looky," said the bigger guy. "It's a new one. What'd you do sweetheart; 'cause whatever it was, I'm glad that you did it."

"I'm innocent," she snarled.

"Don't believe you. You're way to pretty to not have done anything."

"Get out of my personal space, or I'll shove your tongue up your *censored*."

"Ha ha, this one fights," he crowed to his buddy, who grinned and snickered.

"Don't try me, I will do it."

"Just ignore them," said the girl.

"I'm Alicia, I'm a thief. Do I recognize you?"

"Probably, I used to be in the LEP. Then they found out that I'd killed before. The whole place went nuts. But that's not why I'm here; I haven't killed in months."

She sat down on a bed and pulled the blanket over herself.

"Please be quiet, I've had a long night."

She instantly fell asleep.

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