Dreams and Memories

In which a dream awakens a memory

Kate Dyer was restless. She tossed and turned on her bed, red hair splayed over her pillow and sheets tangled around her legs. She was dreaming, and even though her dreams were shifted and blurring together as they always did, there was a strange sense of truth to them. As if instead of dreams they were in fact memories. At times it felt so real that Kate believed she was there. The emotions she felt were powerful and genuine. The people were distinct, where as usually in dreams they had no faces and no personalities.

She sat up with a start and stared at her arms, for some reason expecting them to look strange and unusual – although she wasn't sure why. She looked around her familiar room as she recalled her dream. Even though she knew it was impossible, the dream felt as if it had taken place over weeks, maybe even years. So much had happened. Kate lay back down, hoping to sleep more restfully this time. As she drifted off, she wondered why the boy Peter had been so important in her dream.

When Kate woke up the next morning, the dream was still fresh in her mind. So much so that she decided that she had to talk to Peter. Even though she had just met him the day before, she suddenly felt that it was vital to speak with him. After a quick talk with her mother, Kate got Peter's phone number. Margrit answered and said she would go wake Peter up.

"Hello?" Peter's voice, although sleepy and obviously annoyed, made Kate feel comforted. It took her a moment to reply.

"Good morning, Peter… It's Kate."

"Kate?" She could tell he was confused about why she would bother calling him. "What is it?"

Kate suddenly faltered. How could she tell a boy she hardly knew that she had had vivid dreams about him all night?

"Kate?" Peter asked again, and this time it sounded like a prompt.

"I… I had a dream," Kate blurted out. Once started, she couldn't stop herself. She explained the whole dream in detail, not missing a single instant. After she was done, there was a long, drawn out silence over the phone. Kate grew nervous and almost hung up before Peter spoke.

"Kate. I had the same dream. That happened."

And suddenly she remembered.


All over the world and all through time, people were having odd dreams. In London, Anjali dreamt of a mouse, and a boy who she felt strangely affectionate towards. Alice imagined an English Lord with a hunger for knowledge about the past. Joe Carrick dreamed about shooting Ned Porter. Mr. Schock could have sworn he had been arrested during the French Revolution. Hannah saw herself taking care of two children, and watching one grow up. Inspector Wheeler dreamed about a mystery. Tom and Sidney both pictured beautiful girls, but neither could think of a name to go with her. The Marquis de Montfaron thought of a machine which, with the press of a button, could tell him anything he wanted to know. Megan dreamt of a strange message carved into a wall. Sergeant Thomas saw himself by a freezing river on a dark winter night. Queen Charlotte imagined a boy with strange stories who grew to be a close friend. Sir Richard and the Parson dreamed of fighting the Tar Man. Dr. Dyer woke up in a cold sweat after dreaming of losing his daughter. The only people who didn't dream were Gideon and his brother Nathaniel, who remembered the events clearly.

Everyone the next morning woke up remembering only snippets of their dreams and dismissing them. Only Peter Schock and Kate Dyer remembered their whole dreams, because they knew the truth.