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Chapter One- I Just Wanted Some Milk

Santana Lopez rolled her eyes exaggeratedly, huffing loudly at the screaming four-year old further down the isle who was throwing one loud ass tantrum because he couldn't get a box of Lucky Charms.

Seriously, she was willing to pick up the damn box right now and buy it for him just to get the little leprechaun to shut his trap.

Or she could always go over there and pick up a box just to spite the scream machine.

Nah, too much effort and time on her part.

She averted her focus back onto the task at hand, getting some milk and heading back home in time to watch the newest episode of Jersey Shore.

So she didn't have a kick ass social life, but why would she need one when she could have Snookie as her best friend?

Sunbathing and getting drunk all day, yet for some reason still going out and covering herself in a fake tan that would make an oompa loompa proud.

Yeah. Point Proven.

She scanned the isles lazily as she passed them, barely suppressing the urge to grab nearly everything that looked remotely tasty. That was the problem with the Latina, she would always come in for one thing and leave with enough junk food to make even Fat Albert cringe.

Finally coming upon the diary isle, she shivered slightly as she pulled the freezer door open, reaching blindly to grab the first jug of milk her hand could find. It never really mattered to her whether she was drinking one percent, two percent, whole milk, or whatever variation of cow juice they had.

Either way the shit was a cow's bodily fluid. If you could get past that logic, did anything else really matter?

She turned swiftly on her heels and practically hauled some serious ass to get to the cash register. She had ten minutes until Pauly D rocked her world.

In her rush to indulge herself in mind-numbing television, she barely had time to register the blonde woman turning into the isle the moment she was exiting, colliding into her head on.

Santana practically bounced off of the stranger, shooting a hand up to rub her wounded forehead, wincing noticeably at the dull pain.

Jesus, was this person made of steel?

"You wanna watch where the fuck you're going, Einstein?" Santana snapped in the general vicinity of no one, not taking the time to register who it even was she bumped into, let alone acknowledge that the collision was in fact her own fault.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't even paying attention, are you okay? I'm kinda navigating around this place blind." A soft voice rang out, laced with panic and an English accent that had Santana snapping her neck toward its owner.

You know in cartoons where said character's jaw drops unceremoniously at the site of a beautiful girl?

Well who would have fucking known Santana Lopez had just stepped into her very own animation studio.

Standing before her, a few inches taller Santana might add, was a beautiful blonde with the most enticing pair of blue eyes she had ever seen before. They were so light and playful, shielded by thin-wired glasses and a hint of worry flickering across the striking orbs. That was most likely because some random brunette almost just ripped her a new one because of an accident that was clearly not her fault.

Well, Santana didn't think it was her fault either.

She settled on blaming the still screaming ( seriously, just get the kid his damn cereal) toddler.

It was the easiest thing to do in this situation.

"Miss?" There was that sexy voice again. Wait, what?

Back it up, Santana thought, just because she's British doesn't make her sexy.

No, but the fact that the blonde was simply radiating gorgeousness was not helping her inner musings.

A gentle prodding against her shoulder snapped her back into reality.

"Huh?" Santana asked, still dazed by the woman in her presence.

Blue eyes, as Santana had so cleverly nicknamed her, chuckled softly but still had a weary expression tapered onto that angelic face. "Oh thank god, I thought I broke you there for a second."

Santana snapped her jaw back into place and just shook her head quickly, not trusting her own voice.

They stood in an awkward silence, both clearly waiting for the other to speak first. It took a few moments, but finally the blonde gave in.

"Yeah so, sorry about running into you like that. I guess I'll be on my way-"

"Santana." The brunette blurted out rather loudly, causing the blonde to jump in surprise.

"What was that?"

"I said, uh," Santana cleared her throat and swallowed thickly, "Santana. My name is Santana." She mentally face-palmed at how lame she must have sounded.

Come on, Lopez! Cue your inner Jersey Shore!

On second thought, maybe channeling your inner douchebag might not be the best solution right now.

The beaming, toothy smile that worked its way onto Blue Eyes made her outburst so fucking worth it.

"I'm Brittany Pierce, nice to meet you, Santana." Brittany stuck her hand out instantly and waited patiently for the flustered Latina to accept it.

"Yeah uh, nice to meet you too," Santana murmured, taking the pale hand in her own tan one, eyes widening slightly at the tingles erupting from the simple gesture.

"Again, I'm really sorry about running into you before. I just got in last week and this bloody town and all its shops still confuse me somewhat." The blonde rambled, taking back her hand to gesture rapidly in the air.

Santana would never admit it out loud, because she wasn't no damn pansy, but she missed the warmth of the smooth hand that was in hers only moments ago.

But the way Brittany was gesturing crazily right now, was again, totally worth it.

Usually Santana called girls like Brittany hot or sexy, but now, really looking at her, the one word ringing out above all others was simply adorable.

"It's seriously fine, don't worry about it," Santana offered, a smile slowly tugging at her lips, "So you just moved here?"

Was it weird to start a conversation with someone you nearly trampled? Probably. Did Santana care in that moment? Hell to the no.

"Yeah, I'm from Goldbridge, over in British Columbia. Los Angeles is so different from back home. Did you know people drive on the right side of the road here? Is that even legal?"

Santana couldn't help but laugh at the horrified look adorning the blonde's face. "Very much so, sadly. Well, if you ever need a tour guide, I'd be happy to show you around." There you go, Lopez! Own that confidence, work it!

"I might just have to take you up on that offer sometime," Brittany paused to wink and Santana swore she felt her heart stop right then and there. She watched as the blonde glanced down at the adorable mickey mouse watch attached to her wrist before light eyes met hers again.

"It was really nice meeting you, Santana, but I'm afraid I have to get going. Gotta grab the rest of my groceries and keep my clan fed." Brittany joked lightly, rolling her eyes in exasperation. She somehow found herself not wanting to leave the shorter Latina's presence.

Santana visibly deflated at this, shoulders slumping and a small whoosh of air escaping through her plump lips. Clan? That meant Brittany lived with someone. Possibly a boyfriend?

At this the brunette smacked herself internally. She had literally just met the girl and was already worrying if she was taken? Brittany was simply gorgeous, English, and adorable beyond words.

That meant nothing...right?


"Oh, okay," Santana fought to keep all hints of disappointment out of her tone, " It was nice meeting you too. Maybe we'll run into each other again?" She tried hopefully, almost afraid of the response.

"I look forward to it," The blonde offered, smiling brightly once more before offering a shy wave and brushing past Santana down the isle, disappearing as she turned left toward the produce section.

What the fuck just happened?

She felt a buzzing against her thigh and dug her fingers into her back pocket, emerging momentarily with her cell phone. One new text message.

From Quinn Fabray (6:23 P.M.): Fuck Satan, this is the best episode of Jersey yet! Did you see the look on Pauly D's face? Fucking classic!

Santana actually face-palmed this time, with a force hard enough to knock her backwards a few steps. She missed her show, after all that effort!

Her thoughts traveled back to the beautiful blonde woman who had been in her presence not too long ago, wishing she had asked for her number or at least invited her for some coffee.

You know, maybe it was worth missing the educational show one time.

All Santana wanted today was to get some damn milk.

She guessed a gorgeous English woman would definitely do as well.

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