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Chapter Three- Just Text Her Already

"Seriously, Santana, you've been staring at your phone for hours now. If you're going to text the crumpet, just do it already!"

Clearly Quinn was looking to be drop kicked in the throat right about now.

Santana narrowed her eyes dangerously and glared daggers at her blonde best friend who was currently lounging across her couch, feet propped up and crossed lazily on her coffee table.

It's not like she puts her food there or anything.

That would be ludicrous.

"Alright, Tubbers," Santana leaned forward in the recliner and raised an eyebrow. "Unless you want to wake up tomorrow morning covered in peanut butter and jelly with the soundtrack of Wicked playing in the background, I'd remove your feet from my furniture, entendido?"

Quinn's hazel eyes widened into saucers as she hurriedly lifted her feet from their previous spot, sitting up straight and stiff.

Santana knew that would get her. It only needed to happen once, and the blonde had learned her lesson.

Holy fuck, she never realized how weird their friendship was until now.

Ah, well. Beggars can't be choosers.

"And second of all," she continued, taking a large gulp out of her wine cooler, "I was not fucking staring at my phone. I was looking at my sexy self in the reflection, okay? I'm hot, I can't help it."

Oh yeah, she was smooth. Like a baby's bottom.

Ew. Well now she felt like a pedophile.

Truth is, Santana had been staring at Brittany's number for the better part of two days. She knew she was supposed to have texted the blonde her number as well, but she felt like some pansy ass coward if she didn't make the first move.

You know, she actually kinda did. If you count informing Brittany of milk's breast-enhancing qualities.

Which it totally does have.

Santana drinks milk all day and she basically grows her own cantaloupes.

Wait, how did this go from...you know what, no. Not even going there.

Quinn shook her head affectionately at the glazed over look in Santana's eyes, which was almost always present lately.

But not when she was talking about Brittany.

Oh, hell no.

Santana turned to high alert on that certain subject.

"I don't see what's so different about this one, you're like the Tiger Woods of our generation." Quinn paused thoughtfully for a moment. "But like, without the sex addiction and wife and golfing skills."

...so how exactly did this relate back to her again?

Santana briefly wondered how many drinks Quinn had consumed in the past hour.

Eh, so long as she didn't puke on her nice carpet, it wasn't her problem.

She didn't dignify that with a response because, come on. What the hell do you say back to that? Thank you?

Santana glanced down at her contacts once more, one finger hovering above the name that had been stuck in her head for over a week now.

Sighing heavily, she pressed down and nearly had a damn heart attack when the template for a new message came up.

Okay, so far so good!

Jesus, she felt like she was running a marathon with all this panting she was doing.

And why the hell was Quinn acting like her wheezing was normal? What if she was having a panic attack or something?

She'd die and come back simply to finish her message and haunt the hell out of Quinn.

Shit. She was beginning to sound way too much like Rachel Berry for her liking.

Or anyone's liking, really.

It was just a big hot mess.

Hey, I know it's been awhile since we last spoke but I've been busy. You've been on my mind though-

She quickly erased what she had written and blushed for the third time that week.

She didn't want to come across as a creepy stalker woman.

Even if she was being pretty creepy.

Whatever, she's still hot.

Hey, Brittany. It's Santana from the milk isle. Learn to make toast yet?

That's more like it! Sarcastic yet normal. She still fucking had it after all this time.

She clicked send and glanced back up at her-

"Quinn?" She called out cautiously, finding the blonde missing.

How did she not even notice her leave the room? Brittany really did make her more out of it than two six-packs of beer.

She inwardly sighed happily.

That was a great night.

Back to the matter at hand, though!

"Fabray?" She tried once again, a little louder. "I swear to god, I'll kick your ass if you're trying to scare me."

She was about to get up from her comfortable seat when she heard a loud snore coming from the direction of the dining room table, her head twisting slightly to be met with the sight of Quinn slouched over and face mashed up against the table's surface, mouth hanging open.

Santana was pretty sure there was nothing in her house that was at least somewhat sanitary anymore.

And she was clearly right about Quinn having one too many. But she'd deal with that later.

Because right now there was a buzzing in her lap and it was getting her excited.

And it wasn't even that kind of buzzing!

She squinted at her phone's screen and her heart lurched at the sight before her.

One New Message: Brittany (8:34 P.M.)

Hi! I was starting to think I scared you off. Sadly I have not mastered the art of the bread we call toast. It's a hard knock life for me.

Santana chuckled out loud, charmed by this bubbly woman she had met only a week or so prior. She realized that when she so much as thought about this semi-stranger, the goofy grin never left her face.

To Brittany (8:37 P.M.): It's okay, but is it true?

From Brittany (8:46 P.M.): Did I miss something or am I just going bonkers?

To Brittany (8:47 P.M.): You can tell the truth, Brittany. Do you get kicked instead of kisses? If that's the case, we can get you help. Life alert is what you need.

From Brittany (8:50 P.M.): You so get me. Aha:P Is it weird if I say I've missed you? We should get together sometime soon.

Santana gulped heavily and tried to squash the feeling of hope that was beginning to grow in her chest. She has just met the girl, and she wasn't even sure if she was gay. Why get her hopes up for something that might not even have the chance to start?

Her thoughts were interrupted by another buzzing in her hand.

From Brittany (8:59 P.M.): I'm sorry, that was way too forward. You don't have to say yes to that.

What? No! That was the last thing she wanted to do, she wanted in with this girl!

She wanted to get it in with Brittany!


To Brittany (9:01 P.M.): No, no! I'm definitely down for a good cup of coffee. I know this amazing place, I'd be glad to take you there. Free tomorrow?

From Brittany (9:05 P.M.): For you, always. It'll be totally nice to get out of the house. I'll have to make some calls though and get back to you on what time.

This made the brunette stop for a moment. She hardly knew anything about Brittany, but she couldn't forget everything that she did know. That included the mysterious phone calls and tight schedules that had plagued the blonde every moment they had been together.

Okay, so they were really only together for a total of half an hour in all the time they knew each other, but it was basically slow motion for Santana.

Baywatch had nothing on Brittany and her, bitches.

Still, she couldn't help but be curious as to why Brittany seemed to pressed for time. And who was it she lived with? Her heart sunk significantly at the idea that Brittany did, in fact, have a boyfriend. She had never asked straight up, which would be kinda fucking weird honestly since they had just met, but maybe Brittany could be this touchy feely with everyone.

No. She refused to believe it.

Santana Lopez knew in that very second that she was going to win this beautiful English woman, with everything that she had.

To Brittany (9:14 P.M.): Sounds like a date!

And a date is what she so badly fucking wished it would be.

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