Like many, I was unsatisfied with the ending of Princess Tutu- this is my version of how the story ends... And maaybee goes on!

Recap: Their chariot was pulled away swifty, trailing specs of light and into the sky. Mytho and Rue would most definitely live their happily ever after.

And that's great and all... But what about the duck?

Okay, granted, hanging out around Fakir was great, but things got quiet- often. But I mean, you can't blame him really, because how much can you say to just a little duckling?

Love could not be possible beyond the "owner & pet" relationship, and in Duck's mind, and it soon became so that it was not enough for either of them.

One peaceful day, weeks after Drosselmyer's preferred ending was ruined, Duck was swimming in the lake whilst Fakir was doing his daily story writing. Honing his story-writing skills as he always had on the dock became something of a daily task to him now. He wanted to make it so that he could become a better writer, in case he had to ever use his abilities again.

Duck restlessly swam, slipping under the water for a few moments before floating back up to the surface and repeating this until she was tired.

This just so happened to be the day when the little air-headed duckling, began to get the nagging feeling that she did not get the fair end of this bargain.

Sure Fakir stayed by my side after the story ended... Duck began to think, glancing up slyly out of the corner of her eyes, at the dark haired boy writing with a stoic expression on a sheet of parchment.

"Fakir," She wanted to speak his name to badly, and although what she heard was indeed Fakir's name- what Fakir could only hear was a loud 'Quack', which had been loud enough to startle him for a moment in thinking that something was wrong.

"Jeez Duck, please try not to be so loud." He mumbled glancing to Duck for only a moment, not unkindly, and went eagerly back to his writing.

But he can never hear me now...

In this gap when Duck reverted back to her true form, she and Fakir seemed to grow further and further a part. I mean really? How could there have ever been a good story about a man who loved a duckling? Despite how nice it sounded, reality was never so kind.

Knowing they could never truly embrace or talk... It just didn't turn out to be the happy ending which most dreamed of..

Once upon a time there was a girl who gave up everything for ones she cared about... After giving and giving all she had there came day when she had nothing left. The girl would wither away slowly even then, giving people anything she could... Until she finally died.

I sat up breathing heavily from where I slept, before realizing I had only been dreaming. The train whistle blew, indicating that I was arriving at Gold Crown Town. My aunt and uncle lived here and because of family issues, it seemed that I would be living here for a while.

Lately though, ever since Gold Crown Town had been mentioned to me- I would have these strange dreams of horrible sad and short fairy-tale stories.

With a sigh, I watched as landscape moved by slowly as the train pulled into the station.

I felt this strange feeling, it was as if I was meant to be here. A ridiculous thought, really..

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