A/N: This is a Humanstuck story FYI. It will also be in Kanaya's POV, but a little backstory was needed, so consider this the prologue. This is also my fist fanfiction, so any criticism is appreciated, though constructive criticism is preferred. For some reason this pairing has inspired me moreso than any other pairing I love, so I'm trying my hand at writing them. This will be a multi-chaper fic, and I will try to update as often as I can.

Also, I do not own Homestuck, I'm simply borrowing a few characters and tweaking them slightly.


Vriska Serket was pacing around her room, majorly freaking out. She had just received a call from her landlord telling her that another tenant had complained against her, and seeing as this was her eighth strike, he had to kick her out. Mentally she tried to figure out who lodged the complaint against her. She figured it was that idiot Tavros Nitram, the wimp that lived under her. Sure, she had threatened him a few times, but everyone knew she was notorious for making threats that she'd never see through. Just because he was a cripple didn't mean she was going to discriminate and not toy with him too. She had also just been fired from her job at a local bar for "inappropriate conduct". In other words, she had told a customer to "go fuck himself" after he had given her a hard time the entire night, while simultaneously constantly hitting on her. He was a creep, someone had to tell him off, and Vriska seemed to be the only one willing to. So now she was jobless, and in five days she'd be homeless.

A sharp pain in her foot interrupted her internal freak out. She looked down to see that she had kicked a "magic" eight ball into the wall, where it broke and spilled all over the blue rug. God, she had such awful luck! Just as she went to pick up the broken pieces her doorbell rang.

"Now what?" Deciding to leave the eight ball for later she walked out of her bedroom into the living room/kitchen of her one bedroom apartment. Opening the door she saw no one was there. Growling she went to slam the door, but noticed a small package sitting on the ground. Maybe her luck had changed after all. Picking up the package, she walked over to her blue couch and fell heavily into the cushions.

Examining the package she found no return address, and the nondescript cardboard didn't give any hints either. Shrugging, Vriska ripped off the tape and opened the box. Nestled in a pile of packing peanuts was a magic eight ball. "Seriously…" she muttered, knowing that she already had plenty of these things in her closet. Picking up the toy she decided on a whim to ask it a question. After all, what was the point of these things if you didn't use them every once in a while.

"So, is my luck ever going to change?" She asked the first thing that came to her mind, while staring to the large "8" printed onto the black plastic. Flipping the ball over she saw the small blue triangle settle against the viewing screen.

Revenge is a bitch, just like you

"What the hell?" The message pissing her off, she almost chucked the thing across the room, deciding it was just a prank, when she heard the ball click. Curious, she looked at it once again, before the little toy exploded, and everything went black.