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Vampire Knight Destiny

(Continued from Guilty 13...)

By this time Shima's terrible headache has long passed and she worked diligently on taking notes until the bell rang, and she headed to her Third period class, which for her was Gym. She followed the other girls into the locker room to change into her gym uniform. She did so silently, as she had been for majority of the day. She realized that she didn't really know anyone other than Ayumei. Shima tried decided talk with the girls around her /I'm not really sure what to say to start up a conversation./

she listened in on the conversations around her, hoping to find a topic she could be involved in. Around her she heard conversations about the test scores last year and how they planned to improve or the raking the planned to get, she heard the usual conversations about their plans for the dance, and strange enough, she heard talk of a classroom that was rumored to be haunted. Shima wasn't really into ghosts, but haunted classrooms and other tales of poltergeist is odd enough to make anyone curious.

"I hear the teacher who taught there died in the middle of class mysteriously" Shima turned to the speaker who seemed familiar; she was a tall fair-skinned brunette.

"I hear that they tried to host some type of club in that room, and each day something of theirs went missing. Later when their stuff was found, it was in a pile in his room in the old teachers' dorms" Said another girl with glasses, who had longer nearly black hair braided down to her waist and was a bit shorter than the brunette. The girls gasped and some of the others exchanged looks of disbelief. Shima knew nothing of this tale, so simply enjoyed listening. The tall brunette turned to Shima; she had left her current conversation to talk to her, who seemed to be secluded from any conversations. When the brunette faced Shima, she was able to recognize her from her first period class; she had often seen her talking with the other girls a row in front of her.

"Hi" said the brunette, hoping to spark a conversation.

"Hi" Shima responded.

"I thought you looked bored, I just wanted to let you know that you can join us if you'd like" the brunette said getting down to the point.

"I didn't think that I'd be much to add to the conversation, I know nothing about ghosts, even thought the haunted class room did sound interesting" said Shima.

"Oh alright, I'm Tsukuii by the way" said the brunette.

Shima nodded and responded "I'm Shima."

Tsukuii nodded and walked back to her locker to put her clothes in, the other girls did the same. Shima had locked her things up long before then and just wanted to wait to hear the rest of the conversation. Back in their shared dorm Ayumei, twisted in a jumble of sheets falls out of bed, finally waking her from her sleep. Without noticing she had slept through majority of the day, and somehow still felt she might get some more sleep in the next few hours.

/I can't leave the dorm, then it would seem like I was skipping class?/ She thought to herself. She looked around the room for something to occupy her time as she waited to the day to end.

/I hope she doesn't try to drag me out of the dorm to find the library again/ Ayumei thought to herself lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

She put her hand on the line of charms around her neck. There is another presence within her subconscious, which has been there for majority of her life, gradually getting stronger in preparation of breaking through the hold of the charms. When that presence breaks through the charms it takes over Ayumei's body and takes control of all of Ayumei's abilities, some of which Ayumei doesn't even know she has yet. The line of charms also acts as a medium, allowing Ayumei access to some of her abilities through the power of the presence without letting it through completely. Ayumei turned on her side and closes her eyes, hoping to pass the time with more sleep.

"I wonder what made me so tired" Ayumei asked herself aloud, /"hopefully I don't become restless tonight"/

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