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~°•°~7 Days~°•°~

Chapter One: The Mysterious 'Wizard'

~Astro's Point Of View~

Huh, no trouble going on around here... Nothing there either... That doesn't count as dangerous, does it?... Nope, it doesn't. Neither does that, I thought to myself as I flew slowly around Metro City near the blazing sunset, watching closely around for any trouble going on, or patrolling the city as the others put it. Squinting my eyes to look off into the distance, I saw nothing out of the ordinary or something that might go as a threat to anyone. It had been quite a while since I started patrolling, and by the looks of it there wasn't going to be any trouble anytime soon. Sighing, I turned around towards a different direction. Now I was starting to regret turning down Cora and the others when they asked me to hang out with them earlier, declining as I explained I needed to go around and patrol.

Patrol WHAT?! There was barely anything going on right now in the city what with everyone staying indoors today. There was nothing to see, nothing to do, and frankly nothing to fight because why? There was just nothing going on!

I didn't know why I was mentally complaining in my head though. Its not like it was unexpected. I knew the sacrifices of being a hero would kind of mess some things up, like my social life for example. I knew that already and yet I had taken the title as the city's hero willingly. Not that I was regretting doing so, because trust me I wasn't, but sometimes it was just hard and tough being the hero. Not only that, but being a robot wasn't exactly a stroll in the park either.

Being a robot wasn't exactly a horrible thing but... Well, sometimes I just wished I wasn't what I was. I knew I was special with my abilities, able to feel emotions, and all that, and I really did like who I was. MOST of the time... At times I just wished I could be human. Be normal like everyone else was. It was indeed a fact that I was special and unique, but that doesn't mean I was normal like the others. Being a machine had its ups and downs. These days I was having more of the downs than ups, and to be honest I wasn't liking it. I found myself wanting to be a human more than anything else. Call me crazy for thinking that when I had so many advantages as a robot, but I just didn't care. I wanted to be normal. Be human, but obviously I couldn't. The human me was dead and there was nothing I could do.

It seems my running thoughts of longing to be human were only making me more aggravated as I found myself clenching my fists and my rockets were starting to become more wild, having me flying faster. I groaned and slowed down as I turned downward and started to near the ground. As soon as I was near to floor I flipped over upward and landed with a thud as my rockets automatically went away and my feet came back. I sighed and started walking down the street, not even knowing where I was because I had been too distracted to simply check mysellf. I just kept walking, keeping my head down as I refused to let my thoughts torment me again. Hated it when they would invade my mind and suddenly take control of my feelings and actions.

I guess keeping my head down and eyes glued to the ground was a bad idea, because I wasn't watching where I was going, and because of that, I suddenly bumped into someone. Gasping, I jumped back, quickly picking my head up to look at the person I had bumped into.

"Oh. I'm so sorry, Sir!" I immediately exclaimed my apology to the man on front of me. My concern must have melted quickly because when I took a good look at the guy I had slammed into, I stared to feel a slight feeling of shock and confusion. Warily, my eyes examined him fully. He was a short, old man about a little taller than me, with dark graying hair that hung atop his head and on the sides, a deep purple cloak clinging to his body as it traveled down all the way to his feet and stopped. A long brown stick was grasped firmly on his left hand and he had a sure, knowing look on his face. I don't know what came over me, but I kind of felt like laughing right then and there right in his face. Usually I wasn't so quick to judge people, but this guy...

I shook my head to clear it, opening my mouth as I was about to say something but was cut off when the man beat me to it. "Hello Astro."

"Uh, hi?" I knew I sounded kind of stupid and dumbfounded as I turned my statement into a question and internally slapped myself. "Sorry for... for bumping into you."

The man shook his head as he stood up straighter. "No, it was I who bumped into you." He said.

Swallowing, I shook my head. "Um, no, actually it was all me, Sir. I'm the one who wasn't looking and bumped into you." I told him matter of factly. Then I threw in a small "Sorry."

However, he ignored me, shaking his head as he looked me dead in the eye and stated, "I'm the one who bumped into you." The stern look he gave me told me that it wasn't up for discussion.

Nodding, I looked away and nervously scratched the back of my neck. "Um, okay. If you insist then..." I trailed off, not knowing what I was supposed to say or what it was he wanted to hear. Even though it wasn't him at all that had done it and was probably just mentally ill, I would just humor him for now if that was what he wanted.

There was a small silence for a moment before he continued, "I meant to bump into you, Astro." When I looked back at him, I found him staring at me with a curious but firm look in his eyes. "I've been meaning to talk with you..."

I nodded again, looking down. This was usual of course, and I was used to it. Having random people from all over the city ask if they could talk to me about my hero tactics. Yet something told me this wasn't one of those scenarios and that what he wanted to talk about was different. Going along with it, I answered. "Okay, sure. What is it you've been meaning to talk to me about?"

I was a little surprised and taken aback when he suddenly grabbed my hand and started rushing off in the other direction, dragging me along with him. "Not here. We mustn't talk here. In my office..."

"O-Okay." Thats all I gave as I just let him drag me off, not finding it in me to say no and just fly off. After a moment, the man stopped at a small, square building that stood squished up between two other buildings. The other two buildings were stores, but this one looked like an old building with its chipped glass and dirty walls. I cringed as he led me up a flight of stairs, opened the front door, and yanked me inside with him. The door shut with a slam behind me and I found myself in a dark room with absolutely no light whatsoever. I felt the weird man let go of my hand, and for some odd reason I felt scared all of a sudden.

Was it a trap? Is he evil? He led me here and now hes gonna unscrew me and use my parts! I really need to stop trusting people so easily!

Before I could jump into action because of my paranoid thoughts, the lights suddenly came on and filled the room with brightness. I stopped as I was about to use my rocket boosters and looked around with wide eyes. Surrounding me on the walls was a pattern of stars and swirls painted on a dark velvet background all over the place. A large bookcase sat on one wall filled with large books, and on the opposite side on the other wall was a huge poster of a guy that looked like the man I was with now except taller. Right in the middle of the room sat a large round table with a few papers spread onto it. In the center of the table sat a blue crystal globe and words on it that said 'FUTURE...' in gold letters. Two couch chairs sat on either side of the table and a rectangular rug wad underneath it all with a zig zag pattern.

Looking around in awe, I stared at it all while I saw, out of the corner of my eye, the man giving me a knowing smirk. "Welcome to my office, Astro. Where dreams come true..." He spread his arms out to prove a point, gesturing to all of it.

I let out a chuckle at the cheesy line but shook it off. "Nice," I commented as I looked over to him. "Really nice place you got here."

"Yup, it's been here for quite some time..." He trailed off, hinting that it had been way more longer than that, but I didn't say anything. He spoke again, "Have a seat, Astro." When I stopped my browsing and turned to look at him, he was standing behind a chair at the table, hands on top of it as he was about to pull it out. Not before gesturing for me to take the other one.

I quickly walked over to the table and stood behind the other chair, mimicking his posture. I looked up at him for a brief moment of hesitation before pulling the chair out and sliding into it, getting myself comfortable as he sat down as well. "So," I started, pulling my chair in a bit more. "What is it you want to talk about?"

The man opened his mouth, about to say something, but then realization flickered in his eyes and he grinned. "Why, I haven't introduced myself properly. Terribly sorry. Henry R. Harrington III at your service." He gestured to himself with his hand.

Nodding, I replied, "Nice to meet you. Astro Tenma." I pointed to myself lamely, managing a small smile.

Henry gave me a knowing look. "I know exactly who you are..."

Silence filled the room then, and I suddenly felt kind of nervous, shifting in my seat a little as I fidgeted with the hem of my shirt. Looking down, I waited silently for him to go on, only to realize that I was supposed to say something first. "Um... So, what exactly is it you... want?" I asked for the millionth time, though I didn't expect to get an answer like the other times he has just ignored me and went on with something else.

Henry's smile dropped then, and he said in a deep, grave tone, "Astro Tenma..." I felt a shiver go down my spine at the way he said it. He got up then, standing up abruptly on his feet and pushing the chair our with the back of his legs. He turned away from me and started walking over to the strange bookcase I had seen earlier. I didn't know what I was supposed to do at the moment, so I just stayed where I was, watching him with confusion. He continued with his back turned to me still, "The robot that was created on April 6, 3012. Created as a replacement to Dr. Tenma's deceased son, Toby Tenma." I froze in my seat, unabke to stop the wave of paranoia that suddenly washed over me. I didn't like this topic. Never did and never will. "Its really sad how he had to die..." Henry went on, throwing a look over his shoulder at me. "Snuck off to see a demonstration and ended up getting destroyed. What a shame. But back to you..." He turned around and started walking slowly towards me. "You had no idea what was going on, you couldn't help it if you acted differently. It wasn't your fault Bill threw you away and abandoned you like that."

I couldn't take it anymore and suddenly bursted out in a desperate tone, "C-Can we please stop talking about this now?"

Of course, he ignored me. "You did nothing wrong when those ships attacked you for your blue core. You were just an innocent, lost robot at the time..."

"How do you know about that?" I asked angrily, glaring at him. I was surprised at how upset this was making me, but I really wasn't lying when I said the topic wasn't my favorite. All Henry did was smile in amusement and kept walking towards me at such a slow pace it was driving me crazy.

"You didn't know what to do when you found yourself on the Surface. You thought you were a big nothing." Every time he spoke, I'd shrink back in my seat more and more. "That was until you met those kids. Cora, Zane, Widget, and Sludge. Not to mention that little robotic dog Trashcan." I was about to demand how he knew about them, but he continued, "You thought you had finally found your place in the world when you met them. Thought it would all get better if you lied about being human..." His gaze held mine, captivating me and I couldn't look away when I stared right back. "But when they found out, they didn't care. They only saw you as just a machine then and didn't care as theythey watched you suffer in the games."

I shook my head, protesting, "No. No they did care." I found myself raising my voice at him. "They just didn't realize it yet! They came back for me. You think you know everything about me, but did you know that?" I was breathing deeply, angrily glaring at him. Whatever it was he wanted to 'discuss' was a bunch of crap to me now. I didn't care; I didn't wanna hear it.

Henry stopped in his tracks and smirked at me. That wasn't what I was expecting. "Yes, yes I do know that they came back. And they became your friends again. But the fact remains that its not your fault that your a robot; not your fault all this happened. Astro, do you not see? Being a robot has caused you so much damage! You died twice, one was when your own father killed you, and another out of suicide."

i huffed under my breath, answering back, "I had to die the second time. But it doesn't even matter. I'm here now aren't I?"

He nodded, storming his chin. "Yes I suppose you are. I suppose you are..." He kept staring at me oddly, and I was really starting to feel uncomfortable. I shifted again in my seat and looked away at something else. "Astro, Astro, Astro..." I looked back upbat him and caught him shaking his head. "Always so optimistic and sure of himself."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I snapped without thinking. This guy was really pushing it here, up to the point where I was acting snappy and not like my normal self. I hated it.

"Nothing bad," Henry assured me with a wry smile on his face, looking away as he pretended to think about something. "It's just... I'm not sure you realize how unhappy you are."

I stared at him blankly, eyes wide. I blinked once. "W-What? Unhappy? What do you mean, I'm not unhappy! I'm perfectly fine! See? I'm fine!" I rambled pathetically, looking at him in question.

He put his arms behind his back and started to pace the room. "Astro I know everything about you. I know everything about EVERYONE. And I can guarantee you that your not exactly happy." When I didn't answer, he stated simply, "You don't like being a robot."

What he had said slowly sunk into my head, and I was quick to deny it. "No no no, you've got it all wrong! I love being a robot. Honestly its... fun." I finished lamely, sighing in defeat because I knew deep down that he was right. I didnt like being a robot SOMETIMES...

Henry gave me a sad smile, knowing exactly what I was thinking. I didn't know HOW but he did for a fact know. "You wish to be a human dont you?"

"What?!" I yelled in mock surprise, laughing nervously as I looked away at anything but him. I knew if he saw my eyes he'd know I was lying to him and myself. "Of course not! Why would I want to be a human when I'm a highly advanced robot with a bunch of special machines in me and..." I trailed off, instantly realizing that there was no point in lying or trying to hide it. It was true, I did want to be human, and I wasn't doing any good by trying to deny it from others. I knew Henry was silent so he could wait for me to admit it, and when I did I knew that without looking at him, he was smirking. "...All right fine! You got me, okay? I want to be human like everyone else..."

Though it felt really nice to get that off my chest and feel a small weight being lifted off my shoulders, the intense atmosphere wasn't really helping me calm down.

"Thats all I needed to hear." And with that, the lights suddenly went out and I found myself in complete darkness. I looker around blindly, not able to see much even with my advanced sight, and huffed in frustration. This man was really weird and starting to creep me out a bit as well. Why did I have to be so nice and agree to all of this? It was just making me irritated.

Thats when I heard it. Henry was starting to say some random stuff, too low and fast and kind of mixed up for me to understand. I furrowed my brows, about to ask him what he was doing and to please turn the lights back on, but all of sudden I was being lifted. I was starting rise off the ground and into midair. The weirder part was that my rockets weren't even on.

Gasping, I looked around frantically and yelled, "H-Henry! What's going on?!" I tried to pull myself back down or to move around, but I couldn't, being forced to stay completely still by some invisible force. I heard quiet chuckling from somewhere close.

And then there was light. It was a faint light coming from somewhere under me. I looked down from my spot up high and finally spotted Henry down there with a candle in his hands. He was looking up at me with a wide smile on his face, eyes full of amusement. That's when I realized how high up I was without my rockets on and I bit my lip, extremely nervous and scared in fear I might fall or something. To say I was confused would be the world's biggest understatement ever. How was I doing this? What was going on?

Sensing my distress, Henry yelled up to me. "Calm down Astro! Everything is fine! I'm just tying to help you!"

"Are you insane?!" I shouted back down at him, trying to move again. "Get me down before I fall and break myself!" I continued to try and move since the stillness was actually driving me crazy and felt weird. Something weird was happening to me; I felt it deep inside. Some weird thing was coursing through me slowly, igniting a feeling to start growing little by little.

"Dont move Astro! I've been practicing this in the wizard department for very long! You will not fall I promise!" Henry shouted up to me as he held the candle higher towards me.

My eyes widened as I looked down at him. "W-Wizard department?! What are you talking about?! You're a WIZARD?" I bellowed. "Why didnt you say anything?!" I had thought wizards didn't exist at all, but now that I thought about it, it actually made sense now.

"Because I thought the cloak and the room said enough about it!" Henry answered. "Look, just stop moving or the spell wont work and you WILL fall!" He warned.

When I heard what he said, my eyes narrowed and I started to question him, "What SPELL?!"

Henry let out a breath of disbelievement and looked up at me like I should've known what it was that I didn't know. "The spell that will turn you human for a week!"

Hearing this, my mouth went agape in shock and because I was at a complete loss for words. The spell that will turn me human? There was a spell that could turn me HUMAN? I couldn't help the jittery feeling of excitement and utter happiness go through me as I thougt I would finally get my wish! Sure, i wanted complete humanity forever, but a week was better than nothing! But then it all died when reality came crashing down on me. What was I thinking?! Fooling myself into believing there actually WAS a spell that could turn one thing into a complete different other thing? Who was I kidding? No way could I, a machine, get turned into a human with only a spell. It was ridiculous! The fact that I had actually believed it was ridiculous! Shaking my head to clear it, I weakly shouted down to him, "N-No that's a lie! Spells are fake and wizards are fake. YOU'RE FAKE! So just get me down right now so I can leave!" I begged and realized my voice was growing weak. But it wasn't because I was doing ot myself. I realized my whole body was growing weak now, and I found myself getting tired as the weird feeling from before spread throughout me fully now.

I was able to see Henry watching me in awe and amazement as the feeling overtook me completely, and I couldn't fight back. I couldn't even speak. "It worked! It worked! I an a GENIUS!" He shouted out to the ceiling, laughing uncontrollably as he proclaimed, "Astro Tenma! Prepare for the best 7 Days of your temporary new life!"

He kept laughing, cackling nonstop, but the sound was starting to drift away. My hearing died down to the point where I couldn't hear anything at all. The feeling had gone away and my body felt completely dulled and... different. It didn't feel llike it normally did. But I couldn't find it in me to care at the moment because my brain was so close to just shutting down. My head felt way too heavy on my shoulders.

Without warning, my brain gave up on me and my world went black. But not before I felt myself begin to fall.

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