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Theme F: Flying

"Are you sure this will work?" Teito asked Faru, climbing onto one the church's Hawkziles.

"Of course it'll work. Have my plans ever failed before?" Teito was about to open his mouth. "Actually don't answer that. I'll go get brat #2 now." Frau walked off leaving Teito alone.

"This is so not gonna go well..." Teito sat there waiting nervously and anxiously. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears. He was so nervous that his palms started getting sweaty.

Just a few moments ago Frau had proposed that the plan for today would be 'Ask Ouka if she would enjoy flying on a Hawkzile.' Right now he had gone to ask her and if she said yes, then he'll have to fly her around in the sky.

"Teito-kun!" He heard a sweet voice call that almost made his heart stop. Teito turned to see the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on.

He felt his heart pick up speed as he looked into Ouka's sparkling eyes. "I would love to go flying with you." At that sentence Teito could almost feel his heart bursting with happiness but also with 'I hope I don't mess this up' syndrome.

"G-Great! Climb on up then!" Teito held out his hand to her. She smiled and grabbed his hand. He was shocked her hands were so soft, that he'll love to hold her hand forever.

"Teito-kun are you okay?" Ouka asked innocently.

Teito could hear Frau trying to stifle his laugh in the background. "Yeah I'm fine." He helped her up on the Hawkzile and placed her hands on his shoulders.

He took a deep breath to calm down his heart and so he could concentrate.

The Hawkzile with a burst of speed lifted off the ground and into the air. "Ah!" Ouka surprised quickly put her arms around his waist. He felt his face heat up more.

Teito slowed down and drove through the clouds and bright blue endless sky. "Ah...It's so beautiful!" Ouka exclaimed with a smile.

"Y-Yeah." Teito said agreeing, smiling at the perfect day. He felt like the happiest man in the world. Flying through the beautiful sky with his crush on a perfect day such as this. It was almost too perfect.


"Hm?" Teito turned a little so he could see her.

He felt his heartbeat increase again and almost felt like backing out, but he had to this. It was the perfect moment to do it.

"I...I...I love you, Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburgg."

"What!?" Ouka yelled over the roar of a nearby engine. "Sorry Teito-kun I couldn't hear you! Could you repeat that!"

Teito cursed who ever that was who had ruined the moment and turned back to the Hawkzile's controls. "Never mind..."

Somewhere else...

"Achoo!" Ayanami sneezed.

"Ah Aya-tan~ your not catching a cold are you?" Hyuuga asked flying on a Hawkzile beside him.

"I think someone was cursing me just now."

"Well that's a weird way of putting it."

Extra Theme F: Flowers

"Teito-kun what is it?" Labrador asked him as he had been standing there staring at the flowers for a few hours now.

"What do you think would be some good flowers for O...a girl." Teito said correcting himself, though Labrador already knew who it was for.

He smiled warmly. "Maybe some sliver roses and flower candies would work." Labrador said handing him a bouquet of one.

"So you're really thinking of confessing?" Frau said teasing Teito. "And with flowers? That's the most used confession ever!"

"What you got any better ideas?" Teito asked deadpanning since none of Frau's ideas have worked yet.

"Lots of them. Now let's go brainstorm!" Frau gave the flowers back to Labrador and dragged Teito off somewhere.

"Bishop Labrador?" Ouka asked walking up to him.

"Ah Princess Roseamanelle nice timing. I was just about to give you these." Labrador handed the bouquet to her.

"Flowers? Thank you. They're so lovely!" Ouka said. Her eyes became sad and she sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. Thanks again." She then walked off.

'If only he would have gave me some...'

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