Dan turns off the TV at night because he couldn't sleep, so quietly sneaks he sneaks into Phil's room and moves Phil's soft hair out of his eyes. The moonlight through the window reflects off his eye's and you can just see the rain drops on the window in his eyes. LOL JK. Expectations ^ v reality

Dan was busy with himself and he got a bit rowdy & drunk at 3am in the morning whilst Phil was asleep in his room. Dan sneaks into Phil's room with a buttplug and starts rubbing it against Phil's glabella and Dan slowly opens the curtains of the window viewing the skyscraper and all you can see are the lights and Dan at this moment finds this kinky.

He walks over to Phil's Ipod speakers and starts searching through. He slowly turns up the volume on his ipod playing: Miley Cyrus - I can't be tamed. Dan slowly takes off his shirt and gently puts it on the floor. He starts taking off his trousers (pants) and finds a disco ball light in Phil's underpants drawer. He then places the disco ball light on the shelf. Dan turns the music up a little more, as he finds the wooden Guinea pig he starts to moan and make sexual sounds. He gradually starts stripping Phil of his shirt whilst he's sleeping and starts rubbing the wooden Guinea Pig on his chest hair. Phil wakes up in a matter of moments when Dan starts hitting his ass. Dan whacks out his cockapoo and they both make love. The end x