This poem is based off of one of the best animes I've ever watched, and a form of tribute and acknowledgement to the "Crazy Killer Incestuous Vampire Twins," Hansel and Gretal. Those two children made me love the show even more. Even though they were murderers and extremely demented, I still felt horrible when the twins died. That arc in particular showed the me that life shouldn't be sugar coated and that this is how the world is for some people! That children can be the most destructive weapons when molded by monsters. That is what prompted this poem.


His will was for his sister

Hansel is what they called him

A cold blooded killer

Yet his own murder was still so grim

She wished to see the sky

For grey eyes to meet blue

The only one of her many dreams to come true

Gretal was her name

One of a pair of perished two

Who died with a smile as the bullet went through

They were murderers... demons

This young child and her brother

Lived and died by the gun

As ruthless as any other

So why then, did our hearts weep

When they met their demise?

Why then, did we cry

As finality closed their eyes?

It is because, as they drifted toward the world of midnight

A place deathly cold and devoid of all light

We realize that they'd never really gotten what they need

What they believed to be love was only greed

What they thought to be life was only a lie

And they never really lived, yet they still had to die

Hansel and Gretal, their lives stolen at birth

Forced into a life of blood, sex, hatred, and hurt

Hurled into a grave after 12 years on Earth

And sent off to the world of midnight

For anyone else who enjoyed this arc in Black Lagoon and/or was also infuriated by the story of Hansel and Gretal, please do tell me your thoughts on the death of the twins.

Also, I know that the true gender of the twins is unclear since we've seen them switch roles as brother and sister a few times. But it's easier to set a gender in this case, because they could be fraternal twins, identical male twins, or an identical set of females . . . that's much too confusing!

Reviews much appreciated!